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Elf Encounter in the Woods

July 28, 2013, Athens, Ohio

We were called to the woods. After working all day fixing up the long room, organizing laundry, and grading papers, we felt ourselves being called by the Elves to join them in the woods. So we took a break from our work on the house and began walking up through the fields above the yard that lead to the forest.

It was last Wednesday, July 24, 2013. I had been in a kind of continual subliminal communication with the Elves all week, getting bits of conscious information here and there, but neither of us had engaged with the Elves in any extensive way since the first days of moving into the new house.

We walked up the field road and, while feeling the draw of the portal to the west, felt a stronger pull to the southeast corner of the fields, which joins the northeast corner of the forest. I could feel the presence of the snakes in the tall grass and, as usual, could feel them feeling our presence. This mutual friendly-yet-alert signaling keeps the snakes and ourselves in communication without unnecessarily frightening each other by unexpectedly bumping into one another on the hidden path.

It was a very bright sunny afternoon and everything felt magically lit up from the start. As we entered the woods we could feel the magic growing. We greeted various trees along the way, recognizing them as kin who guard the forests, keeping watch over the farm through day and night, as they have for decades or, for some, for centuries.

As we made our way westward along the ridge top the intensity of the magic grew and grew. I had been carrying a stick, swirling it in front of us as we walked in order to avoid getting caught in any serious spider webs strung across the path. At a certain moment I felt the stick itself become magical, its energy growing more and more electrical. Then in one particular small circle enclosed by a few adjoining trees, as I was spinning the stick around and around now in some instinctive kind of ceremonial swoop, I saw the stick light up.

I have seen many rocks and stones light up over the past few years as we have engaged their energies, but this was the first time I had seen wood light up. And this time it was not the soft electric glow that is characteristic of the stones but rather a bright purple flame, a soft pinkish purple that could be called periwinkle or lilac. Excitedly I called out to Anna, standing next to me, and asked her if she saw the flame too. I continued swirling the stick in a counter-clockwise sweep, watching the purple flame flare from the length of the stick, which was about a yard long. All along the flame stayed very clearly visible, not at all fading into an indefinite glow.

As I watched the flame in its circular pattern, I began to sink deeper and deeper into some kind of energetic union with the Elves. We were communicating on some barely subliminal level. I couldn’t consciously make out exactly what we were saying, but I could feel the communication intensely. I continued to swirl the flaming stick for five minutes or so, all along feeling myself grow into greater communion with the Elves. Soon they signaled that this particular miraculous encounter was over and that it was time for us to continue along the path.

By this point both Anna and I were enraptured. Each step deeper into the forest led us deeper and deeper into the dreamlike Elfin communion. As we approached the peak of the ridge Anna suggested that we turn left down into a circle in the earth with a massive, magnificent tree at its center. We walked closer and closer to the tree as we recognized that the tree itself—an ancient maple—was calling to us. We stood beneath the tree’s outstretched branches, paying attention to the details of its bark patterns and sinking deeper into its energy.

Pan-s-Labyrinth-pans-labyrinth-4029250-960-540As we slowly circled around in a counter-clockwise pattern, we noticed that a massive limb had at some point fallen, splitting the tree down its side. Within this split in the side of the tree we found amazingly human shapes as new roots grew and twisted around at a point about nine feet from the ground. The center of this twisted rooty mass looked like the mandrake root child of the movie Pan’s Labyrinth, and it appeared just as animated and far more conscious than the root in the film. We stood in reverie as the root addressed us, calling us deeper into the Elfin spell of the forest.

I soon noticed that a ring of Elves surrounded us and the tree. They formed a circle around us with about a thirty foot radius, and they were singing some soft, melodious chant that sounded familiar but unclear. After about ten minutes of this enchanted encounter, beneath the tree and encircled by Elves, Anna and I slowly continued our journey along the ridge top.


The Mother Tree

As we did so, the Elves began speaking to me. I mentioned that I could feel my visionary powers being engaged, and they said that they were stimulating my pituitary gland. Confused, I asked, “Don’t you mean by pineal gland?” and they responded, “No! We mean your pituitary gland!” They explained that they were stimulating it, along with my hypothalamus, in order to open up my abilities to communicate and travel with them. Not having any clue what this meant, I simply acknowledged their statements and let myself be swept along in the ongoing revery as we all continued along the path.

Anna and I continued walking in this dreamy state for about another twenty minutes before slowly making our way down along the edges of the field portals on our way back to the house. Later we looked “pituitary gland” and “hypothalamus” up on Wikipedia and discovered that their functions are multitude and wide ranging. Included among them is the “parenting attachment” that evidently predisposes us to caring for our children. I realized that this was the seed, in a way, of the gland’s function as a doorway for communion and communication. This reminded me of the passage in Pleiadian book on the Living Library where the Pleiadians explain that many of our glands remain dormant but will soon be opening up to their full potentials as our DNA shifts are activated. I was later told by the Elves that this is true and that in this way they are waking up our dormant capacities for greater Elf communication.