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The Matakin on Human Disturbances of the Atmosphere

December 26, 2014

[The following is a transcript of a message from the Matakin Sky Spirits channeled by Gabriel Hartley on December 26, 2014. Audio file 20141226 141033.m4a]

spiral of heaven

Gabriel, you were asking what we Matakin might be interested in when we make contact with humans such as yourself.

One of those aspects is, as you can see in front you, a beautiful blue Illinois sky filled with chemtrails and filled with all kinds of human-produced pollutants in the atmosphere. Given that our realm is the atmosphere—many layers of it—and that our job is to oversee what goes on in the atmosphere, we are making contact with people such as yourself to try to initiate a larger awareness of exactly what this chemtrail phenomenon means for the Planet and for the beings on it, including human beings.

chem trailsThis is not simply a question of pollutants in the usual conception. This is a total disruption of the vibrational system that is in place in the atmosphere. Of course, airplanes in general have caused such a disruption, and that has gone on for quite some time. But the effects of the chemical engineering in the atmosphere are far more severe than those of plane traffic and smoke and pollutants.

This kind of disruption in the higher atmosphere and the so-called geo-engineering involved in supposed weather control is having a great impact on the Planet as a whole. The weather patterns certainly are disrupted. But that is not all, for, as we suggested, there is an entire extremely complicated web of vibrational networks at play and interplay in the atmosphere, and this particular network is being severely disrupted.

Another realm for this is satellite traffic, not simply the satellites themselves but the communication between the satellites and the computerized networks on the surface—radio waves of all sorts, microwaves. All of this has a tremendous impact on the integrity of the atmospheric balance and, in turn, the Planetary balance. For the atmosphere is the breath of the Planet. It is the spirit—the inspiration, the respiration—of the entire Planetary Being.

So the fact that you are involved in education concerning sustainability suggests that we might contact you to urge you to pay more attention to atmospheric conditions as they are impacted by human intervention and human interaction in the skies.

queenofthesunThe movie that you were watching in class concerning the bees and the hives, The Queen of the Sun, is itself an example of what we are talking about, for one of the things the movie expresses is the fact there is a vast communicational network established for each bee in the hive that allows for constant directional input and attention. As a vibration is established in the hive, it is unique to each hive. And thus in addition to all the other disruptive factors discussed in the movie, which are primarily having to do with intervention in pollination processes and in genetic engineering, we are also talking about the atmospheric engineering and its impact on the insect world at large—and especially on such a species as the honeybee, that plays such a crucial role in the survival of so many species on the Planet, including plant species.

So we do call on humans to reinaugurate certain kinds of ceremonies of recognition and communication and interplay with us and the other beings of the atmosphere. And bringing all of that together with the interactions with the beings of the waters, of the surface, below the surface, the fire, and other forms of energy, we hope for a greater degree of recognition—mutual recognition and communication—so that we can begin to address some of these difficulties.

sphere dude

Discipline—Teachings from Callador, Elfin Representative

May 20, 2015

[The following words from Callador were channeled by Gabriel Hartley following a middle-of-the-night instruction.]

chakra fireThere are times when you feel as though all of the progress you have made over the years has suddenly gone and disappeared. These can be times of despair, when you feel the backslide, as they say, “from Grace to Perdition.” But despair not. The light of the Divine ever shines within you and is available at a moment’s notice.

What many beings forget from time to time is that all beings go through cycles of ebb and flow, of high and low, of light and dark, of flame and spark. But the tiniest spark is simply a glimmer of the eternal flame that warms and enlightens your being.

The key at such moments of despair is to remember your discipline. Now the word discipline tends to conjure up images of austerity and self-flagellation. But discipline is simply a return to source. Discipline is the reassurance that once you regain your focus, your previous progress rises up in an instant and glows before the world.

As a concrete and practical example of what discipline means for you, you have your own particular set of practices that help to orient you and get you in the spirit, so to speak. For instance, you might have a warm-up practice of breathing exercises (pranayamas) that help to open up your chakra system and your visionary capabilities and allow you to enter into your usual meditative and visionary state. In your case in particular, Gabriel, you have been given the Kyy Breath pranayama practice, and this has proven to work wonders for you and Anna as you enter into your usual visionary states.

On a practical level, then, what I mean by discipline is returning to the practices that help you return to source. You need no painful or tedious Spartan regime unless such a regime suits your needs and your temperament. You simply need to do what always works well. Even at your lowest moments, the simple act of breathing in or chanting or visualizing is all that is necessary to clear the blocks and to allow you to open up once more.

More often than not such blocks are simply intellectual concepts and fears. “Oh Lord, I am not worthy!” These despairing concepts emanate from those aspects of yourself that are most unstable or uncomfortable with changes in your psychic status quo. But the simplest way to take control over your psychic status quo is to return to your source, return to your rejuvenating practice, return to your discipline.

A guide to a deeper understanding of the notion of discipline comes from meditating on the word’s etymology. What are the roots and source concepts that inhere in the term? While the medieval Christian uses of the term involved connotations of chastisement, suffering, and punishment, you will see that the Latin sense of the term referred to instruction, learning, and knowledge.

The root of the word is disciple, and this sense is much closer to what I have in mind. The Latin discipulus means “pupil, student, follower,” from discere, to learn. And notice the words’ resonances with the term discern. Through this resonance discipline comes from disciple, the student capable of discernment, the capacity of being able to distinguish the rays of connection and separation in a moment of perception.

etymologySo discipline is simply the act of entering into the bodily, intellectual, and spiritual mood necessary for the igniting of chakra fires capable of illuminating the objects of our visionary experiences. And once one enters into such a state, all despair and doubts vanish.

