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Gabriel and the Angelic Intelligences

Jibrail[Introductory note: What follows is a segment from the transcript of a telephone conference I participated in on February 6, 2017 between the Learning for Life Center in Topeka, Kansas and the multidimensional collective entity known as Monitor (channeled by Harvey Grady in Sedona, Arizona). I should mention here that I have been reluctant up to this point to pursue the significance of my acquisition of the name of Gabriel in the Fall of 2011. My troubled upbringing within what would today be called a Christian fundamentalist home had led me to be suspicious in adulthood of anything apparently related to that tradition. So I was quite surprised and even disturbed to have been presented with the name of Gabriel by the Spiritual Hierarchy at that time, although I did accept this (at the friendly urgings of a group of Crop Circle explorers in Avebury, England in early December 2011) and quickly grew into this new awareness of Self. The conversation that follows is one of my first attempts to gain some objective understanding of this presentation of a Higher layer of my Being. While in addition I am generally uneasy in devoting time to writing about myself, I believe that my experiences offer other Seekers confirmation of their own experiences in a culture that works against such understandings. I have been even more reluctant to claim some direct inspiration from the Angel Gabriel, not wanting to pose myself as seeking attention to myself, but I now feel it is time that I do so in as open, responsible, and detached a way as possible.]


GABRIEL:      Thank you, Monitor.  It is my turn now.  I was going to ask a question about recent ET interactions.  But I feel moved to ask about Gabriel and angelic intelligences, unless you think otherwise.  So I will go on the Gabriel question.  In a New Year’s divination exercise, I was presented with the following line from Henry Corbin’s book, The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism.  “We have learned that this red Sun and these reddening orbs announced the presence of the angel, Logos, or of one of the angelic intelligences.”  This message resonates deeply with me and is consonant with many of the prods that suggest that I have a destiny of some sort now with the angelic intelligences, not only with my High Self, but also with Gabriel.

In my work with Sufi gnosticism, I keep finding myself meditating over the role Gabriel plays in various theosophical circles, but even more specifically in my own life, not the least of which involves my receiving the name Gabriel in 2011.  For the highest good, is there a direct connection between my High Self, Samuel, and Gabriel?

How should I envision the nature of my Soul relationship and mission with Gabriel?  And how coincidental is it that these urgings most recently have come from within a Sufi context, one that – when withdrawn from its Islamic context – feels the most applicable to my own experiences so far?  Thank you.

man_of_lightMONITOR:    We note that you have been associated with the Spiritual Hierarchy and angelic kingdom in past lives, one of which involved a lifetime in a Sufi enclave situated in the mountains in northern Iran.

GABRIEL:      Yes.

damavandMONITOR:    Your personality’s relationship with angels represents a personal ability within the personality structure to accept angelic presence.  The Mental Judge Self component of the subconscious mind typically is fearful of angels and other high spiritual beings.  The Mental Judge Self typically creates a crisis to prevent or distract the Outer Self from angelic communication or contact.

In your personality, that encounter took place initially in the Sufi enclave.  The challenge was resolved when, through repeated fasting and prayer activity, your Mental Judge Self was assisted by your High Self to assume a more neutral role after having experienced an almost uncontrollable outburst of fear.  With your Mental Judge Self in a more inactive state, it was able to observe the activities of angels associated with that group and lose some of its fear of that form of superluminal contact.

In this lifetime, your High Self gave you opportunities, even in childhood, to sense the presence of other beings, benevolent beings, and that included the presence of angels.  You have had several angelic encounters to save your personality from harm in this lifetime, and so you have sensed that angelic connection.

Your Female Self has considerable angelic qualities.  And your Male Self has been able to accept those and respect the clarity and strength that the Female Self presents.

Your personality’s relationship with Gabriel denotes a relationship as a worker who at times assists in the accomplishment of certain tasks that Gabriel performs for the planet.  One of those major tasks involves communication among different Life forms and species.  Your life pattern has given you considerable curiosity so that you are able to explore different cultures, different times, and different beings beyond the physical realm.

Angel_GabrielYour connection with Gabriel involves your participation in communicating those experiences of greater insight and awareness of your “neighbors” to the public, to those prepared to accept what you share.  Not all are willing to consider what you share.  Yet by the act of sharing in writing and presentations, you are able to confirm the awareness of many others that benevolent beings exist that positively affect humanity and the planet.

Your role in communicating such experiences is still in its initial stages, yet shall develop into a much more informative sharing so that others who also share to some degree your innate awareness of neighboring species will be able to open their awareness productively and with security.

Monitor Speaks on My Connections with Seth and Anzaldúa

[The following is a transcript of a telephone communication that took place on August 1, 2016 between Gabriel Hartley and Monitor, the multidimensional composite being channeled by Harvey Grady in Sedona, Arizona. The session was organized by the Learning for Life Center in Topeka, Kansas.]

Seth Speaks Cover

GABRIEL:      Monitor, this is Gabriel.  In this particular round, I find myself with many different competing questions and having a hard time prioritizing.  So if you happen to think there’s one I’m not asking, please jump in and insert that.  I’ll begin with my first question that concerns Seth.  For the past two months or so, I’ve found myself more and more deeply engaged with the energy personality known as Seth, initially channeled by Jane Roberts.  For some time now, I have been mulling over the suggestion that I come to a deeper understanding of Seth and his message in relation to Gloria Anzaldúa and my book on her.

I tried to follow-up on this connection in my research at the archives in Austin, Texas, reading through Anzaldua’s marginal comments in her copies of a few Seth books and gained some important information drawn from her marginal comments.  My High Self, Samuel, then suggested that I read the Seth books more carefully so that I would have a firmer foundation for comparing my own understanding and vibration within these Seth studies to that of Anzaldua, to the degree that I can intuit the full arrange of her responses.  In doing so, I found myself drawn more deeply into a personal working relationship with Seth.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Seth directly as I was reading on my porch.  He led me through a very powerful and energetically complex conversation in meditation.  I then experienced Seth giving me a body of information, often at 3:00 AM, that would “surprisingly” turn out to be the exact same material I would read the next morning in whichever book I picked up of his.  Seth suggested that I ask you to expand on this newly conscious relationship I have developed with him, what it’s meaning is in my overall Spirit project, and what I might expect as I pursue even deeper channels with him.  Any other comments related to Anzaldúa and him would be welcome.  Thank you.

Explore with Monitor cover

MONITOR:    We find that your earnest inquiry has drawn you into contact with the entity presenting the name “Seth.”  That entity is one of many teaching sources involved with the mental expansion of humanity.

