Portal #2 Lessons: Water Spirits, Water Fairies, and the Human Dimension

September 25, 2013

Last night as Anna and I were meditating, I was drawn into a conversation with the Water Fairies of the Second Portal we are working with, who then drew me into conversation with the local Water Spirits. The Fairies were teaching me a meditative means of opening up to the Water Energies and of conceiving of our human connections to the Water Dimension of the Planetary Being.

The meditative opening involved having me focus on my own Water Being, the fact that the human body is composed of 70% water. (I see online that the average adult human, from a scientific perspective, is made up of roughly 60% water, but the Fairies continue to speak of 70%. I assume there is a reason for the higher number that the Fairies speak of.)

Once I began contemplating this fact, the Fairies then had me “engage” my Water Being—that is, they had me sense the water content within my own body and feel it get charged up through this increase in attention to it. It seemed as though the simple act of focusing on your body water is enough to stimulate its vibratory quality. I felt my body water begin “boiling,” in a sense, as it began bubbling as if in excitement within my body. My entire Water Being grew increasingly ecstatic as I continued to focus on it in this way.

Once I felt conscious of and connected to my own Water Being, the Fairies then had me feel the same energetic charge of the Water Being of the landscape as the underground springs and water channels began to bubble up in an energetic conversation with the Water Being of my body. At a certain point the energetic rush of my own body and that of the landscape reached a point of ecstatic equilibrium, an energetic union.

The Fairies then told me that this linking of consciousness was an example of and practice for greater engagement with the Planetary Being, here in its water aspect. Just as I have spent the past year engaging with the Planet on an Etheric level, I am now (I was told) developing a conscious engagement with the Planet’s Water aspect. Even prior to my Etheric connection, I had been engaging with the Stone Beings and the Planetary Being in its Mineral aspect.

I was then reminded that in my early stages of Awakening in the Fall of 2011 I had begun cultivating and exploring this Water Being connection. This began with my education under David Yarrow as he taught about the Earth’s Water Systems and the ways by which we can connect to them. I was then reminded further of my connection to the underground lake systems of Switzerland, the underground loch systems of Scotland, and my engagement with the spirits of the well beneath the Pohjola Building in Helsinki.

As last night’s meditation continued, I grew to see myself intimately connected to the entire globe’s Water Being and was told that this connection, in conjunction with the other elemental connections that I am developing a relationship with, would lead to further insights and interactions.

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