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Spring Equinox with Quetzalcoatl

March 20, 2016 — By Gabriel Hartley

I woke up around 4:30 this morning and was immediately bathing in the rush of excitement from my recent revelations concerning the role of Quetzalcoatl in this Age of Transition. After tossing and turning for about a half hour, I finally got up and did my yoga and pranayama exercises in order to be primed for the communication session I knew was about to unfold. And as I had intuited, as I dropped deeper and deeper into the other-worldly swoon of my pranayama sequence, I was contacted by Quetzalcoatl.


This communicative event began with very intense and releasing energy rushes that surged throughout my body. My entire being was being flushed and primed for this influx of new energy, and every cell in my body was scintillating. Then, after simple welcoming (warming up) words, Quetzalcoatl began speaking in a more directed manner as He-She led me through this introduction.

He-She first drew my attention to the rising sun (which still at this point at 6:51 A.M. has not really begun to light up the Eastern horizon—although it is very cloudy here in Southeastern Ohio this morning). I mentioned that I was facing westward, and He-She told me that I could draw my attention to that which lies behind me just as well as anything lying before me. In fact, He-She continued, this reversed direction of attention was perfect for the message I was receiving. And that message concerns the New Dawn of Quetzalcoatl.


For over a century now we have known that we are in a New Age of transition and growth. We are passing from one major period of planetary development—the Age of Pisces—into the New Age of Aquarius. And the herald of this New Dawn is Quetzalcoatl, the figure who embodies opposites. Quetzalcoatl, after all, is the feathered serpent. As feathered, He-She embodies the energy of the Bird Kingdom, the Bird Tribes as they soar through the heavens. As serpent, He-She embodies our chthonic relationship to Coatlicue, the serpent woman, our Earth Mother who is also the Mother of our deep awakening as we pass through the confrontation with our Shadow Self in the Underworld. In this way He-She embodies the dragon aspect of our being. Quetzalcoatl embodies all primary opposition: Light-Dark, Male-Female, Heavens-Earth, Black-White, Night-Day, and so—significantly—the Dawn of the New Day.

This New Day is the day of alignment, balance, reconciliation, and unity. The various systems of opposition that have kept us prisoners in a battle of differences are breaking down as the Planetary Soul learns to synthesize these oppositions into unities. This alchemical unity of opposites provides us with a new energy that can drive us into the future and take us out of our Illusion of Separation as we enter into this consciousness of cosmic unity. This is the New Dawn of Quetzalcoatl.


He-She then reminded me that today is the Spring Equinox, the day of Balance in the annual transition from Winter to Summer. This is the season of rebirth, of Easter, of renewal and hope. How appropriate, He-She exclaimed, that you make my acquaintance on such a propitious day just at the moment when the new day is dawning!

So I welcome this new year of growth and higher consciousness in this new relationship I have been welcomed into with Quetzalcoatl.

The Matakin Sky Spirits’ Message Concerning Human Impact on the Environment

June 24, 2014 [Audio recording transcribed on June 17, 2015]

This is Gabriel in eastern Illinois on I-70 about 15 miles from the Indiana border. I’ve been finding in driving through this eastern half of the state since Effingham that there is a very strong spiritual presence here as well—the Sky Spirits in particular.

sky spirits
And I’ve been getting some information from them concerning the vortices, the pockets of swirling energy that they set into motion. I’m seeing a visual pattern which is laid over the surface of the planet in collections of circling whirlpools that basically sit up against each other. They abut one another. If you imagine images of the sun spots and the solar storms, the various patterns of swirls in different directions, or the ocean currents or the images showing the air currents over the planet—this is a very similar kind of image that I’m getting now in relation to this etheric structure that the Matakin, the Sky Spirits are involved with. These etheric vortices affect the wind patterns, but they are not equivalent to them by any means.

