Notes From the Akashic Field Trip to Woodridge Primitive Park

September 29, 2012

1. Introduction—Antler People—Spider Webs

Hello, this is Gabriel. I am at the Woodridge Primitive Campsite in Kansas, south of Stull and on the western shore of Clinton Lake. This is a place where Anna and I have camped many nights and I spent a few here by myself as we did car camping on various trips out to Kansas in order to see Tori and to make connections with people and spirits here. I am here for an Akashic Field Trip. As I thought might be the case, nobody has shown up. It is a beautiful day and the feeling of magic is amazing.

I believe I’m supposed to be here alone today for some instruction. I’ve been contacted already by a set of beings that are referred to as the Antler People. The Antler People are a species of fairies or the equivalent of fairies. They are originally from Alpha Centauri, and there is a spot at the park where they come to make contact with people—or at least they have with me and Anna. I’m not sure—yes, they are here available for anyone seeking them.

It has been suggested to Anna and me by Monitor to be very careful in terms of revealing specific locations of fairy sites because of the fairy mania among human beings, that this would lead to a kind of frenzied fairy craziness of people swarming and perhaps bringing the wrong energy to a place where a very different energy is needed. There is an energy needed between humans and fairies—this is quite clear. And this is very much a part of our mission, establishing such a connection between humans and fairies, a connection that’s been abused basically throughout time on this planet.

I am here today to connect with the various beings, the nature spirits, and to see what I have to learn. And it is already quite magic. The grasshoppers are clicking and flying everywhere. They’re really catching my attention, wanting to communicate. Basically, they’ve given me a welcome, a warm welcome, sort of dancing before me in the sun. The sun is quite beautiful! This is such a beautiful fall day for eastern Kansas. The leaves are yellow, golden, green, a beautiful combination, and it must be about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m guessing.

The Antler People are here in order to help establish the connection between humans and fairies on the earth. Because the Antler People come from a different star system, they are not quite as susceptible to the negative energies of humans—not just the deliberate negative energies, but simply the intensity of human energies, human emotions, human fragilities. The Antler People are able to serve as mediums, a kind of fairy media to help with this connection. I’m not quite sure yet exactly what that means in practice, other than I am here and they are here. That is what they are telling me at this moment.

The energy is quite strong. It’s flowing through my body, radiating primarily from my heart chakra and outwards. The various spider webs, many different kinds, are glistening in the sun. Their filaments seem to be symbolic of the kind of web connections that are necessary to be established now, and also the beauty and fragility of those connections. The Osage Orange trees with the large spikes look especially beautiful today. The sun right now, at about 12:35 pm, shining through the leaves, diaphanous and stunning.

I will shut off now with this recording and come back when asked to do so.


2. Morphing, Shape-Shifting Magic

The dance of the grasshoppers here at Woodridge Park is very similar to the kind of fairy-insect creature in the opening scenes of Pan’s Labyrinth. The entire feel here is in fact very similar to Pan’s Labyrinth except without the dark mood. There’s actually a very excited and exciting mood here. There is a very warm, welcoming sense. At least that’s what I’m experiencing at the moment, and I believe I’m supposed to pass that on.

I’m hearing that the Antler People have been coming to this planet for at least 40,000 years, and that they have been observing humans in order to learn their ways and try to find ways to interact—and they have interacted. You can see their images throughout all kinds of ancient tribal art as well as recent art—various beings with antlers, the Celtic god Cernunnos being primary among them. The Antler Beings have long been interacting with human beings. They have been interceding between humans and the beings the Irish call the Sídh, for instance.

They have helped initiate humans into a much more intense shamanic kind of connection with nature, the nature spirits. By taking on the antler aspect of these beings, the identification with the antlered animals on this planet, the humans are in those moments learning to step out beyond their own skin, beyond their own boundaries of identity and personality and species-being, and to recognize a larger kinship with all beings on the planet. The mind of morphing, shape-shifting magic of taking on the antlers is critical to this process.

I’m looking at a ground web. It’s a spider web with a sort of funnel going down the center of it, and the spider is sitting waiting at the edge of the funnel waiting for any creatures to tumble down in. I took a picture of it and will share that picture. The spider wasn’t in it at the time. I can possibly get one with the spider if he doesn’t retreat again. He keeps slipping down to the bottom. The spider, of course, is another intermediary creature, the Ananzi figure, the Tsistinako Spider Woman of Laguna culture. The connection here with the webs, again, that I’m being reminded of is important for us to meditate on, which I will continue to do in these notes.