The opportunity provided by expanded mental body capabilities draws such Teachers to those who seek them with true openness.  Such teachers evaluate students.  They may do so in a glance, evaluating the chakra system, the growth dynamics within the personality’s aspects, and the condition of the Outer Self.  We find that you will find this relationship with Seth quite rewarding.  And in the process, you will find some of your viewpoints about yourself and reality shifting as they need to shift.

We have long been colleagues with the entity known as Seth and note that Seth’s unique contribution carries far beyond what was channeled through Jane Roberts.  That partnership continues with Jane and her husband, Rob, on the other side.  They have been trained as teaching sources also.

In your relationship with the person you are studying and writing about, you need to be open and allow your mental body to process what Seth transmits directly.  You will also find that the person you are writing about will add to those contributions as you write.  She will be there by your shoulder, guiding some of your statements to aid you in your commitment to be accurate about her viewpoints.

You may ask for her to assist you at any point.  The connection you will feel with her will be primarily as you write.  Yet if you wish to enjoy a sense of communion with her, you may also focus on that.  Such practice helps you attune to her and thereby give you assurance that you are interpreting her thoughts and contributions accurately.

Anzaldúa with Jaguar Mask

I’m Being Followed by a Moon Shadow

June 7-10, 2015

Last night I woke up at 3:30 A.M., as I do most nights now, and went downstairs in the dark. As I walked by our hallway window, I saw the glow of Luna shining through the trees. I stopped to greet her, and, as always, she greeted me in return.

As I was staring up at her and feeling that warm liquid glow flow through my body in response to her rays, I began to think about my recent post concerning my conversations with her and began to wonder how many people might be skeptical about the idea that the moon, like the Earth, is a conscious, communicative being.

I have the feeling that perhaps a few people have no difficulty imagining beings from or on the moon who might wish to communicate with me. But I also have the feeling that the idea that we might find ourselves actually speaking with the moon as an intelligent entity probably has even fewer adherents. Extraterrestrials—perhaps. Planets themselves—no way! But Luna herself had an answer to this objection, and this answer led her to present me with an expansive sense of Self—not just my own Self but the selfhood of all beings.

Part of the problem lies in our tendency to define life and consciousness in very limited terms that are more often than not anthropocentric. But even at the level of the human being, we tend to imagine the individual human to be the seat of consciousness and identity. What this view omits is that even on a strictly biological level, our bodies are composite entities. Our intestinal tract, for instance, is filled with microbes that carry out lives of their own while playing an important role in “our” lives by helping with digestion. (My recent bout with an intestinal flu provided me with a graphic example of such independence on the part of those microbial beings!) Our cells themselves each are tiny conscious entities carrying out their own jobs in ways that contribute to the functioning of the physical body as a composite whole.

The Earth, Gaia, works in just the same way, just as do all other planetary, solar, and asteroidal beings in our star system and beyond. The consciousness of the Earth is a composite consciousness that expresses itself as the conglomerate compilation of all earthly consciousnesses on, above, and below her surface. And we all have the innate capacity to tap into and communicate with that planetary consciousness.

And such is the case, then, with Luna, the moon. Her consciousness includes mental and energetic strains from all of the entities that exist on and within herself. Beyond that, given her particular gravitational relationship with the Earth, she is especially affected by all that happens on our planet. And we here are affected in turn by all that happens within her sphere of influence.

moon in clouds

This is what she tells me. And beyond that, growing out of such awareness, is a more complex notion of psychology, especially in the root sense of study-of-the soul. For we are not only composite consciousnesses on the literal physical level in terms of the host of entities that cohabit our bodies, but on the psychic level as well. Long ago Plato talked about the Tripartite Soul, talking about the complicated mix of souls that make us up—often translated as the Logical, Spirited, and Appetitive souls. Our job is to find the appropriate mix and balance among the three. Freud talked about the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. And Jung sought the integration or individuation of our inner selves—the Ego, the Shadow, the Persona, the Animus and Anima, the Wise Old Man or Woman, and ultimately the Self (the composite inner and outer whole).

Closer to my own active understanding of the composite nature of the soul is the description provided by the composite entity known as Monitor (most often channeled by Harvey Grady). According to Monitor, we are made up of three souls: Our Body Soul, our Basic Soul, and our Judge Soul. Our Basic Soul is made up of our Outer Self, Male Self, Female Self, and Higher Self. The two “hitchhikers” of the Judge Soul are our Mental Judge Self and our Astral Judge Self. The two Judge Selves are defined by their recent inhabitation of the lost planet Maldek. After the calamity that destroyed their planet, they were appended to our human souls in an act of grace and challenge to growth.

Monitor on the Soul

From the book Explore With Monitor, Book 1, p. 197

The overall point Luna has to pass on here is that while we are multidimensional composite beings, we nevertheless more often than not experience this complex nature of the Self through our ego consciousness. If we can take into account the interactions of all of these dynamic selves, however, we can begin to develop a more appropriate psychology, one that is open to all of the different voices in the choir of the Self.

And just as our Ego Consciousness is often oblivious to the existence of and interactions with our various other selves, it is also most often oblivious to our constant Soul communication with the micro and macro beings of which we are a part—including the moon.

Spending this time talking with Luna helps me maintain that open and practical awareness of the Hermetic slogans: As Above, So Below and As Within, So Without. I’m being followed by a moon shadow—and it has utterly transformed who I am.


Monitor on My Fire Initiation

[The following is a transcript of the question and answer session I had with Monitor on June 9, 2014, thanks to the Learning For Life Center in Topeka, Kansas and Harv Grady of the Center For Human Potential in Sedona, Arizona.]

GABRIEL:  Hello, Monitor.  I’m contacting you today to learn more about the condition of my health.  Throughout my adult life, I have suffered from a variety of issues related to my digestive system, including chronic diarrhea, acid reflux, and more recently, stomach discomfort.  Doctors have diagnosed me with different illnesses such as spastic colon, gastro-esophageal intestinal disease or GERD, stomach ulcers, and more.  At different times, I’ve undergone diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies and have been given a variety of prescription drugs, all of which I have felt guided to discontinue.  It has seemed that the side effects from the drugs might be more serious than the help they might provide.

Additionally, I have seen Ayurvedic doctors and undergone their treatments, which also haven’t seemed to help very much.  Moreover, I have trouble recently with unusual tight quadriceps in my left thigh, given the sense that I might have cooked my muscles with cell phones and laptops.  Overall, my assumption is that my physical problems, both intestinal and muscular, are due primary to psychological and karmic factors affecting my astral and energy bodies rather than strictly my physical body, although these other bodies in turn certainly do impact my physical body.  I assume also that my diet plays a role in some of these symptoms.  For the highest good, would you please comment on my physical condition generally, my intestinal problems specifically, and what the causes of these symptoms might be, and which remedies, dietary changes, astral clearing, and meditative practices would be best for allowing better communication between my various bodies before more serious physical issues arise?  Thank you.