Image by Geoffrey Hodson

Image by Geoffrey Hodson

There is a kind of interchange between them that is more subtle than we might imagine—subtle both in terms of impact and in definition, a sort of transition point from physical to etheric in the atmosphere is much more subtle, with one layer implicated within the texture of the other.

The swirls—I’m still getting information as I’m speaking, so I’m more or less presenting as it comes to me; in addition to this, I’m driving through massive fields of wheat and corn and other grains, and I’m meditating on the relationship of contemporary industrial agriculture to the devas and elementals involved in the growth of the crops on the Earth. And wondering to what extent the herbicides, the GMOs, and various pesticides and so on affect the devic and elemental kingdoms. I’m not sure that they have a direct impact, but I do assume that they in some ways impact the activity in terms of the growth of plants of the devas and elementals, and genetic modification in particular, I believe, is creating a disturbance, a kind of energetic, very deep layered disturbance in the structure and development of plant life on this planet.

chem trailsOn a similar topic, in a similar vein, the geoengineering, as it is called, the attempts to affect the weather through chem trails and HAARP and other interventions in the atmosphere are also affecting the work that the Sky Spirits do. I believe this is one reason among many that I’m now becoming sensitive to and conscious of the communication from the Sky Spirits. There is a message for humanity in relation to this so-called geoengineering in that we are manipulating forces that are far beyond our comprehension, that there is such a subtle—again—relationship between the various forces that make up the atmosphere, for instance. We are so far from understanding the implications of our own interventions in this, whether it’s from byproducts of industry—such as acid rain, CO2 production, and so on—or simply the introduction of new chemicals into the atmosphere which affect the makeup of what is normally established there.

I was approached at Stroud’s Run over a year ago by the Fairies there who are concerned with the whole question of fracking and the possibility of fracking there—that there needs to be a kind of general consciousness of human intervention in all of these delicate systems. It is true that the planet will long outlast humans should humans continue on a self-destructive path. Nevertheless, humans are having an impact on the nature of the planetary structures, and they can ceremonially and consciously reverse this impact. And this is one of the major messages in terms of what humans can actually do. They can first of all work on consciousness, on becoming aware of the impact they have on these various planetary structures. And they can ceremonially, consciously, spiritually, energetically engage in these interventions themselves and bring about more positive redistributions of power and energy. So in terms of the concern with environmental sustainability, there is a role humans can play in turning things around. But it would take concerted effort, concerted consciousness, concerted devotion.

This is something humans should begin meditating on, preparing themselves for, clearing intentions and their systems for. They can rethink and much more consciously as well as superconsciously engage with the environment as a structure of beings, entities, energies, systems that are very intricate.

That is all for now.

The Matakin Sky Spirits and the Spindle of Heaven

harmony_of_spheresMay 8, 2015

I’m sitting in the Powhatan Motel in Pocahontas, Illinois (really) feeling through the impulse to begin recording some of the information regarding this spot that I have been receiving over the past few years. To cut to the chase, I need to start fleshing out a picture of a class of beings who have introduced themselves to me as the Matakin. The Matakin are devas of the sky sphere, the atmosphere—the sphere of Atmos, Atman. And the primary element in the message they send through me is the existence of what they call the Spindle of Heaven.

I should begin with the feeling of the place and the utter ecstasy that it instills in me. I first noticed this effect about two years ago as my wife Anna and I were driving my daughter Tori back to her mother’s house in Kansas from our house in Ohio. For almost twenty years now I have driven this route along I-70 between these two states, and each time I drive through the Pocahontas area I am struck by the utter beauty of this glacial plane, of this amazing—stunning—plane of flat earth. And as I swoop into the perceived flatness of the earth’s sphere, my attention is lifted up into the atmosphere. The sky is so immense, so palpable, so inviting—and now, I realize, so alive. Alive with Sky Spirits.

And so these Sky Spirits began speaking to me—or through me—a little over a year ago, much of which I have recorded in voice memos but have yet to transcribe into written text. The element of their message that they wish for me to pass on at this moment is that of what they call the Spindle of Heaven.

