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The Matakin Emissaries Between the Heavens and the Earth

[The following is a transcript from an audio file recorded while driving between Nashville and Cahokia. I had attended the first day of proceedings (Thursday, September 18, 2014) at the Star Knowledge Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park about a half hour west of Nashville. On this Friday morning I was still greatly affected by the spirit energy of that gathering when the Matakin Sky Spirits began communicating with me near Princeton, Kentucky. I had first come into conscious contact with the Matakin in western Illinois on May 26, 2014, and now they were giving me more information about the role they play as emissaries and guardians of the Earth’s atmosphere.]

September 19, 2014

princeton, ky

There are no times better than this time, Gabriel. There are very few times when you would already enter into this conversation so baptized, so to speak, washed in the fluid energy of spirit that surrounds you and flows through your being. You are in an energetic circuit at this moment—

Wow! I just saw these amazing egrets in this lake I’m going over in southwestern Kentucky! I’m right outside Princeton, exit 45 on I-24. [Spirit language.] Ah, this is all so familiar! This is all an energetic line. [Spirit language.] And, not surprisingly, I’m going by a sign that says Kentucky State Penitentiary. They always put the prisons on these power lines! And they must tap into that power in some way in this mechanism of control, which I don’t fully understand—I think I don’t want to understand. I’m in denial. [Spirit talk.]

—So yes, Gabriel, you are in touch with the Matakin once more. You’re coming into the circuit, the circle. There is that 50 mile radius around the initial perimeter, but the energy strikes out from there in such amazing flows. Take it in. Experience it and ride with it, because you are riding on the fluid river energy of the continent! The Mississippi itself is one of those conduits. But that is only one. You are in the etheric plane. You are riding the etheric train of energy right now as you travel along this route. You are exactly right: this route, I-24 from Nashville into Illinois follows a major energetic line, a ley line that conducts major spirit energy, so to speak, from one point to another.

I-24 mapThis is a transit point. This is a line where spirit moves along in dimensions where time and space are no longer appropriate in terms of categories of understanding. And yet there is a literal three-dimensional base that contains this particular multidimensional energetic line. But along this line it’s a linear portal in a sense that allows for multiple pints of entry into massive, infinite, transdimensional travel.—

The lake is beautiful! The energy is so thick. And I am in this interesting state of consciousness where I am simultaneously taking in and channeling so many messages, and yet speaking in my own voice. [Spirit talk.] This is so thick! So the Matakin, I’m coming to realize, have a connection to the Kachinas. They are not identical to the Kachinas—at least the Kachinas who contact me, who are primarily the guardians, the overseers of the energetic portals from beneath the surface of the Earth. And they help, they oversee, they direct in many ways the travel of various entities along those energetic lines below the surface. But the Matakin work with them and in many senses this is a kind of joint energetic effort on a devic level where the Kachinas are working from below the subterranean levels up to the surface and the Matakin work from the atmosphere down to the surface, and in terms of surface level, it’s a sort of yin-yang relationship. The Sky Spirits and the subterranean Earth Spirits. Not that these Kachinas are solely Earth Spirits, but that is their primary relationship when it comes to human beings. [Yeshe anna hakamah hoike.] And they make use of subterranean portals and passageways that through the connection to the inner sun within the Earth allow for a kind of interdimensional travel to other universes in other planes of existence that humans can barely imagine.

The Matakin are one devic branch of the Sky Spirits who oversee these portal transit energies. They work with the extraterrestrials who come through the atmosphere—the ones who find that necessary—and the Star Beings make their way through the atmosphere to the planet. Of course, all of these beings, as are all beings, are extraterrestrial in origin. They have been working on this planet long before humans were introduced. The Matakin are emissaries. The Matakin are mediators, and they oversee the travel from the heavens to the Earth and vice versa. They are also related to the weather patterns. And so the Matakin are very concerned with the whole issue of chem trails and geoengineering through atmospheric interruption by humans. There will be a lot more for them to say about this in the future. They are laying that seed right now for me to consider.

But the Star Knowledge Conference is one of the most important gatherings wherein spirits of all kinds come together and work together in conscious relationship to the Star Beings and in conscious attention to the extraterrestrial origins of humanity.

—Wow! This is a very interesting moment in the development of humanity, for we are waking up to our extraterrestrial origins and recognizing that information provided through public media such as the X-Files television program barely scratched the surface and do so in a very limited way.