Wheel_oghamMONITOR:     We find that your personality is dealing with the impacts of what may be called the “fire initiation” that was started in a past life at the latter period of what is called the Druid religion.

After the final sinking of Atlantis, the religion that evolved across Europe and related areas of Asia involved the use of Divine fire to cleanse many of the astral regions that had become polluted with black magic.  The Spiritual Hierarchy focused spiritual practice on the use of Divine fire through invocation of the Great Deva, Agni.

Agni_god_of_fireHomes kept a sacred fire burning, and ceremonies could be performed in homes as well as ceremonial centers.  An individual was empowered to seek his/her own cleansing and the cleansing of their family.  The viewpoint was that each person is responsible for cultivating their own relationship with Creative Divinity.  Fire was seen as both physical and nonphysical.  It affected mental, astral, etheric, and physical bodies.

Your engagement occurred through your Male Self who had previously been involved with some of the dark forces that spread as Atlantis disappeared.  His involvement with dark forces gave your Male Self a sense of deep mistrust of his intentions.  He sought to be closely aligned with the moral precepts of his people.  In that period, he dwelt in the region now known as Hungary.

He became ultraconservative and saw threat from the dark forces in the behavior of people in his region.  He organized a group of what may be called “spiritual vigilantes” within the mores of that time.  He became obsessed with the threat of dark forces and black magicians seizing control over the people in his region.  He harmed a number of people through his zealousness, and that brought karmic return in that lifetime and even later lifetimes.

fire_girlIn your present condition in this lifetime, the fire energies are still at work.  They have been evoked and once evoked continue their process of cleansing.  The challenges you have felt in physical terms also have their challenges in the higher bodies.  Your etheric body contains considerable amounts of fire etheric energy.  That energy creates fire in the physical body.

The physical fire takes different forms.  Primarily it takes the form of over-acidity in bodily tissues.  That over-acidity strongly expresses through the GI tract.  The difficulties you have had diagnosed, in our view, all result from that condition.  To find remediation, you are wise to consider the following options that you can administer for yourself.

First, we ask you to work with your High Self and your Body Self in asking your High Self to complete the cleansing process of fire etheric force.  The process must be completed.  Yet as it continues toward completion, which can likely occur in this lifetime, your High Self can introduce counterbalancing etheric forces.  That will involve the introduction of water etheric force.

You as Outer Self are not qualified to administer this approach.  You must rely upon your High Self, who can do so quite capably.  That requires that you have faith in your High Self and that you also cultivate a closer relationship with your Body Self, the elemental intelligence that manages your physical body as well as your etheric body.

In a closer relationship with your Body Self, you can aid it in consciously visualizing water etheric energy advancing in your etheric body.  You can use images of rivers and streams and oceans as you wish, and that communicates to your Body Self what you seek to manifest for its benefit.

As you deliberately seek to benefit your Body Self, he will in turn seek to benefit you, the Outer Self.  You can, for example, picture a cold flowing mountain stream in your esophagus and stomach or lower portions of the GI tract.  You can imagine yourself floating in beautiful sparkling water.

waterAs you generate those energies in your mental body, your Body Self will follow suit in its expression of the etheric body, and that will introduce cooler energies in your physical body.  Your High Self will utilize the water energy you create, and it will create on its own additional energies that follow the energetic processes of the etheric body.  That approach may accomplish significant results within a span of three months.

Your physical health will be aided mainly by following an alkaline-reactive diet.  We suggest that you search the Internet for various options.  You may use the type of diet promoted through the Edgar Cayce information or other sources, as you wish.  As your physical diet becomes more supportive of alkaline reactions, they will first sweeten the sourness of acid in your GI tract and then extend outward into other bodily tissues.  As a general approach, that is our recommendation.

GABRIEL:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Monitor Answers My Question on the Kachina Spirits and the People from Below

[The following entry is the transcript of a telephone conversation between Gabriel Hartley and the collective multidimensional spirit entity known as Monitor, here channeled by Harvey Grady of the Center for Human Potential in Sedona, Arizona. The phone conversation was part of a teleconference organized by LaVetta Rolfs of the Learning for Life Center in Topeka, Kansas. The teleconference took place on Monday, February 10, 2014. Thanks to all of those involved in making this conversation and its recordings possible. For an extended introduction to Monitor, see the book Explore With Monitor: Book 1: Lessons for Freeing Yourself.]

February 10, 2014

GABRIEL:       Hi, Monitor. This is Gabriel Hartley. I’m calling for Anna Oksanen and myself. I actually was moved to change my question. So I have a question that is not written down. I composed a short list of items to include. Our question now concerns our relationship with entities who have identified themselves to us as “Kachina Spirits.” This began on a conscious level for us when Anna had a vision of a Kachina while we were together in our first visit at Findhorn in Scotland. But this past summer, we had a very profound engagement with Kachina Spirits while we were meditating in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. That vision lingered for many days, culminating in a vision I had in the Santuario at Chimayó of a Kachina Christ.

Since returning to Ohio, we have been in touch with these entities, through what we know as the third portal on the property and have entered into quite a bit of communication with them. As I was driving through Missouri a few months ago, I was alerted to the fact that they were connecting us to inhabitants of a subterranean dimension that’s in the process of an emergence, an emergence of what’s been identified to us as the “People from Below.” And so on the winter solstice, we were led to perform a ceremony to aid in this emergence process.

We’re very excited by this and what we’re learning. At the same time, we want to be appropriately respectful for the indigenous peoples who engage with entities called Kachinas. We’re also wondering if there is any connection between these experiences and the mysterious language that I often find myself speaking in ecstatic states? Could you please contact on our relationship with these Kachina Spirits?

cave Continue reading

Astral Body Work (for the Arcturians)

Astral Seed Series: Entry #3 — Other Astral Seed Entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

By Gabriel Hartley

[I have been urged by various beings to be sure to record my studies on the Astral Body in this blog. The following entry was an earlier attempt to alnswer an earlier urging to do the same.]

May 7, 2013

I have been urged for some days now by the Arcturians to begin writing down my experiences and lessons regarding the astral body and its effects on how we do in the world. Interestingly enough, I have apparently been reluctant to do so (seeing that I haven’t done so yet despite “getting started” a few different times), and I suspect that there are some astral causes behind my reluctance to explore my own recent insights.