Monitor on My Fire Initiation

[The following is a transcript of the question and answer session I had with Monitor on June 9, 2014, thanks to the Learning For Life Center in Topeka, Kansas and Harv Grady of the Center For Human Potential in Sedona, Arizona.]

GABRIEL:  Hello, Monitor.  I’m contacting you today to learn more about the condition of my health.  Throughout my adult life, I have suffered from a variety of issues related to my digestive system, including chronic diarrhea, acid reflux, and more recently, stomach discomfort.  Doctors have diagnosed me with different illnesses such as spastic colon, gastro-esophageal intestinal disease or GERD, stomach ulcers, and more.  At different times, I’ve undergone diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies and have been given a variety of prescription drugs, all of which I have felt guided to discontinue.  It has seemed that the side effects from the drugs might be more serious than the help they might provide.

Additionally, I have seen Ayurvedic doctors and undergone their treatments, which also haven’t seemed to help very much.  Moreover, I have trouble recently with unusual tight quadriceps in my left thigh, given the sense that I might have cooked my muscles with cell phones and laptops.  Overall, my assumption is that my physical problems, both intestinal and muscular, are due primary to psychological and karmic factors affecting my astral and energy bodies rather than strictly my physical body, although these other bodies in turn certainly do impact my physical body.  I assume also that my diet plays a role in some of these symptoms.  For the highest good, would you please comment on my physical condition generally, my intestinal problems specifically, and what the causes of these symptoms might be, and which remedies, dietary changes, astral clearing, and meditative practices would be best for allowing better communication between my various bodies before more serious physical issues arise?  Thank you.

Wheel_oghamMONITOR:     We find that your personality is dealing with the impacts of what may be called the “fire initiation” that was started in a past life at the latter period of what is called the Druid religion.

After the final sinking of Atlantis, the religion that evolved across Europe and related areas of Asia involved the use of Divine fire to cleanse many of the astral regions that had become polluted with black magic.  The Spiritual Hierarchy focused spiritual practice on the use of Divine fire through invocation of the Great Deva, Agni.

Agni_god_of_fireHomes kept a sacred fire burning, and ceremonies could be performed in homes as well as ceremonial centers.  An individual was empowered to seek his/her own cleansing and the cleansing of their family.  The viewpoint was that each person is responsible for cultivating their own relationship with Creative Divinity.  Fire was seen as both physical and nonphysical.  It affected mental, astral, etheric, and physical bodies.

Your engagement occurred through your Male Self who had previously been involved with some of the dark forces that spread as Atlantis disappeared.  His involvement with dark forces gave your Male Self a sense of deep mistrust of his intentions.  He sought to be closely aligned with the moral precepts of his people.  In that period, he dwelt in the region now known as Hungary.

He became ultraconservative and saw threat from the dark forces in the behavior of people in his region.  He organized a group of what may be called “spiritual vigilantes” within the mores of that time.  He became obsessed with the threat of dark forces and black magicians seizing control over the people in his region.  He harmed a number of people through his zealousness, and that brought karmic return in that lifetime and even later lifetimes.

fire_girlIn your present condition in this lifetime, the fire energies are still at work.  They have been evoked and once evoked continue their process of cleansing.  The challenges you have felt in physical terms also have their challenges in the higher bodies.  Your etheric body contains considerable amounts of fire etheric energy.  That energy creates fire in the physical body.

The physical fire takes different forms.  Primarily it takes the form of over-acidity in bodily tissues.  That over-acidity strongly expresses through the GI tract.  The difficulties you have had diagnosed, in our view, all result from that condition.  To find remediation, you are wise to consider the following options that you can administer for yourself.

First, we ask you to work with your High Self and your Body Self in asking your High Self to complete the cleansing process of fire etheric force.  The process must be completed.  Yet as it continues toward completion, which can likely occur in this lifetime, your High Self can introduce counterbalancing etheric forces.  That will involve the introduction of water etheric force.

You as Outer Self are not qualified to administer this approach.  You must rely upon your High Self, who can do so quite capably.  That requires that you have faith in your High Self and that you also cultivate a closer relationship with your Body Self, the elemental intelligence that manages your physical body as well as your etheric body.

In a closer relationship with your Body Self, you can aid it in consciously visualizing water etheric energy advancing in your etheric body.  You can use images of rivers and streams and oceans as you wish, and that communicates to your Body Self what you seek to manifest for its benefit.

As you deliberately seek to benefit your Body Self, he will in turn seek to benefit you, the Outer Self.  You can, for example, picture a cold flowing mountain stream in your esophagus and stomach or lower portions of the GI tract.  You can imagine yourself floating in beautiful sparkling water.

waterAs you generate those energies in your mental body, your Body Self will follow suit in its expression of the etheric body, and that will introduce cooler energies in your physical body.  Your High Self will utilize the water energy you create, and it will create on its own additional energies that follow the energetic processes of the etheric body.  That approach may accomplish significant results within a span of three months.

Your physical health will be aided mainly by following an alkaline-reactive diet.  We suggest that you search the Internet for various options.  You may use the type of diet promoted through the Edgar Cayce information or other sources, as you wish.  As your physical diet becomes more supportive of alkaline reactions, they will first sweeten the sourness of acid in your GI tract and then extend outward into other bodily tissues.  As a general approach, that is our recommendation.

GABRIEL:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.