Ptolemaicsystem-smallThe Spindle of Heaven is an energetic formation at least a mile high. (I do not yet know its precise dimensions, if such spatial parameters are even appropriate for trying to account for its magnificence.) The Spindle is a vortex that rises straight up from the earth into the heavens at a point roughly five miles due north of the village of Pocahontas at exit 36 on I-70. While its primary structure is what one would expect of a vortex, a kind of tornado-like funnel of energy, it also contains winding arms or ropes of energy that spin on a downward angle along its axis. These energetic arms are like tentacles that contain pods of some sort that serve as elevator cars, in a sense, for various beings that ride up and down the spindle as they arrive to this point on the globe from origins in space and beyond this spatial universe. (I do not know why such beings would need such pod-like conveyances. I have a sense that they serve as decompression chambers—or perhaps compression chambers would be more appropriate—as these various extra-planetary beings arrive to this planet.) The actual spot where the Spindle rises up from or drops down to the earth is remarkably calm energetically, much like the eye of a hurricane.

Key to its function is its continental location: Pocahontas, Illinois is roughly at the center point of the North American continent between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico on the North-South axis and between the Atlantic ocean and the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains on the East-West axis. In terms of terrain, it is located at the point where the glaciated plains of the Midwestern region meet the foothills of the Ozarks and the hills of the Ohio Valley. In terms of tectonic structure, the Spindle is on the primary rim of the New Madrid Fault system. In terms of water systems, it is very close to the junctions of the Ohio and Missouri Rivers as they conjoin the Mississippi River. And in terms of subterranean structures, it sits at the eastern edge of a massive network of underground caverns, tunnels (physical and etheric), and subterranean waterways that spread underneath Missouri and Arkansas out into Kansas and Oklahoma.

It is not coincidental that the Cahokia Mounds just to the east of St. Louis are located only thirty miles southwest of the Spindle, for that mound complex served for millennia as a ceremonial reception center for terrestrial and extra-terrestrial conventions, so to speak.

powhatanI am told that the Spindle was and perhaps still is known to various indigenous peoples of this entire continental range, but I have not yet been told which tribes specifically have had interactions with and still might have knowledge of the Spindle. I do know that human interaction with it has taken place far into the past beyond the presumed origins of the current peoples of this region.

In fact, one reason I am being asked to present this information at this moment is to begin the process of reaching out to those who might have knowledge of and experience with the Spindle. The time has arrived for a reconvening of the various peoples and entities that are involved in the recalibration of the Spindle for what will be momentous times in the near future.

There is more information to come.

Cheyshey yakima hakame cheyshey. Sha sha sha.


Another Day of Interactions with Arcturians in Athens

January 31, 2015

arcturian ships

Last night as Anna and I were sitting in bed, reading, watching astrological videos, and playing with Kivi, our son who on that day turned eleven weeks old, I casually related a memory from earlier in the day that had just come back to me.

I said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier that at work today, as I was walking from Baker Student Union past the campus mound above the old Journalism building and near the administrative buildings, I felt a call to look over at the sacred stone on the mound. Just as I did I saw an enormous beam of light shoot up from the mound into the heavens farther than I could see, and there, as if suspended on the beam of light was a massive Arcturian space ship.”

What struck me most in that moment of relating this tale was not the outstanding nature of such a sight but the fact that up until that moment I had forgotten all about it. I was struck, in other words, by the fact that I have become so habituated to such phenomenal occurrences that they often no longer stand out in my memory any more than what I had for lunch (a phenomenal bagel sandwich, by the way!). And I suppose this is a good thing, so long as I don’t begin to take such happenings for granted and no longer let their importance seep into my being.