—Whoa! I just went over some big river, but I didn’t see the sign. Maybe there’s a sign here on the other end. It is—well, it says Lyon County. I’ll have to look that up. That’s quite a river. Cheshay anna hakamo hey sheyki anna hakamoah. Ah toshi anna makah. More to come.]

And here is the YouTube version of the original audio recording:

The Elves on Flexible Identity at Solstice Time

By Gabriel Hartley

December 16-17, 2013


This morning as Anna and I were doing the Kyy Breath pranayama sequence that the Kyy serpent spirits taught me last year in Finland, I got to the second stage of the instructions where I normally indicate that it’s time for the “Spiral Breath.” As occasionally happens, this morning I felt inspired to add more specific details and ended up saying, “Spiral Breath, focusing on the Celtic and Hopi Spirals.” As soon as I said this, a voice that by now I immediately recognize as that of the Elf representative working with us corrected me, saying, “It’s not simply the Celtic or Hopi Spiral. The Spiral symbol is universal and has been granted to cultures of all times and places!”


As soon as Callador, the Elf representative, said this, I immediately agreed. In fact, this is in line with the message I have been receiving since my initial communication with the Kachinas during our travels through Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and Taos in August. At that time I was struck by the coincidence of the presence of the Spiral symbol etched in stone in Ireland and the U.S. Southwest. We had been engaging with the Spiral throughout Ireland in June and now were doing so again in the region that is now called Colorado and New Mexico, and I was getting the clear sense that this was not at all accidental but a true coincidence in the root sense of incidents happening in direct relation to one another, things that were co-incident.

The larger point beyond what the Spiral symbolizes was the fact that various human groups at different times and places have been receiving the exact same symbolic images. And it was clear that Anna and I were being drawn to the image itself for very similar reasons. As the Kachinas made clear in August, the Spiral represents, among other things, the circulation of the sacred winds, including the breath. The ceremonial kivas are intended to take advantage of and even to stage the expression of these sacred winds. And this symbolic relationship between the concept-experience of the sacred winds and the Spiral image is a universal expression that goes beyond the limits of any specific cultural symbolic system.

The Kachinas before and Callador now stressed this point that certain symbolic terms and features should not be strictly associated with a specific culture. No individual person or culture can claim ownership of a particular image. This fact is important not just in terms of universal transcultural access but also in terms of an expansive notion of identity. This expansive notion of identity is related to the idea of universal symbols in that we need to stop imagining that one particular thing is what it is because it has some stable and unique core identity based on specific attributes. In fact, all things are far more mobile and plastic than we normally assume—as Buddhists have been contending for centuries. Each thing is at any moment the result of a specific constellation of frequencies and energies. So our notion of identity should be much more mobile and flexible in order to take this range of constellations into account.

I should comment at this point that although I began these notes over twenty-four hours ago (it is now 10:03 am on Tuesday, December 17), I have found it extremely difficult to get through the process of recording my meditation experience from yesterday morning regarding the flexible nature of identity. I see this in itself as a sign of inner and outer resistances to this message and therefore a sign that the message itself is far more important than I let myself think initially. Soon after starting the recording process yesterday, Anna and I found ourselves going through extremely intense emotional states individually and as a couple. We would go through a beautiful, romantic period of an hour or two of kissing, gathering firewood, listening to beautiful music, all leading us into a heightened state of ecstasy. This ecstasy would then almost immediately be followed by an equally intense period of arguing and shouting about personal boundaries and individual competencies and varying ways that we each approach and process things. And then we’d fall into each other’s arms again, madly expressing our deep love.

So it does not seem at all coincidental—in the usual sense of this term—that one of the topics Anna and I found ourselves passionately arguing about turned out to have to do with this notion of flexible identity and definition itself! Over the past few weeks I have been getting bits and pieces of suggestions that it will be important for us to do something relating to the upcoming Winter Solstice here on the Portal property. So what we found ourselves arguing about in the midafternoon was exactly what this “something” we might do might in reality be. We found ourselves getting deep down into the recognition that each of us perceives and responds to the very same energies and entities and experiences in quite different ways. This means that the same energetic experience of the Elves, for example, would lead to one kind of expression within me and to a very different kind of expression within Anna. Yet we were responding to identical impulses while addressing these impulses in our own ways. After forty years of intense academic intellectual activity, I, for example, find it quite natural to respond to things primarily through ideas and concepts; Anna, on the other hand, after a couple decades of intense graphic design activity, responds to things much more imagistically. And we both respond to these same things energetically but find ourselves resorting to differing methods of expressing our experiences of these energies.