I guess I will begin with the event during which the Arcturians first lesson for me regarding astral work (at least the first I am conscious of). About two weeks ago, the Arcturians performed a massive Astral Body Healing procedure on me (as I recorded in my April 24, 2013 Spirit Note entry entitled “Arcturian Astral Body Healing Procedure”). This experience has resonated with me intensely since that day and has provoked me to begin mentally and emotionally processing just exactly what is involved in Astral Work.


As a preliminary step, I began reading several web sites devoted to the Astral Body and the Astral Plane. I read Alice Bailey and other Theosophists on the topic. And I began a thorough reading of Explore With Monitor, which I had already been reading in order to gain clarity on what exactly Monitor meant in his references to our souls in his March 2013 comments on our Fairy experiences.

Perhaps even more importantly, I started musing on the nature of the Astral Body during my meditations and reflections. As I did this, more and more of the information regarding the Astral Body began opening up within my body consciousness. I became very aware of the ways in which the physical body processes information and causes it to expand or germinate throughout the etheric body. I also began to realize that part of what happens (or at least this is how it has been presented to me through these body-mind experiences) is that Astral seeds or nuggets solidify (calcify, in a way) in our bodies and, stored within our solar plexus region emit emotional frequencies when we are exposed to various triggers.

This is one way of explaining rapid mood change. We could be in a blissful, even meditative state in which everything in the world feels exactly right, and then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, some little trigger (a word, a song, a memory) initiates the radiation of Astral Energies from these seeds or cysts or chambers. (These seeds have been described to me as crystals that sediment or are implanted in our solar plexus.) What is also becoming clear to me is that these Astral Seeds function much like portals. In other words, a whole archaic dimension of pleasure, trauma, or ecstasy can open up from these seeds and shift us into an “older,” more primal dimension that resonates with the vibratory radiance of these emotions and unfulfilled desires. It’s as though we are at one moment in one world made up of characteristic emotional resonances and then, instantly, we find ourselves in a very different resonating dimension indeed. I might say, although I have never entertained this thought before now, that we constantly shift between various distinct dimensions or worlds that are marked by or, perhaps, even articulated or manifested by very specific emotional charges. We live in our happy little (or big!) world and then instantaneously find ourselves exposed inside an entirely different emotional universe that operates according to a very different frequency. The “same” landscape appears before us but is now clothed in a very different emotional season, so to speak, transformed instantly from summer to winter on the spot.

So what does this awareness of this transformative portal effect of these Astral Seeds make available to us? In other words, how might this awareness help us to let these seeds germinate and thereby release the pent-up emotional charges of what they store? Well, I guess the answer lies in the very way I was just led to pose this question: Once we become aware of this Astral terrain, so to speak, this crystalline grid or nest inhabiting our solar plexus, we can then consciously initiate the unfolding process that allows these seeds to germinate, mature, and release the emotional store that has previously kept us bound to certain reflexes and replays. Only by giving birth to the emotions, allowing them to expand and pour out from our Astral Bodies—sometimes like a flower, sometimes like a geyser—can we then liberate ourselves from the paralyzing cycles of fear, jealousy, anger, or despair that otherwise continually keep us bouncing from one Astral dimension to another.

This leads me now to another side of this complex. The “negative” emotions that we believe we wish to avoid (such as fear, jealousy, and anger) are the complement of the “positive” emotions we believe we wish to foster (such as happiness, blissful love, and reverie). Just as we can and should initiate the release mechanism that allows the flowering forth of the nuggets of fear, for example, we can also initiate the unfoldings of bliss. Perhaps it is just as debilitating in ways we can’t imagine for us to hold onto the stores of potential bliss as it is to hold onto fear. Perhaps it is just as important for our growth to allow for the blossoming forth of the “positive” emotions as the “negative.” It is only in their flowering forth that they open up to their true nature as ecstatic release of energies.

And this is in part why I put “positive” and “negative” within quotation marks. If we try to hold onto the positive, it is likely to transform into an unexpected form of the negative. If we try to hold onto Love, for example, and keep its energies encrypted (encased) within our Astral Seed chambers, these Seed Energies are likely to explode in unpleasant and unhappy ways. If the hoped-for end result is to be some kind of balanced detachment, then this has to mean detachment from pathological clinging to pleasure just as much as pathological clinging to pain. We can only flower when we let each of these apparent opposites bloom and flow outwards and, like a glove turning inside out, open up our inner Astral chambers to the universe of ecstasy we are capable of becoming. The tiny seed within us opens up into infinity and we thereby become conscious of the infinite nature of our Selves and our Souls.

Energetic Seed Crystals and the Matrix of the Human Body

Astral Seed Series: Entry #1 — Other Astral Seed Entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

water_crystalBy Gabriel Hartley

[The following entry consists of the transcript of a channeling I did in April of 2013 but only recently transcribed. It concerns the expansive technologies of our body’s crystalline matrix as it serves as the site for allowing for the maturation and birthing of the information stored in the form of seed crystals located in our solar plexus.

This information is not only important for the birthing of information for the development of knowledge but also for the release of stored emotional charge in the Astral seed crystals that often clog our energetic systems. This emotional release allows for better energetic flow within our various bodies—physical, etheric, astral, and mental.]

April 17, 2013

Introductory Words from My Higher Self

I am bringing to you an Arcturian who goes by the name of Goswami. The purpose of this interaction is the interjection of certain facets of consciousness that may serve to raise your vibration to a point at which you might then be able to internally transform the various energetic packets that you have received as downloads throughout the years and begin to unpack or decode them, let them fulfill themselves within as moods, circuits, and streams of consciousness.

Goswami worked among humans for thousands of years and, yes, worked with the various renunciates who go by the title of Goswami. He/She has played a critical role in the development of a variety of systems of consciousness and energy and is now prepared to take you to a higher level of your development and illumination.

Now I introduce to you the reverend Goswami.


Goswami Speaks

The Arcturian Role in the Earthly Development of Fairy Portals

To begin with, I will elaborate a bit on the role of Arcturian intervention on Earth and in particular our role in the development of Fairy systems and technologies. As you know, Arcturians helped in the introduction of certain lines of faeries on earth, in particular the primary line that you have been working with so far—the Mound Fairies. As you told your classes yesterday, the sacred mounds on Earth have functioned primarily as portals. The entire emphasis of the Mound Fairies, known in Ireland as the Sídhe, is on the engagement with portal networks.

