We are in the beginning stages of getting our blog going. It serves as a place for elaborating on topics and experiences that we have in our related sites (which are also in various stages of development):

SpiritGlyph • Sacred Sites ProjectThe Dragonheart Center

An example of what we are up to with this project:

Again the crucial power point is just before the mound rather than on top of it. This is a vortex descending from the heavens to the earth and then from the surface below to the Underworld. Through an underground passage this mound connects with the original one that drew itself to our attention on our first visit. We are to learn something as we pass through the Underworld Passage from the new to the old mound. Then the passage continues to Tar Hollow and from there to Old Man’s Cave.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Fran Weir Bainbridge

    I wanted to thank you for your article in Contemporary Shamanism this month on Kachina Visions. I have had glimpses and feelings of the Kachina energy about me and a client saw a Kachina Spirit in my massage room. I was not sure why or what to do with it. Your article put it into prospective and I am now opening up a path way to that energy. Also found your blog and articles – nice gift. Fran

  2. Diane V. Ransom

    I want to leave sets of words rather than a paragraph.

    1) separation of flesh and spirit 2) analogies 3) 5th tense 4) Rock 5) Transformation / Light 6) darkness vs. Light 7) Zodiac / Sun’s Temple 8) part of a part / Eternal Love 9) pure spirit 10) appear / untruth 11) 3 parts = whole 12) before and after 13) can not see trees through the forest 14) Earth = N,S,E,W = 4 15) East = Penuel 16) liable to die 17) positive and negative 18) need bodies 19) labor pains / new age 20) purpose / destiny 21) Important is fact.

    I hope you can get my story from these. if no and care you can find me.

    You are a very talented writer. I did enjoy the wisdom and wrought emotions you brought to me in your words. Thank you!


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