The Earth fairies, which are in a different part of the park, are calling to me. I seem to have gone through a kind of welcoming here with the Antler Beings and a recognition of their role. As other people have not shown up yet and it is now about quarter to one, I will probably head into the woods where I know there are some fairy sites and see what kind of engagement I will have there.


3. Fairy Portals

I’ve been drawn to a fairy portal. I won’t describe the whereabouts, but the energy is quite intense. It’s very much like a downward vortex, the shaman-hole kind of vortex going from the surface down to the underworld, drawing you with a magnetic, energetic power down below the Earth’s crust. It’s actually more of an etheric passage than a physical passage in the Earth. It’s a passage accessible initially through the third eye but eventually, once your body has been conditioned to this kind of etheric passage, your whole etheric body begins to tingle, your physical body responds, and you are glowing, as I am now in such a spot.

It is on this etheric level that a very primary connection with the fairies takes place. The mental level allows for a more or less verbal communication. The etheric level allows for a kind of energetic transfer of energy, information, power. And with this being an Akashic Field Trip, it’s important to note that that kind of energy is a transfer of ancient knowledge and wisdom as it’s stored in the etheric body as well as in the physical body—in the skeleton as well as other bodily mineral sources. The skeleton is a primary structure for the storage of Akashic information, and it’s stored there in moments like this in order for you to be able to tap into these resources at other times—during sleep, for instance. Sleep is a time of primary transfer of information.

This portal is similar to those I’ve come across in Athens and Meigs Counties in southeastern Ohio, portals that Anna and I have gone to, some of them related to ancient mounds, others very isolated. The mound portals are an important reminder that peoples in the past did have at times healthy relationships with the fairies and did work in concert with them. That in fact was told to me back in January 2012 as my primary reason for being in the Athens area, to help reestablish the fairy-human connection that the indigenous peoples, right up to the near present, had in various ways maintained. Even though there might have been a different language for it, it was very much a recognition of the spirits, the fairy spirits and the various portals and tunnels—the energetic etheric fairy tunnels—that work through the hills in Ohio, for instance.

Due to the onslaught of Europeans and their conquest of Ohio, including some of my ancestors who moved into the Ohio Valley on both the Ohio and Kentucky sides in the late 1700s, the so-called removal of the indigenous peoples led to a severing of that intimate tie between humans and fairies in that part of the world. There are still individuals who have various connections with that, conscious and unconscious, but it’s primarily cut off. Part of our overall mission, part of this process, is to reestablish that connection without harming the integrity of the fairy locations and cultures—to establish a kind of respect and kinship and kindred nature.

4. Information Saturation for the Human Bridge

I was just told by a spirit of one the trees, a  knobby tree (I forget at the moment what’s it called but I took a photo of it), that one of the reasons I am here at this moment is that I’m being prepared for my return to Finland, that the fairies here are sort of preparing me—saturating I guess would be the word—with various information and energy and that what will happen as I will return the fact that my physical presence but also my etheric connection to both places will create a certain kind of bridge that is important. I’m not really sure why, but I’m sure I will find out at some point. That’s one of the mysteries right now is exactly why humans would be necessary for creating such bridges. I’m already getting some kind of chattering in my consciousness, it suggests that that’s definitely the case and that I will be learning more about that. The trees here are very, very significant, and very communicative.

5. Stone Beings, Panthers, and Stags

I’ve come to a particular spot on the path that I’ve been drawn to several time in the past. On my birthday this year I camped here alone, and early in the morning I took hike out to the lake, and on the way back stopped on this spot, a steep kind of hill with lots of rocks protruding, and the rocks are very communicative. This is a very important spot for making connections with the rock spirits, the rock beings, the stone spirits. And there’s a large tree here as well that I lean up against, making a connection with the tree, and then carry on with conversation with the rock spirits.

This is an important point, and a one that I can discuss. For one thing, it’s on the trail where’s lot’s of human traffic, so more conscious human traffic will not be a problem. Also this spot in particular is crying out for recognition. Hopefully people will join me tomorrow. I’m being asked by the spirits here to offer this trip here again tomorrow.