We have played a major role in the development of the Mound faeries on earth. In the early days, so to speak, we provided energetic service to the manifesting Faeries as they grew into their early phases of being within the Earthly planetary field. They themselves arrived here to help in the development of the Earth energy systems, including those systems called portals.

As you have come to learn, portals involve a shift in vibration. You yourselves have already used the portals in this way, both in waking and in sleeping states. Gabriel, for example, has traveled from Newark, Ohio to Glastonbury in this way, and as he can attest, the process is immediate, not at all one requiring conceptual understanding in order to undergo. Nevertheless, an understanding of the physics involved does help in communicating the process to those more skeptical of such events and possibilities.

To begin with, the energies that you take on when you empty yourself, when you allow your consciousness to open up and to expand into the vibratory fields necessary for this kind of travel, is such that when you engage with the vibrations of the spot you intend to go to, you then change your own manifestation—you change your own vibration and you travel from wherever you are to the point of your intention. Now sometimes this is not necessarily a clear intention. You may have the intention simply to enter the portal to go where your Higher Self might send you, where the particular beings you are working with might send you, where whatever the highest possible good can serve, you are able to choose to go there. You are able to shift into these vibratory states automatically. This is a gift of what it means to be human. This is a gift of what it means to be an element in this universe, in this vibration, in the sense, to the degree that you have attained the consciousness necessary for entering into and manifesting this particular vibratory shifting mechanism.

You have been working with these fairies for some time now. This is a very important group for you to work with. We understand that you have received very good advice and counsel from the collective entity referred to as Monitor and we second that information. Do not let this in any way, however, suggest that the information you have received, the experiences you have had to this point, the beings you have engaged with are not valid in themselves.

Energetic Seed Packets

You are in the process of putting together more material. You are in the process of expanding your own capacity for letting the packets of information, the packets of energetic transformation unfold within you, unfold in your being and transform you into the new beings you are shaping up to be. You are working with these packets. You are engaging their internal dynamics, so to speak. You are triggering the processes that are meant to be triggered as these packets unfold. As these packets let their energies loose in you, they expand as a tiny seed. They germinate.

This is the metaphor that has been coming to you. The Hathors brought this to you, yes, the Hathors brought this to you. And this is perhaps the best concept for you to work with at the moment—that of the seed—and think of this not simply in terms of seed souls, which will be crucial, will be important, but also these packets functioning as energetic seeds, as informational seeds, as transformational seeds within you. As you allow these seeds germinate, as you sit back and let them do the work they can do naturally in their own genetic structure because, yes, these seeds have their own bio-organic energetic matrix, their own bio-organic energetic structure, they will do the work that they are designed to do, just as the seed grows into flower, a seed grows into a tree, a seed groups into a vegetable of some sort, a seed grows into a human embryo under the right circumstances. These particular packets are gestating within you, and basically what you are asked to do is work with the energies of opening up to allow these seeds the best possible maturation matrix. You are basically functioning as the wombs of creation; you basically are functioning as the matrix of transformation. You will provide the space within the material density for which these particular seeds have been designed.

The Human Body as a Musical Instrument

Let that sink in, because as we speak of this, we are already initiating the particular energetic stage, the particular energetic phase, the particular energetic glow or tingling in your body that is necessary for this kind of unfolding in expansion. You can feel it now as we speak. You can feel it now as we work on you and provide this energetic glow, this energetic expansion. Let it fill your body fill your cavity, fill your flesh, fill your bones. You are opening up; you are resonating. Imagine that your bodies are musical instruments. They are musical instruments the intention of which in their design is to allow them to vibrate, to allow them to vibrate the way a crystal bowl will vibrate, the way a violin’s strings will vibrate.

You are vibrating instruments. You are the drum skins of the universe. You are here to bring about the music of creation. That is the body’s work, to bring about the music of creation because when the body can fully enter into this vibratory musical condition, then the seeds will germinate according to the symphonies of the universe. You will open up. You gave birth to the songs of God. You become the manifestation of the vibrations that sing the praises of creation, of the universe, of extension, of infinity, the infinite I Am that we all participate in, that we all express, that we all manifest. You as bodies, as densities, as consciousnesses who can work within these bodies the way you do when you ride a bicycle, the way you do when you walk down the street, the way you do when you sing or make love. Your bodies and your consciousnesses work together in order to produce a particular combination of effects, events, processes that will allow for the primary, the optimal conditions for the maturation, the healthy growth of these seeds, these packets of information. They are within you.

The crystal seeds in your solar plexus are what we’re talking about. You where alerted to the fact that this crystalline matrix in your solar plexus has already been aligned with crystalline matrix of the planet. This much is true. The crystalline matrix is an overlay, a particular energetic overlay of the portal matrix, the portal web, portal grid that surrounds the planet. And the crystalline matrix is an energetic matrix that allows for communication, allows for transportation, allows for conscious manipulation and movement and vibration. You can sing yourselves into the beauty of existence. You can tap into and tune into these matrices, these grids as if you were one of many strings in a piano. And in your pure and energetic vibration, you particular string, your particular being as this string, this note allows for the interplay, the extension, the wave of vibration that gets the rest of the strings humming, the strings that are in harmonic convergence with you—the string, the tone, the vibration that you are.

Allowing the Information to Be Born Within You

The key at this point—while we are giving you a set of metaphors, a set of concepts, a set of intellectual props that can help you make sense of and speak to one another about the processes involved—mainly the thing for you to focus on is the particular vibration of the body that you can feel now: that tingling that enters into and speaks and sings in every cell of your being and radiates from out.

For the time being, then, what we hope to work with with you is the instauration, the inauguration of this particular vibratory effect, to be able to work with you to get the body to resonate, to vibrate in this particular way, and to draw your consciousness into the same vibration, because as that happens, as that occurs, you gain the understanding of the information that is within those packets. This is in one sense the technology, the vibratory radiance of the Akashic field. This is the way that these particular packets can unfold as infinite stores of information, infinite stores of stories, tales, mythologies, sciences, cosmologies, songs of the universe, songs of God, songs of the infinite I Am. This is the technology that unfolds within you.

This is on par with the concept the stone beings gave you of the “stringing out” [of meditating on small bits of information in order to allow for their elaboration and expansion into greater comprehension]. Every point carries within itself everything else, so no matter how small the point is that you begin with in terms of textual material—for instance, one word—one word can create volumes and volumes of books that explain what that word has in common with the rest of the verbal universe and the conceptual systems and vibrations that those words bring together. This is part of the way you can open up your consciousness, open up your consciousness to the sense of knowing you are now vibrating in a way that allows this unfolding, this opening up that then brings into existence the statements, the structures, the chapters, the information necessary for you to communicate to other beings.