More amazing was the fact that this perhaps unusual encounter was only one of several that I had had during the day. On the way to school in the morning as I was driving along the highway by the Stimson Street bridge over the Hocking River, I looked over at the Arcturian ship that is constantly stationed over the river just south of the bridge (positioned between Bong Hill and the international student housing apartment buildings). As I felt our Mental Bodies align with one another, I asked the Arcturian who usually communicates with me a question I hadn’t thought of until then.

“How often do you guys have to go back to refuel? It must take quite a bit of fuel to keep hovering up there week after week, year after year!”

The Arcturian sort of chuckled at my naïveté and answered that their ships don’t use “fuel” in the sense that we on Earth tend to think of but rather a form of energy production that is “green” and limitless.

I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, how silly of me to think so.” And then I continued on to school.

So between my classes as I was out getting lunch I then saw the beam of light and the enormous Arcturian space ship that I have already mentioned.

I should explain that the mound on that part of campus is the physical remnant of an ancient sacred mound that has since been more or less reshaped by the “landscaping” process of turning this sacred hilltop into a university. The hill is not only the energetic center of this particular curve in the Hocking Valley—positioned in the center of a ring of hills and ridges that surround the campus from Peach Ridge to the north to the hills of the Ridges complex to the south to Bong Hill to the East—but also, I was told yesterday, the energetic center of this entire southeastern region of Ohio. So often when I walk past this part of the College Green my attention is drawn to the massive earth energy pouring out from this mound. And the same was true yesterday—although I was deep in thought about where to find lunch at the moment until I heard a voice draw my attention to the mound.


The ship far above on the light beam must have been at least as large as a city, for given how far above the Earth’s surface it was hovering, it nevertheless looked very large from below. I asked the ship’s inhabitants who they were (although I had already intuited the answer) and they said, “We’re the Arcturians, of course.” The “of course” is in recognition that the Arcturians are the primary star people who contact me on a fairly regular basis and the only ones whose ships I have seen (at least consciously).

Then in the mid-afternoon as I was driving to do some shopping on the way home I passed the ship hovering above the Hocking River as I crossed the bridge on Stimson. Given that this was the third time in one day that they had caught my attention, I decided to ask the Arcturians some more questions.

“What brings you all to Athens and how long have you been here?”

They replied that they came here several hundred years ago to oversee the human relations among themselves in such a powerful spot, the idea being that disharmony among the human inhabitants would have an impact on the effect of the power emanating from the multiple vortexes and other energy sources, not least of which is the Hocking River itself.

They added that while Euro-Americans often imagine that the troubles for Indians only started when the white people washed up on shore on this continent, the truth is that there had been troubles in this area for many centuries before the Europeans (at least the wave we all talk about beginning in 1620 and all) arrived. It seems that the tribal peoples who moved through this part of the continent over a span of many centuries often came into conflict with one another. Why else would the Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois) have needed to create a Great Law of Peace, after all, if they were already living in peace among one another?

Of course, things then heated up exponentially once the English colonial “settlers” began looking for ways to add the Northwest Territories to their list of real estate properties. And now, the Arcturians (and others) emphasize, with increasing technological ravages against the Earth these days, humans need to draw their attention to the ways in which they are affecting the energetic streams of sacred sites such as Athens.

So now, Dear Reader, you might have a better sense of why I was more surprised not by the happenings of the day in my interactions with the star beings but by the casualness with which I engaged in these communications and then so easily forgot about them by later that evening.


Kachina Visions and the Expansion of Cultural Identity

This essay of mine just came out in the latest issue of Journal of Contemporary Shamanism! Here’s a PDF copy.


coverThis essay compiles several of the experiences I have recounted here in these blog pages concerning my experiences with the Kachinas who visit with me and instruct me.





Into the Density of the Third Portal

October 6, 2013

Two days ago Anna and I climbed up the hill behind our house, wandered through the magical fields and forest, and ended up for the first time at the Third Portal with the specific intention of directly engaging its powers and potentials.