I was stopped initially by a rock that looks like a panther head and it began speaking to me, telling me about my connection with the panther people. When Anna and I had been in Council Grove looking for the power points there that I had been aware of, that are north of the whole church complex there, just slightly north of the main road. I was told that the panther people were an ancient people that were in this part of Kansas and that they established very important and intricate ceremonial connections with all the various beings, with the heavens and with the earth. And the panther people remain in spirit connected here, and I was more or less drawn in to that sphere.

I was just reminded that by the panther rock that most of my particular shamanic experience began with a vision one night in Colorado of a stag and a tiger behind my friend Robert as he was telling tales around the campfire, and the tiger representatives a large cat spirit that I’m connected to. The stag is one very important one, connected of course to the antler people. So the panther people and the antler people both showed themselves to me that particular night. I had many magical experiences with stags of all kinds over the six months, especially in northern Scotland, in Glen Coe, in driving in snow on my way to Findhorn, seeing these magnificent stags (“roe deer” I believe they are called in Scotland). They look like elk, and the panther is reminding me of the mountain lion connection I had in Crestone just over a year ago. That’s it for this particular spot. This is a crucial one.

6. This Tree is not Dead

I’m at a large tree filled with insect holes, a tree that is apparently dead. But it was just giving me quite a bit of information regarding that. What you see and assume is a dead tree is actually a storehouse of life of many kinds, of many orders. It ias a home for insects, for microbes, for elementals and devas of all kinds. The idea that a tree is dead is quite a mistake. The only thing that is dead is the tree’s recognizable existence as a being with sap running through it, giving out leaves in the Spring, and so on. But it remains alive as much as anything else in the universe. Everything is alive. Nothing is ever truly dead. This is very important to keep in mind in regards to humans as well. The body is never dead in itself. The spirit of course is never dead. The tree here represents that continuum of life beyond what appears to us in everyday consciousness as that which is dead.

7. Water, Beauty, and Violence

I am now on the shore of Clinton Lake, the west side. I see some large birds that almost look like pelicans—I believe they are. I haven’t seen pelicans this far inland before. They are either pelicans or some kind of ibis or stork, but I’m not aware of storks swimming in the water. But then I have very limited awareness of stork behavior.

I am looking at a dragonfly at the moment that’s shining in the sun drawing my attention to it. The water is lapping up on the shore. The water here is interesting because like many of these large reservoirs throughout the United States, and especially in the West, there is a very interesting mixture here of different types of energy, of human intention, and so on. The idea of damming off a creek and flooding these massive areas is in its initial stages certainly very destructive. It totally reshapes the nature of the landscape in a very complex way.

I see many white birds flying across the surface in a flock. A great blue heron flew by a few moments ago. The birds come here as though it were any natural lake, and that in itself should also be a message: that the violence involved can be overcome if the intentions are shifted. The notion of these lakes as recreation areas for large speed boats and so on is not the way to proceed.

The violence is still very present here. You can feel it coming off the water. But it is water, and water is living, water is an element, water is filled with the elementals, associated with it, the various so-called mythical creatures. This was one of my primary lessons in Finland, my connection with the water spirits there, initially on the Baltic, where Anna and I were staying in the cabin, and then in the lakes, the thousands and thousands of lakes throughout Finland that are filled with life. The life in the water is palpable.

There is life here. It’s of a different feel, a very different aura, yet the sun glistening on this water is very magical and beautiful. So there’s a complex combination of forces here that probably needs more meditation—certainly more of my mediation—in order to sort out our proper relationship to such a thing.

8. Whirlpools

On the return from the lake to the campground I’m now in the creek bed, which isn’t technically part of the trail but I often end up walking up it on my return, and there’s a particular spot that intrigues me each time I come to it. There’s a deep hollow with tree roots enfolding it, like arms hugging this open space, this open bowl, and rocks gathered around the edges. It is quite a powerful spot because as the water comes down in a heavy rainfall, it swirls in a vortex in this spot. There is an actual magnetic energy vortex here as well, and I am guessing that during times of heavy rain this water swirling in here, mixing with the energy of the vortex, creates quite an effect. I haven’t been here during that myself, but you can feel the power here as you stand in it. This is a very good place to meditate and to tap into this vortex power. It connects you to the torus wheel energy, the vesica piscis of creativity and creation—the matrix of all that is.

9. Closing Prayer

In closing, as I prepare to leave the park I thank all of the beings, all the spirits of this place that have led me on this journey now, in the past, in the future, throughout the many lives I have been lucky enough to have lived to this point. I worship you and join you in spirit and intention, in unity, in peace, and in love.

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