The Birthing Tone

So a particular tone that works with this vibration we will sing at this moment, and this will be one for you to meditate with, to hum as your own particular Om, so to speak. This is your particular vibratory tone that will allow you to initiate this particular hum, this particular vibration. And the tone goes as follows:


[three repetitions in mantra fashion of F, 174hz]

As you have noticed, that particular note has filled your body, filled your being with this vibration. It is no longer simply a tingle; it is a full body glow, a full area of warmth. It is a manifestation of the vibration necessary for the gestation of the seeds of information, the seeds of energetic transformation, the packets of unfolding of the wisdom of the universe that will take place in your bodies. Together you will resonate, together your bodies, like the two strings vibrating in proximity with one another, will vibrate this tone, will allow for this matrix of gestation.

You are blessed, you are brought together in part for this purpose. This is a particular reason you came here from Arcturus originally. This is a particular reason you have engaged with the mound fairies, and this particular technology of vibration is your gift to this planet. Go forward in that vibration in the blessings of Creation.

Stepping Into My Gabriel Nature

October 23, 2013

On October 14, the Monday of last week, I woke up with the knowledge that this was the day of the scheduled monthly phone conference call through the Learning for Life Center in Topeka with the collective entity known as Monitor. (While Monitor speaks in one voice, I refer to this voice as “they” in order to recognize the multiple nature of the collective, just as they refer to themselves as “we.”) I had a question but was reluctant to call, both because the question I wanted to ask seemed perhaps too private and because we cannot afford a call each month. As I conversed with Monitor in my head during the morning, they kept assuring me that I could get the answers I needed directly from them. Even so, I remained a bit agitated and anxious about missing the call, which started at noon Eastern time. Monitor suggested that I spend the time rereading Alone With the Alone, the Henry Corbin book that has been so moving for me this semester. So I did.

As I was reading along, trying to do so in a meditative and receptive state, I suddenly heard Monitor say, “This page contains the answer you seek!” Startled, I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 12:03. The conference call had just begun and I was listening through my own personal connection to Monitor!

The passage in the Corbin book proved to be stunning and I started to cry as I let its words and energies sink into my being. I was then asked to write the passage down and include this framing story with it, but with everything I had going during the week, I never got around to it. So this morning, after some more confirming messages in the past days from Monitor and other entities, I was asked again during my meditation session with Anna to be sure to record the passage that proved so meaningful for me last week. I am led to believe that this story of opening up to our intuitive voices and inspirations will prove important for others as well. So here goes!

The question I was struggling with that I wanted to ask Monitor during the phone session was this: “For a year now I have been receiving the message that I should ‘Step into my Gabriel nature.’ What exactly does this mean? What is my Gabriel nature, and how do I step into it? In short, who am I, especially in relation to the Archangel Gabriel?”

My reluctance to ask this question publicly involves my fear that such a direct identification with the Archangel will come off as pompous and prideful. Yet I have been reassured along the way that my stepping into my Gabriel nature is not prideful at all but rather celebratory. For, I am told, we all have our own Gabriel natures! Humans themselves are Terrestrial Angels. The Human Being is Infinite in potential, and fear and lack of confidence are the primary reasons why we do not more readily step into our Gabriel natures (which would mean something different for each individual personality, and would likely go under a different Name).

Abraham's Philoxeny

Abraham’s Philoxeny

The Corbin passage I was given grows out of a discussion of Abraham’s “philoxeny”—his kindness to strangers, to travelers—when he provides a feast for the three strangers who appear at his door, only realizing later that the three strangers are in fact angels.  The discussion continues (and I quote at length from pages 130-33 which page references in brackets):

And now, unexpectedly, the symbolic Imagination of Ibn ‘Arabi invites us to meditate and [131] perceive it in an entirely new way. His mental iconography represents the service incumbent on the fedele d’amore [the faithful servant to his or her Beloved] in the person of Abraham ministering to the three Angels seated at the mystic banquet to feed God or His Angel on His creatures, and that service is at the same time to feed the creatures on God.

For to feed on our being is to feed on His being, with which precisely He has invested us. It is to “substantiate” with our own passion the passion of the “pathetic God.” It is for His fedele “to make himself capable of God,” who though Beloved is nevertheless the first Lover, who though adored has summoned Himself to adoration in the adoration of His creatures and in them has brought to flowering the Image of primordial beauty which in them is the secret of suzerainty of love and at the same time the pledge of this secret. But to feed God’s creatures on Him is to reinvest them with God, is therefore to make their theophanic radiance flower within them; it is, one might say, to make oneself capable of apprehending the “angelic function” of beings, to invest them with, and perhaps awaken them to, the angelic dimension of their being. And this is itself an angelic service, as is suggested by the consociation of Abraham with the Archangel Michael, that one of the four Archangels, pillars of the cosmic Throne, who concerns himself with the substantiation of the universe of being. Abraham’s philoxeny, the mystic repast presented to the Angels, becomes here the most perfect image of devotio sympathetica.

As such, it is for the mystic a plastic symbol signifying the degree of spiritual realization that he must attain in order to become a Khalil, his God’s intimate. Here then, in conclusion, it will be incumbent on us to define the complex but characteristic notion of the Perfect Man, Anthropos teleios, Insan-i-kamil. First of all, we must be on our guard against the illusory pretentions arising from a conception of the universal which may satisfy the intellect but which, measured by the limits of our human modality, strikes us as an overweening and absurd spiritual pride. The first question is this: Should it be supposed [132] that the mystic realizes the type of the Perfect Man ontologically, in his very being, that is, can he in person become the perfect theophany of all the divine Names and attributes? Or should it be supposed that he realizes it noetically by having realized the meaning of the Names in his mystic consciousness, that is, by having mystically experienced the meaning of his essential unity with the Divine Being? If in experience the truth of the first concept is conditioned by the second, experience must also show us the way to a solution of the apparent contradiction between the two terms, neither of which can or should be done away with. They represent on the one hand the totality that the Perfect Man typifies mystically and on the other hand the singularity which attaches each particular divine Name to the fedele who is invested with it and whose Lord it is.
Far from being dispensable, the singularity of this tie is so precious that the Koran verse which is the expression par excellence of individual eschatology refers to it: “O serene soul! Return to your Lord, joyful and pleasing in His sight” (LXXXIX: 27). We have already explored the significance of this mutual pleasure: the Lord to which the soul is enjoined to return is its Lord, the Lord whose Name it bears and whom it has invoked, having distinguished Him among all others, because it recognized itself in the image it bore of Him, while He recognized Himself in it. As our texts observe, the soul is not enjoined to return to God in general, to Al-Lah, who is the All, but to its own Lord, manifested in it, the Lord to whom it replied: Labbayka, Here I am! “Enter my Paradise” (LXXXIX:29), that Paradise which is none other than yourself, that is to say, the divine form hidden in your being, the secret primordial Image in which He knows himself in you and by you, the image you must contemplate in order to become aware that “he who knows himself knows his Lord.” And to the Gnostic who in this “himself” attains the coalescence of the Creator and the creature, this is the supreme joy, unknown not so much to the believer pure and simple as to the theologian and philosopher. For [133] they posit a contingent creature, whom they oppose to the Necessary Being, thereby disclosing an inferior knowledge of God (for in it the soul knows itself only as a mere creature), a purely negative knowledge which cannot comfort the heart. The authentic mystic wisdom (ma‘rifa) is that of the soul which knows itself as a theophany, an individual form in which are epiphanized the divine Attributes which it would be unable to know if it did not discover and apprehend them in itself.  “When you have entered into my Paradise, you have entered into yourself (into your “soul,” nafs), and you know yourself with another knowledge, different from that which you had when you knew your Lord by the knowledge you had of yourself,” for now you know Him, and it is through Him that you know yourself.