This in itself is a perfect example of the need to be conscious of the flexible range of frequencies and energies that we call “identity.” What exactly is this experience we each have together? What are the better ways of approaching it, making sense of it, expressing our understandings of it? And what we concluded through this very important process of renegotiating our communicational styles was that each of us is right, and that together we are even more right! In fact, it appears that one crucial reason we have been called together as a couple on this spiritual path is to find the appropriate blend of our individual natures and to produce a more powerful and effective third position that serves as the constellation of each our energetic fields. Our working hypothesis at this point, then, is that we have much more to offer others through our combined efforts than either of us would have on our own. This freighted alchemy offers a mixture of potentials that takes on a flexible compound identity of its own.

Now I will return to my initial response to the message of the Elves concerning the need to loosen up my sense of identity. One reason their message is especially important to me at this point in my development is that in the past six months I have been finding myself in conversation with beings who call themselves Kachinas. And these beings lead me through various meditations on elements that they refer to as kivas, sipapus, Ant People, Emergence, Blue Star Kachinas, and other things the terms of which call us to think of the Pueblo cultures of the U.S. Southwest. After having spent over a decade intensely involved with the political struggles for indigenous rights in this hemisphere, I have been trained to be especially sensitive to anything that smacks of cultural appropriation, especially the appropriation of religious images and rituals. So in response to this sensitivity, I have very deliberately tried to avoid the typical New Age tendency to resort to a variety of tribal images and practices as a way of expressing my own spiritual growth and understanding. This means, then, that I immediately get nervous when I find myself called on to write about my experiences with beings called Kachinas and Ant People, for the last thing I want to do is trespass upon the sacred rights of any people, tribal or other.


But what the Kachinas insist on in response to my reticence is that they themselves have come to me; they themselves have identified themselves as Kachinas; they themselves have drawn my attention to the Ant People before I ever heard of such entities in any literature about, for example, Hopi belief systems. And they insist that they are not calling on me to invade Hopi or Zuni or other Puebloan territory and claim it as my own. What they are calling on me to do is to listen to their messages and respond to their energies with an open mind and an open heart.

And this again brings up the issue of identity. Whatever the provenance of the term Kachina, can it be said that one specific human grouping has exclusive access to such spirits? The Kachinas tell me time and again that they have been forever available to peoples across the planet and that they go by various other names (such as Kahuna). Whatever the power of the names we are given to refer to them by, the identity of the entities stretches far beyond any one culture’s imagination and participates in a planetary and extra-planetary exchange of frequencies and informational structures and processes. For whatever reason, they have identified themselves to me by the name of Kachina while asking me to recognize that their identity is not in any way exhausted by such a term.

So here we are on the verge of the Winter Solstice—which, by the way, is the beginning of Kachina season in the Northern Hemisphere, the day on which the Kachinas come back to the northern peoples to assist them through the hard and beautiful days of winter. And so here we are, Anna and I, nearing the darkest evening of the year and considering what this means for us, what this calls on us to do, and how this calls on us to expand our verbal, conceptual, imagistic, and energetic repertoires as we open up and make more flexible our senses of the nature of identity—our own and that of everything else in creation.

Portal #2 Lessons: Water Spirits, Water Fairies, and the Human Dimension

September 25, 2013

Last night as Anna and I were meditating, I was drawn into a conversation with the Water Fairies of the Second Portal we are working with, who then drew me into conversation with the local Water Spirits. The Fairies were teaching me a meditative means of opening up to the Water Energies and of conceiving of our human connections to the Water Dimension of the Planetary Being.

The meditative opening involved having me focus on my own Water Being, the fact that the human body is composed of 70% water. (I see online that the average adult human, from a scientific perspective, is made up of roughly 60% water, but the Fairies continue to speak of 70%. I assume there is a reason for the higher number that the Fairies speak of.)

Once I began contemplating this fact, the Fairies then had me “engage” my Water Being—that is, they had me sense the water content within my own body and feel it get charged up through this increase in attention to it. It seemed as though the simple act of focusing on your body water is enough to stimulate its vibratory quality. I felt my body water begin “boiling,” in a sense, as it began bubbling as if in excitement within my body. My entire Water Being grew increasingly ecstatic as I continued to focus on it in this way.