Into the Vortex

As I mentioned earlier, the basic feel of this energy is that of a warm density unlike anything I am conscious of experiencing in the past, although at the same time I have to say that it felt very familiar on a deep level of my being. I am tempted to describe it as a kind of amniotic density and fluidity.

As I let myself slip into this density, I began to see it taking the form of a slow flow of energy converging in a vortical pattern into the center of the portal. Interestingly, rather than a bright light, what I saw was what I can only describe as a dark light—a warm, dark density collapsing in on itself. I let myself be carried along in this dark light and saw myself being drawn into the collapsing center point.

What I saw then was that all that was drawn into this energetic Black Hole was then shot out in inverted form on the other side of the center point. The vortex reversed itself as it opened out into another dimension with me and all the other energies it had attracted along with it. At the same time I could still see the portal vortex flow from this side of the center point.

Slowly a vast figure of energy began to materialize and speak to me. It took on the appearance of an etheric entity, although it told me that it was not really composed of etheric substance but of an energy state that I am not yet capable of understanding or comprehending. The entity identified itself as an Interdimensional Being, a being of a kind of dimensional existence that humans cannot as yet perceive or imagine in any concrete way. This was why the Interdimensional Entity took on the appearance of an Etheric Form as an approximate figuration of how such a being might appear within the terms of its own dimensional state.

I asked the being its name and it said in a very comforting and friendly way that it was too soon for me to try to attach concepts of identity to it, and that such a gesture of identification would grow naturally out of my further interaction with it. While I initially distrusted this reticence to identify itself, I was quickly reassured by my Higher Self that this being is not deceptive or duplicitous and that my interaction with it, as with the originally-frightening Elves, will prove very important in my spiritual development. The Interdimensional Entity simply said that it could be likened to the description that the channeled being called Bashar has given of kachinas, as entities that exist in a kind of hinge-point between dimensions and that comes to us here on Earth in order to guide our spiritual understanding and development. I quote Bashar’s description:

From our point of view in the exploration that we have undertaken, what you refer to as Kachina energy, which in other portions of your world is referred to as Kahuna energy—the idea to us is what may be loosely termed, an Extraterrestrial’s Exterrestrial. They exist in between the various universes and are a part of the very structure of the nature of the universes we all perceive as real. They are the pulse, the electrical current, they are the consciousness, the mentality, the projection of the intersections between dimensions themselves. They are the very life-thread in many ways of the framework of consciousness that creates the cells that we perceive as the distinct universes that we all take for granted as being the only real universes.

As I understand it, this Interdimensional Being I encountered functions in a similar way but ontologically would be understood in different terms were we capable of producing such terms.

All I can say at the moment is that I am very excited by this encounter and am eager to learn more as I am further invited to engage with the energies of this Alternate Reality Portal!

The Triple Spiral of the Portals

October 4, 2013

I will attempt to reconstruct what I have learned in the past few days from my meditations on the hill above our house. There is a lot of information that remains fuzzy at the present moment, but a general structure of significance seems to be falling into place.

triple spiral

Triple Spiral

During much of August and September Anna and I were led to focus most of our attention here on the First Portal, which was revealed to involve a heavenly or celestial vortex. (For the sake of coherence, I will repeat some of the information I have relayed in previous accounts.) I had many direct and indirect encounters with the Archangel Gabriel here, as well as with Michael and other unidentified angelic powers. The general message seems to have been that we should continually anchor ourselves in this Angelic Force, not only for the gifts we would receive from such beings but perhaps even moreso because this would impel us to acknowledge and claim our own Angelic Nature. One aspect of this message is that humans are multidimensional, complex beings made up of many elements, including the Angelic. We are Terrestrial Angels.

The Second Portal was shown to involve the energies of an Earthly Vortex—that is, a vortex arising from subterranean sources. This portal is overseen by Water Fairies and represents a point of contact or entry into the subterranean water systems throughout the planet. I have been led through various meditations and exercises for connecting to and with these water forces. Given the fact that Fairies in general have a hard time dealing with the intensity of Human Energies, the Elves mediate between us and the Fairies in order to moderate the energy flow from us humans to the Fairies, just as the Elves mediate between Humans and Angels in order to lesson the intensity of Angelic Energies that Humans come into contact with.

