Monitor on the Astral Seed Solution

Astral Seed Series: Entry #4 — Other Astral Seed Entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

 [The following entry is a transcript from a channeling of the collective entity known as Monitor that I did while driving through Illinois on May 23, 2013. Monitor is highlighting and refining some of the concepts I had received during other channelings with other entities. The images in this entry are meant to be suggestive rather than definitive.]

May 23, 2013


As you work with the seed crystals stored in your solar plexus, you become more available to other types of beings who are not capable of doing this work on their own. While we do not in any way intend for the distinction—the definitions of types of beings and categorization of their abilities and their particular vibrations, their resonances, and their connection to Astral bodywork—to be value judgments (for we do not consider humans to be more valuable in some essential way than any other being), we nevertheless wish to stress that there is something specific to the Human Being; there is a purpose in the divine plan for the Human Being as such.

Each being has its own particular work to do. Each being, each type of entity has a particular song to play, a particular note to play within a larger symphony. Each being has its own abilities and resonances and vibrations and capabilities and urgencies. And the Human is a very particular, finely tuned instrument, and the things that humans can do well are very important for humans to do well.

One of those things is exactly the work we are exploring with you right now. It is the ability to transform the Astral seeds into manageable and productive energies. When you can dissolve these Astral seed crystals into the fluid of your emotional being, then you have come up with a solution (in the two senses of the word) that is most appropriate for the Human Being to be better capable of interacting with all other entities it comes in contact with.

The solution is a solution first in the sense, for example, of water as the fluid for dissolving sugar. Just as there is a super-saturation point for the dissolution of sugar in water, there could be such moments of super-saturation in terms of the Astral fluid. If you can imagine the Astral body not simply as some kind of airy, etheric substance, as you might be drawn to do, but instead think of it as a fluid medium in which various emotional charges find their release, find their expression, then you have a much better way of conceptualizing in human terms the energies and the expressions of energy that take place in the Astral medium.


The concept of the Astral Plane often functions as a kind of geological metaphor for most people, and this metaphor has its purpose. But for the work you are doing, the notion of an Astral medium is probably more appropriate. In particular, if you imagine the analogy of the Astral medium to be such that the Astral seeds, the condensed nuggets of emotional charge, can dissolve within the Astral fluid, the Astral medium, the Astral solution, then you come up with a solution in the other sense of the word—as the answer to a problem. The way to approach a project, a task, is to find a solution to that problem.

Here the two senses of the word solution come together: the notion of the body’s ability to function as a solution in the sense of a fluid medium in which the Astral nuggets can dissolve provides the solution to the problem of Astral seed blockage. Once the fluid medium of the human body begins dissolving the calcified Astral crystals into a more free-flowing Astral fluid, this fluid can give off a particular energy, a particular kind of charge and discharge that allows for the expression of the emotions stored in those blocked crystals.


Now this particular fluid nature of the human is what qualifies the human for a special kind of work that is not available to other kinds of entities. Certain other entities are capable of performing this function—some even far better than humans—but one of the things that makes a human a human being is its ability to do this.


Consciousness of this fact has been primarily submerged in the human unconsciousness, and it is a capacity of the human psyche that needs to be reactivated, a capacity that has itself become crystallized or calcified. The inner memory of this capacity has become a kind of nugget, a concentration of the memory of how to perform this service. Yet the human medium, the human fluid, has for the most part been stopped up. This was a deliberate moment in a kind of co-optation of human capacity in a certain point in development on this planet. At a certain moment humans lost their ability to express themselves as the fluid medium of the song of the divine essence. Thus they lost their consciousness of this innate capacity.


The human body is composed of 78% water, and this means that in your very matter you are fluid in the quite literal sense, and that your bodies are a fluid medium for the transfer of energy. This is exactly what the fluid in the human body does. It transfers nutrition, which is a form of energy; it transfers oxygen, which is a form of energy; it releases carbon dioxide as the oxygen has been converted within the human body and that is then given off to the plants and other entities that make use of such a molecule.


But there is much more: Human beings are the fluid medium of the song of the Divine. This particular dissolution involves the dissolving of another form of crystallized energy—the energy of love. As humans begin to dissolve their calcified capacity to produce the energy of love, they then begin to loosen up the painful blockages of Astral discharge. This is what the human can do quite well: to allow for the dissolving, the dissolution, that then will allow for the free flow of the Astral medium, the fluid solution of human emotional existence. In this way humans participate in the fluid expression of the Divine. This kind of vibration that is allowed through this fluid medium is a kind of song of the Divine. You become part of the universe in its song of Divinity.

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