Thus there can be no contradiction between your fidelity to your own Lord and the mystic vocation which is to tend toward the archetype of the Perfect Man, or rather, the contradiction was apparent only on the plane of rational evidences and contradictions. The divine commandment is to “return to your Lord” (not to Al-Lah in general); it is through and in your Lord that you can attain to the Lord of Lords who manifests Himself in each Lord, that is to say, it is by your fidelity to this Lord who is absolutely your own, it is in His divine Name which you serve, that the totality of the Names becomes present to you, for spiritual experience does not achieve this totality as one gathers the pieces of a collection or the concepts of a philosophical system. The mystic’s fidelity to his own Lord frees him from the dilemma of monism or pluralism. Thus the divine Name to which and for which he responds, performs the “function of the Angel” . . . as a safeguard against the sin of metaphysical idolatry.

One very interesting point is that I had read these pages a few times already and had, in fact, transcribed them into my notes on idolatry (which will be the topic of a future commentary). These very pages, then, had already been playing a role in my previous attempts to come to a basic understanding of Ibn ‘Arabi’s cosmography. Yet the particular significance of these pages as the answer to my own identity, especially in terms of the constant suggestion to “step into my Gabriel nature,” had not struck me when I read these pages earlier. Only now, when the question of identity was now squarely my question, did these pages strike me in their full power as a message from the Divine specifically to me. For this was the first time that the notion of the fedele struck me as an element of my own being, my own sympathetic relationship to God precisely through the mediating function of the Angel. Also for the first time, the expression “to make himself capable of God” finally struck me with full force, pointing out to me that “stepping into my Gabriel nature” involves “making myself capable of God,” that is, capable of receiving God’s loving turn towards me and capable, in turn, of returning the pathos by allowing for this Gabriel nature to perform the expression of Divinity that is implicit in Human Nature. As Corbin writes in his rehearsal of Ibn ‘Arabi’s work, I was finally able to recognize the significance of making myself capable of apprehending the “angelic function” of beings, including myself.

In so doing, I was now able to read the words explaining how such stepping into this angelic function, this “Perfect Man,” might be done without “illusory pretentions” or “overweening and absurd spiritual pride.” This involves the recognition of the distinction between (yet reciprocal, dialectical unity of) ontological and noetic definitions of self-identity. I do not simply or only become the being in whom the “perfect theophany” inheres but rather also function as the consciousness that mystically experiences “the meaning of his essential unity with the Divine Being.” Corbin goes on to warn that neither position should be rejected; instead, they should be seen as comprising “on the one hand the totality that the Perfect Man typifies mystically and on the other hand the singularity which attaches each particular divine Name to the fedele who is invested with it and whose Lord it is.” For now “it is through Him that you know yourself.” It is knowing God through my Lord (as manifested by Gabriel) that I come to know myself—in my Gabriel nature. “Thus the divine Name to which and for which he responds [for me, the Name Gabriel, perhaps as the Annunciator], performs the ‘function of the Angel’ . . . as a safeguard against the sin of metaphysical idolatry”—that is, the sin of positing the Divine as some eternally distant and external Being completely beyond my experience.

In short, if I were to reject my Gabriel nature, to refuse to step into everything that it involves out of a fear of appearing pretentious and overly proud of myself, I would end up guilty of just such metaphysical idolatry. I would, in other words, perpetuate the supposed gulf between myself and the Divine through rejecting the loving turn of God in His or Her pathetic gesture towards me—as towards all beings in their singularity and particularity. I would be rejecting the consciousness that makes manifest the Divine totality that is defined by my reciprocal relationship with and as my own personal Gabriel, through which relation I come to know both the Divine and myself. Stepping into my Gabriel nature means accepting the call to the Infinity that defines this precious Divine Being called the Human and to take my place in the totality of beings in the sacred round of Love.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Monitor on the Elves and the New House

[From the Learning for Life Center Group Channel, Topeka, Kansas, July 8, 2013]

GABRIEL:       Hi, Monitor. This is Gabriel and Anna calling from Athens, Ohio. First, we wish to thank you yet again for all the confirmation and guidance that you have provided us with in the past. Your help during our forced separation was crucial to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Our lives have been enriched through this process.

Our question this month concerns our new house in Athens. This house has immediately proven to be simultaneously very promising and very troubling. Its location is a primary obvious asset, set in amazing natural beauty while being still only 15 minutes from town and the university. Less obvious in any conventional sense, but equally important, is its location on 40 acres that include significant powerpoints and devic activity.

In fact, during his first evening visit to the house before even moving in, Gabriel felt an overwhelming Spirit presence that he recognized from other places in the past. He had earlier found this particular energy very frightening, recognizing its relationship to nonhuman inhabits and portals, but not knowing its purpose or intention. While initially very scared by the presence of this energy in the new house, he was quickly reassured that this energy was not only friendly but beneficent. As Gabriel began meditating in order to tune into this energy and learn about it, these beings introduced themselves as entities that in Europe have at times been identified as elves. They explained that if Gabriel could overcome this fear in their presence, he had much to gain in terms of Spirit knowledge.