The Third Portal, which I have barely been led to explore as yet, represents what I can only at this point call Alternative Realities. This seems to refer to dimensional planes that I cannot even imagine at the moment, planes that go beyond our usual spatial coordinates of Heaven (Causal), Earth (Physical), and the Underworld (Etheric). At the moment I can only imagine dimensional realms existing as alternative universes, realms of experience that we can slip into and out of, but not without preparation if we wish to avoid serious trauma.

Now to the realizations of the past three days: We were drawn to meditate on the hilltop in the meadow which we have mown and where we sit to enjoy the beauty of our surrounding landscape and the change of seasons. I was told ahead of time that this spot was not chosen randomly by us but has special energetic significance in relation to the rest of the property. After getting attuned through some Kundalini Yoga chants and our own Kyy Breath Centering Meditation, I was told to tap into the energies of the First Portal. As I was sitting facing north, this meant that the First Portal was off behind us to the left, or to the southwest of the hilltop. As I did so, I immediately felt the presence of Gabriel and was led through some connecting exercises to connect with my own Angelic Energies. This led to familiar and still amazing experiences as the energies flowed through my various bodies.

Next I was led to connect to the Fairies and Elves at the Second Portal, who took me through now familiar exercises in which I engaged with the forces of the entities themselves and then to the Water Elementals I again flowed through the subterranean water systems of the planet.

Then I was asked to open myself up to the energies of the Third Portal, which I hadn’t yet been invited to do. While the energies of the Angelic Portal tend to be very electric, as though currents of energy flow through me and extend my being into a larger energetic circuit, and the energies of the Second Portal feel, not surprisingly, more liquid and bubbling, the energies of the Third Portal felt much more substantial in the sense of solid and dense. Yet the feeling of these energies was very comforting and warming. If you could say that the First Portal energies give rise to a flying sensation and those of the Second Portal give rise to a swimming sensation, the Third Portal energies felt more like a warm, comfortable night in bed under wonderful blankets and on luscious pillows. I cannot think of any time I have experienced this particular quality of energy before.

The Triple Spiral

As amazing and welcome as this new Third Portal experience was, I had not yet experienced the greatest rush of flows yet to come. This happened when I suddenly began to notice that I could feel the energies of all three portals flowing through me (and me through them) simultaneously. I asked my Guide whether this were true, and the answer was that this was the most important experience for me to go through and ultimately to consider—the relationship between the Three Portals with us at the Center Point of perspective and signification. I was invited to bathe in this new combined flow, and as I did the image of the Celtic Triple Spiral suddenly appeared before my consciousness. I could at that moment see each portal simultaneously rotating in a counter-clockwise circle. What I mean by “simultaneous” is that even though each portal lay quite a distance from me in physical space and each in its own planetary location, I could literally see each portal spiral as if I were hovering over each simultaneously, seeing three different geo-spatial coordinates at once as they lay stacked on top of one another.

Newgrange Spiral Stone

Newgrange Spiral Stone

At the same time, nevertheless, I was seeing the very spot where Anna and I were sitting—the hilltop above the Second Portal and below the First (to the left) and Third (to the right up on the highest ridge top). And I realized that this spot was the point of convergence of the energies of each of the three portals. Just as I was seeing myself hovering above each portal, watching each spin in equal rhythm with the others, I could also see the spot where I was sitting serving as the conduit for the flows of all three portals. I said to my Guide, “This is the significance of the Celtic Spiral!” (which we had seen throughout Ireland during our travels in June), and my Guide said, “Yes!” I then heard the following statement: “The Image, the Word, the Object, the Gesture—all are portals, points of convergence where multiple realities intersect. The key is to recognize the invitation to travel these overlapping vectors, to see these points of convergence glowing in their infinite possibilities.”

