Greetings From Procyon

By Gabriel Hartley

September 28, 2014


H.A. Rey’s Eastern Sky for Sept. 16, 2-4 a.m.

In the early morning hours yesterday—around 4:00 A.M.—I again woke for the third night in a row to find myself staring out of our bedroom window just as a bright star was rising above the tree line to the East. Each morning I wondered which star this might be and why I felt so drawn to it—hailed by it, in fact, as it sought to catch my attention. So yesterday morning, after doing some cautionary grounding chants, I decided to accept the invitation and ask, “Who’s there?”

The answer initially came in energetic streams entering my energy body, a rush of warming, soothing energy that felt something like soaking in a warm tub. I could “feel” the vast amount of information being sent to me, or, rather, through me, and could feel myself taking this information in, information that felt very, very familiar to me.

I then asked the star being (or beings) who contacted me which star this was, and they immediately answered “Procyon.” [They pronounced it PRO-see-on, although it seems pro-SIGH-on would be good, too.] Given my tendency to be cautious and skeptical when approached by new beings, no matter how familiar their energy register might feel, I replied, “I have no idea where Procyon is. How do I know that you’re telling the truth or that I’m not creating this answer?”—a less likely possibility, given that I had no memory of ever being very conscious of the existence of Procyon before. The beings simply and calmly answered, “Don’t worry. Just look it up later and confirm it for yourself.” And then we continued with the extra-conceptual energetic exchange of information.

Nevertheless, after ten or fifteen minutes I found that I could no longer restrain myself and so I got up and got out my H.A. Rey star chart book. Surprisingly yet not at all surprisingly, I found that the star was indeed Procyon! Its proximity to Sirius (slightly further to the southeast) and Orion confirmed the ETs’ statement. I felt a bit dizzy and ecstatic and ran back to bed to continue the conversation.

Now I asked, “OK, we’ve confirmed where you’re from. Now please tell me why you contacted me.” And the information they then gave me was quite amazing.

They told me first that my caution in accepting their invitation to communicate was very important and that in fact this need for caution was part of their message. They said that there has been a recent influx of extra-terrestrial beings entering the Earth’s energetic sphere in an attempt to further the mind-control agenda long ago established between alien races and various human religious and political leaders. So any human now entering into communicative exchanges with any other entities needs to be especially careful to ascertain the intentions and goals of the entities who contact them before opening up their energy channels to any visitors. (This is, of course, true with any entities no matter their origin.)

I noticed that as they were speaking I could still feel the soothing warm energetic bath they were pouring over and through me, so I asked them about the reasons for that. Their answer was that one of their functions in their alliance with human beings is to introduce healing frequencies that can assist humans in their energetic development and their bodily integrity (including all of those bodies beyond the physical). The frequency radiating out from Procyon, they said, is such as to repair various forms of damage to the human body as well as to lift the human spirit. Its overall effect, in other words, is much like that of some benevolent form of morphine-based healing compound. I asked whether it poses similar risks of addiction and stupor, and they said that its effects were just the opposite. These healing and soothing rays are much more like the regenerative rays from our Sun. In some way I don’t yet understand, these rays affect the lymph system and the pituitary gland.

It seems that our all of our interlinked bodies—physical, etheric, astral, mental, and causal—are undergoing significant changes during this time of energetic shifts on the planet as well as throughout the solar system. The Procyonians said that the energetic flow from their star system was designed to help humans in this process of inter-bodily harmonization and transition.

Again I asked them how I might corroborate this information, and again they suggested that I search online. I did so and found that the limited amount of information I found through Google does indeed corroborate everything they told me in terms of their general reason for interacting with humankind. (There is also information concerning their physical characteristics, but I did not see any of them physically, so I cannot speak to that.)

They deposited a great deal of additional information by means of energetic downloads, information which I can feel circulating in my system but which I have not yet had a chance to draw to consciousness and articulation. I look forward to the opportunity to do so. This all feels very familiar to me, as though they have struck a deep past-life chord within me.


3 thoughts on “Greetings From Procyon

  1. Reveal Libramonkey

    I had a crazy last week of dreaming, reading the writing on the wall, and fighting shingles all at once. Just went out and really noticed Procyon for the first time tonight while bringing the recycling cans back in. I knew Betelgeuse as a child and met Sirius on my vision quest to become a man but never really knew Pro See On until tonight. Funny thing is I already knew about the winter triangle from when I was researching Sirius lol. Any Who, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I am going to bookmark this sight for further study. Blessings unto you and yours and Good Night.


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