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Message from Orion

[The message transcribed below from beings from Orion was channeled by Gabriel Hartley at what is now identified as Orion Hill on his property in Athens, Ohio. He was asked to pass this information on to other interested humans.]

May 13, 2014

Orion2We begin with a meditation for energetic connection with us:

Breathe deeply, and feel the energy wash over you. Feel it pour down from the top of your skull, rolling down the sides of your face, your ears, your brow, eyes and nose, cheeks, the back of the head, across the lips, chin, jaw, neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, collar bone, chest, ribs, upper arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands, fingers, glowing, spine—sheeooo!—the back, the sacrum, the hips, the groin, upper legs, knees, lower legs, ankles, feet, and toes. Your entire body bathed in light, your entire body shining in the radiance of this connection as we establish this connection with you and allow you to relax and to float into our state communication, our state of communion, here on Orion Hill.

We are very pleased with the eagerness with which you have embraced our connection with you during our announcement that we have been connected—your faith and trust, even though parts of you were not so willing. When your predominant personality trusts in this connection, that proves beneficial.

As we said, we are from the constellation Orion and more particularly we are from the star system of Betelgeuse. There are many outposts in that region, and we have established our bases there for longer than you can imagine. We did arrive from other dimensional origins through that particular portal, just as the Hathors arrived through the Sirius portal. We have worked extensively with the Kachinas. We have worked extensively with the Elves. We have worked extensively with the Fairies and Angelic Beings in a united front to aid in the evolutionary development of the Planetary Being called Earth, or Gaia, Mother Earth, and so on.

We are here to aid you in connecting to your own capacities, your own inner dimensions and powers and energies. We are not here to give you anything foreign, to teach you anything foreign, and certainly not to impose upon you anything at all. We are here to help you reach into your own inner resources through various processes that we have found helpful. These ideas are established among humans in various forms already. We will be presenting them to you in our own particular way.

At this particular time with the full moon in Scorpio, this is a time that many astrologers among you humans have recognized as Shadow time, as Shadow integration time. You have been aware of this on your own in an intuitive way by listening to the voices that have been speaking to you. It is only recently that you have realized there is a planetary human consciousness of this fact.

This very awareness of this conscious human unity is an important element in boosting your own faith and motivation. You are not alone; none of you is alone. And while you might work in a relatively isolated and seemingly individual way, on a very profound and fundamental level all of you are working with forces throughout existence in a very intimate way with many other humans carrying on the same project, and it will be through reaching out, establishing communication, networks of intelligence that will allow you to share and to learn from each other.

For this is part of the Shadow work that all humans need to do at this point—to learn to identify the blocks within the collective personality, the collective Shadow, and find ways to become conscious, address these blocks, embrace them, transform them in loving energy, and release the Shadow energy out into the universe as the divine energy that it is from Source.

The message for you to put forward is precisely this: There are many individuals and groups coming into a collective state of consciousness and working in tandem and in harmony without direct conscious connection at all times. If you can establish more conscious connections, you will also recognize how much deeper are the unconscious connections that unify you as a human Planetary Being. Your faith in being human is one of your tasks. The dark side of humanity needs to be embraced, needs to be appreciated, the energies, the motivations behind it understood, addressed, and then turned in more productive ways. This is part of what you are here to do within your own being, with the extended planetary human being, and the total being of the Planet itself.

The internet as it exists today makes much of this external connection much more possible than at any other time in recent human history. This may not always be so. There may be limitations imposed upon the openness and access to such communication networks as the internet. There may be restrictions, barriers, disconnections, shut downs. But in the meantime, use this tool and also use it as an analogy, a metaphor for the kind of superconscious connection that you are already engaged in, yet simply not fully conscious of with other groups on the planet and elsewhere.

The fact that you are listening now is the most important sign. The fact that you are opening up with heart, with divine intention, is a very good sign that you are recognizing, that you can fulfill your own being, your own intention, by embracing this moment of human connection.


Betelgeuse (Beetle Juice) is the bright yellow star at the top of the image, the right shoulder of Orion.

We are the Orionians of Betelgeuse. We have worked for millennia upon millennia with humans on your planet at many different stages of development, many of which no one would recognize at this point other than those of you who are already tapping into sources that in some circles would be called the Akashic Record, which is basically the evolutionary genetic pool that speaks to all at all times when all listen. So have faith, have courage, have certainty in your own capacities and powers and infinity, for you are the infinite, just as William Blake had said.

The main thing we ask of you at this point is for you to relax into the knowledge and acceptance of this connection. Far more lies ahead: information, energetics, transformation, Shadow reconciliations, transformation of the Planetary Being as a result your attention to this path that grows out of the human heart itself—each individual heart.

You are beautiful and infinite.

Go forward in peace and love and unity.

May the Divine Force be with you.