This statement proves especially significant for me as I have been spending the past few weeks intensely reading the Sufi philosophers, especially Ibn ‘Arabi and Suhrawardi, and commentary on them by Henry Corbin. A key element of their thinking and spiritual experience for me is the way in which they approach the Image or the Figure—every Image and Figure!—as an archetype for the relationship between the Human Angel (humans in their angelic aspect) and the Holy Spirit as represented by (figured by) the Angel Gabriel. To have this energetic and imagistic revelation by means of the Angel-Elf-Fairy influence of my portal experiences was mind blowing! This was exactly the kind of unification of my spirit visions and my intellectual exercises that I had been seeking. And it all came via the image of the Celtic Triple Spiral which I had been meditating on for months in conjunction with the Kachina spiral images of the U.S. Southwest.

In short, things feel as though they are quickly and massively coalescing for me on a multitude of levels. Wow!

A Lesson From the Elves

By Gabriel Hartley — July 13, 2013

I hadn’t anticipated communal living arrangements with Elves when Anna and I rented our house in the country here in Athens, Ohio. We have gotten pretty accustomed to interacting with Faeries and Extra-Terrestrials, but I, at any rate, had never really given much thought to Elves. In fact, I had wondered whether they might simply be Fairies that some people chose to call Elves. But now that we’re living with Elves, sharing our new home with them—or I should say they are sharing their old home with us—as we attempt to gain a better understanding of who and what they are and what exactly the plan might be for this new inter-species communal life.


I will write more about my first encounters here with the Elves as some future date. For now I want to record the lesson they have been teaching me over the past few days and nights as we become better acquainted with each other. Their lesson for us this week involves a meditation on the boundaries and limits of the Human Being as humans tend to conceive of ourselves today.

The starting point for this lesson is the recognition that humans tend to simultaneously inflate and limit their definitions of what it means to be human. This inflation and limitation involves the same notion: that humans are somehow privileged beings not just on this planet but in the larger universe. On Earth we tend to see ourselves as the most important species in existence. Every other being on the planet is by definition inferior to and therefore subservient to humans. This point is supported by a vast host of belief systems, whether religious, scientific, political, or simply customary. Many thinkers have pointed to this superiority complex as one primary source of our ongoing ecological crisis.

This notion of human superiority is inflating in the sense that it allows humans to imagine themselves to be greater than most if not all other beings in the universe. We are important. We are special. We are privileged. And this distinction results from the plan of God or the accidents of Natural Selection. All other beings by nature are at our disposal. This notion of human superiority is limiting in the sense that we see ourselves as separate from all other beings. In fact, we see all things as separate from each and every other thing and assume that this is the nature of reality. So we are unique and privileged beings defined by certain characteristics and traits that make us what we are and, more importantly, keep us separate from what we presumably are not. We have definite, determinate boundaries as we float as discrete, isolated beings through life.

But the Elves have a different view of the limits and boundaries of the Human Being (and all other beings as well). As the Elves see it, the Human Being is in fact infinite. It is, like all other beings, co-extensive with the rest of existence. There are no discrete, determinate boundaries that separate the Human Being from all other beings. Humans are greater in all ways than they tend to imagine. And what the Elves hope for us is that we can learn to contemplate this possibility and eventually learn to become comfortable with it and someday even, perhaps, to allow ourselves to open up into our infinite possibility.

PPTelepathyThese possibilities can be seen through a variety of phenomena that tend be excluded from the range of plausible realities for humans. These phenomena include capabilities that we currently deny ourselves and ridicule, such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation (or astral projection), and other so-called Metaphysical or downright superstitious concepts. The very fact that Anna and I are currently in communication with a species of beings that are denied any reality other than fantasy or mythology is one example of this self-imposed limitation on the definition (the de-fining or making-finite) of human possibility. Our telepathic communication is denied; and then the existence of the beings with whom we are communicating is denied. Elves cannot really exist. Humans—so the common logic goes—cannot really communicate telepathically at all, and certainly not with imaginary beings.