Once Gabriel allowed this energy to wash over him, he began to recognize its importance. The powerpoints, portals, five-foot black snakes, and Spirits of the house and property are very promising, but the house itself is in horrible structural condition. As Gabriel was moving in, he noticed for the first time that the house had a basement and that the basement was filled with about a foot and a half of standing water that had become swamp-like. The water was already home to frogs and other water creatures. At Gabriel’s request, the landlord installed a sump pump and emptied the basement. But it remains extremely wet and filled with mud, mold, and creepy insects that crawl up into the house.

The landlord, at our insistence, now plans to clean and bleach the basement in order to kill the mold and insects and to try to reduce the intense cat urine odor that the moisture compounds. We are extremely excited about being able to live together again and feel that we have been led to move here, yet we remain uncomfortable with potential health hazards. We have been assured through dowsing and other means that the Spirit presence on the property will prove very important to us and that the conditions of the basement will not prove harmful to our health during our stay. For the highest good, would you please comment on the house and its surroundings and guide us as we decide whether it would be wise to stay here through the length of our lease, which ends next summer? Thank you.

MONITOR:     We find that the house does need extra care and that you are wise to work constructively with the landlord to address those needs as you discover them. The basement does need true disinfecting, and that will require repetitive administrations of cleansing. One cleansing will likely not be sufficient because moisture will continue to seep into the basement. And therefore it will need to be thoroughly sealed to prevent that from occurring.

Your Mental Judge Self has felt a sense of fear in the presence of elves. The fear can be understood as you allow your Mental Judge Self to tell you what it fears. We do not see that as an obstacle but an opportunity for you to help your Mental Judge Self realize that the elves do have strong powers of mind, yet it can gain much from befriending the elves. The reaction of your Mental Judge Self is quite common among human beings.

The Outer Self is only disturbed to a small degree by the idea of other beings coexisting in the same space. The greater reaction comes from your Mental Judge Self. We suggest that you ask your Mental Judge Self to explain its concerns about the elves. Then ask it to talk directly with a leader of the elves so that a mutual agreement can be achieved for the benefit of all. The process should be quite simple and straightforward.

The house will require considerable fixing, and you are wise to work consistently with the landlord as you make further discoveries for repair. The location was selected as the two of you were guided by your High Selves and other beings to that location so that the two of you can document your experience with the elves and associated beings. The area represents not one, but three portals that are inter-dimensional pathways.portal

You will be able obtain a view of the elves and related beings concerning the use of portals and how they can be utilized even by humans. The use of a portal is similar to what is known as a vortex procedure in which a person is wise to first see that all aspects of Subconscious Selves feel safe and comfortable in exploring the use and qualities of a portal.

A period of attunement similar to meditation can occur in the periphery of a portal instead of the center. On the periphery, both Outer and Subconscious Selves can learn about the qualities and dimensions of the portal. The center should be avoided. A person can work with the High Self to guide exploration of portal dimensions.

We refer to dimensions that lead to higher planes of consciousness – etheric, astral, and mental – and also to alternate realities. With High Self guidance, a person can safely negotiate those dimensions and learn much. The two of you are being encouraged by your High Selves and Teachers to enjoy the adventures that are possible in that location and write extensive notes about your experiences.

Again, we emphasize the value of sharing your experiences with others through articles, papers, and ultimately books. You have already made a start in that direction. The location of your new residence will greatly add to what you have started.

GABRIEL:      Thank you.

The Collective Entity Called Monitor Answers Our Question About Fairy Portals

Monitor Question September 2012

Dear Monitor,

This is Gabriel Hartley and Anna Oksanen writing from Koli, Finland. Again we wish to express our appreciation for the explanations and confirmations that you have given us regarding our mission and soul path.

Our question this month concerns our engagement with faerie portals. As is frequently the case elsewhere, here in Finland we have been visited by various local faeries, such as those of the Baltic Sea, X [the actual location needs to be protected], and now Koli. The entire Finnish spirit terrain, as it is being revealed to us, involves an extensive network of faerie communities and portals at sacred earth sites marked by ceremonial stones (called “seitas” in Finnish), rock art, and etheric energy glows and vibrations. These specific sites have been shown to us in visions ever since our work together in this particular life began.

At the X rock art site we were told that one primary principle in our soul mission involves the unification of human and faerie worlds, a unity that was severed in ancient Atlantis. X is reported by the local faeries to be one of the primary power portals for us on this planet. We are learning that individual sites have a particular local integrity at the same time as they tie into larger networks of spirit and energy.

What, then, is the nature of these portals? What is the nature of the network connecting them on various physical, etheric, and inter-dimensional planes? What is the nature of our connection to them? How do they relate to our mission regarding the revival of superconscious communities? In other words, what can you tell us about the role we play in weaving together some kind of etheric web of intention and energy across the planet and, specifically, in these particular spots?



The spiritual development of the Planetary Being relies largely upon the development of humanity’s capacity to link with Divinity. In that linkage, humanity acts as a coordinator of various kingdoms of Life in affecting specific changes in the consciousness of substance within the planet.

The beings called “fairies” represent nonphysical beings that are a subset of the devic kingdom. They represent a combination of different forms of devas brought together early in Earth’s history. The network of fairy sites has existed from antiquity. It operates on mental and etheric levels. The human approach to those sites and portals is primarily gained upon a mental level, and only when sufficient trust develops between humans and fairy representatives will the etheric level of the portals be made accessible.

The process of befriending fairies requires considerable care. Humanity has treated them poorly. Humanity, even before Atlantis, began abusing their offers of assistance. As the human Spirit shrank into illusion, glamour, and maya, fairies and others members of the vast devic kingdom have shunned human contact. To them, communicating with a person can be quite painful because each person carries considerable residue of suffering and grief.

The sensitivities of fairies therefore allow them to have only brief contact, and that is normally arranged by the High Self of the person involved. They arrange through the High Self a means of contact that provides protective screening for the fairy so that the fairy does not have to be exposed to the onerous suffering of the human.

The set of portals may be discussed in terms of the articles and books that Gabriel and Anna write, yet the actual sites need to be protected. They may consider how they can best accomplish that task through consultation with their High Selves. The presence of human beings who intensely seek contact with fairies would lead to further abuse if the exact sites were known.

The process of shielding the sites needs to take place. It represents a human responsibility in protecting fairies from further human incursions. Thus we suggest to Gabriel and Anna that they ask their High Selves to show them how best to protect the sites, in part through misdirection in what they write and in part through energetic processes that can be accomplished through their High Selves.

That process of providing protection will provide reasonable assurance to the fairies in contact that Gabriel and Anna are proceeding responsibly. With that perception, they will be able to write and share a number of insights and perspectives gained from the fairies. That is much more important for establishing understanding and forming a basis for continued communication between the two domains of Life.