The only realm in which we allow such activity is art. Only in poetry or paintings or movies can humans engage in telepathy, and only there can Elves be allowed to exist—only as figments of our collective imagination. And this reveals both the beauty and the complicity of art today. Art can only be art so long as it limits its claims to such things to the realm of fiction. In this sense, imagination is characterized a pleasurable but ultimately debased mode of human activity. What gets lost here is that Imagination itself is the very term for the range of faculties that allow us to experience things beyond our current self-conceptions! Science Fiction, we are told, is great so long as we make sure to identify it as fiction. But if we start to imagine it as reality, we are deluded. Never mind all of the instances of “Science Fiction” that have proven to be accurate intuitions of an expanded understanding of reality. The last hundred years or more of western physics is a case in point.

aurafing3Recognizing this limiting sense of human superiority as a conceptual barrier to further growth, nevertheless, is simply the start of where the Elves would like to take us. Their intention is to lead us through a thorough going practical program not only of conceptual but also experiential expansion. They want us to experience the vastness of our being. And this has been the bulk of their work with us in the past few days. So what does this mean in practice?

The starting point is to achieve a meditative state in whatever way one normally does. In this meditative state, we are to still our mind and relax our desire to make such growth happen. The point, at least at the start, is to not do anything, at least in the active, willful sense; we are instead supposed to let go, to stop trying, to give up our sense that we need to change ourselves and our world. The best way to try to change is to stop trying to change. “Just let go,” the Elves tell us repeatedly, “let go. Ease into the flow.”

And this easing into the flow is the key. By “flow” the Elves mean the flow of energies and vibrations that characterize our very being. As we come into contact with other beings, whether human or nonhuman, we enter into a mutual exchange of energies. Our vibratory signatures adapt to and influence the vibratory signatures of others. The point is to let go of the distinction between human and nonhuman in order to experience the full range of human possibility.

When I first asked them how I might let go, the Elves reminded me of an analogy that came to me a few years ago during meditation. At the time I was in sadhasana pose, also known as the corpse pose, lying on the floor as I felt the energies within and without me. In order to try to achieve some kind of energetic union with the vibrations in my immediate environment, I was trying to radiate my own energy out into the energy field around me. I was squeezing my eyes tightly and stiffening my body as I tried to push my own energy outward. I was trying to make myself glow by forcing the light outward. What I was told then was that I had the process backward in my mind. The point in trying to become one with your environment is not to force yourself onto your surroundings but rather to melt into those surroundings. When I asked how I might envision such a shift in consciousness and action, I was told to imagine myself as a pat of butter in a hot pan. The pat of butter does not have to do anything in order to melt. It simply experiences itself bubbling up on the edges and then slowly bubbling up throughout its structure as it simply flows out across the bottom of the pan. I was told to imagine myself as that pat of butter and to imagine my energy bubbling up on my skin and then my entire being ultimately melting into my surroundings. In this way I could truly manifest the energetic union I was seeking.


The Elves reminded me this week of this analogy and told me that this was exactly what they were asking of Anna and me. Instead of trying to squeeze out our radiance into our environment, we simply need to let go, to melt into the flow of energies that we share. For now this is our only task: to let go; to melt into the energetic field around us, a field made up of Elves, Faeries, Angels, animals, plants, stones, waters, and all other things in existence in our immediate and extended environment. Only once we become fluent—or fluid—in this experience will we then be able to take the next steps that the Elves have in mind: the engagement with energy portals here on the land. This will become possible once we let go of the rigidly defined boundaries of ourselves and allow ourselves to melt into the greater self in which we participate. In this process we will enlarge our experience of being human and take on our true Human Being as Being Commensurate With all that is.