Once I felt conscious of and connected to my own Water Being, the Fairies then had me feel the same energetic charge of the Water Being of the landscape as the underground springs and water channels began to bubble up in an energetic conversation with the Water Being of my body. At a certain point the energetic rush of my own body and that of the landscape reached a point of ecstatic equilibrium, an energetic union.

The Fairies then told me that this linking of consciousness was an example of and practice for greater engagement with the Planetary Being, here in its water aspect. Just as I have spent the past year engaging with the Planet on an Etheric level, I am now (I was told) developing a conscious engagement with the Planet’s Water aspect. Even prior to my Etheric connection, I had been engaging with the Stone Beings and the Planetary Being in its Mineral aspect.

I was then reminded that in my early stages of Awakening in the Fall of 2011 I had begun cultivating and exploring this Water Being connection. This began with my education under David Yarrow as he taught about the Earth’s Water Systems and the ways by which we can connect to them. I was then reminded further of my connection to the underground lake systems of Switzerland, the underground loch systems of Scotland, and my engagement with the spirits of the well beneath the Pohjola Building in Helsinki.

As last night’s meditation continued, I grew to see myself intimately connected to the entire globe’s Water Being and was told that this connection, in conjunction with the other elemental connections that I am developing a relationship with, would lead to further insights and interactions.

A Walk, Two Moose, an Eagle, and Some Fairies

By Gabriel Hartley

November 12, 2012

Wow. After a very emotionally mixed morning together with beautiful food and toning talk and then some new crazy jealousy stuff, Anna and I went out for a walk at around 1 p.m. to get some air (and to clear the air). Our mood was already on the way to being transformed when we began, and with each step we eased into the beauty of the surroundings here at Käpälämäki and the beauty of each other.

The first event was our coincidental desire to walk to what last night was acknowledged to each of us without the other knowing it as two sacred pools, or rather one sacred pool divided by the dirt road to the house. We discussed how so many things come to us simultaneously but we often don’t think to mention them until later. We were pleased to see that we’re both tapped into the same sources. I realized that the pools looked very much like some of the pre-Raphaelite paintings of fairy maidens in pools and thought again about how drawn I have always been to the Pre-Raphaelites. The whole fairy world had much more acceptance a century ago. I guess it’s time for a Fairy Revival!Waterhouse-Hylas-Nymphs

Not long after we climbed over some wonderful rock formations and out to the main dirt road we came across a massive bull moose. He was standing there, still and silent, as I was singing at the top of my lungs the chorus from Denis Leary’s song, “I’m an Asshole!” The moose didn’t respond to my singing, but as soon as I lifted my finger to point him out to Anna, he turned and quickly trotted into the deeper woods. He was majestic, so giant and so powerful. We felt so lucky to have run across him, and luckier still that he didn’t charge us and crush us to death.

reedsWe continued to the west and then where the road turns north towards the Fairy spot in the woods. As we talked and walked Anna suddenly gasped and pointed into the treetops, where an eagle or an osprey was just flying out of sight. Anna got a really good view of it and felt very blessed by the experience.

We continued on to the Fairy spot. It felt very magical and noble as we walked off of the road into the space. The rocks glimmer with energy and a magical tiny creek trickles under the rocks and between the trees as the land there drops down to the seashore and the reeds. We ceremoniously walked down the hill to the shore, viewing into the reeds as they glistened in the sun and waved in the strong wind. The combination of the massive rocks, the tiny stream, the towering pines, the swaying reeds, and the waves rippling in the wind was just perfect, all so perfectly magical. I could tell more clearly how the energy of the creek charges up the whole Fairy amphitheater.

We slowly and respectfully climbed back up the hill along the little stream and then stopped close to the top. The magic seems especially strong at that point. The rocks seem almost deliberately shaped into a four-foot wall of stone at the hilltop, like a fortress or place of worship of some kind. I stopped and listened as the fairies started speaking to me. They welcomed us back and continued speaking in an energetic fashion in which they communicate through vibrations rather than through words. Not coincidentally, their whole point of conversation was the topic of vibration itself. They affirmed our new mission to start toning with the sacred well in Helsinki and told us that we could do our toning here at the Fairy Wood and the vibrations would be carried directly to the well both across the sea and through underground streams and energy tunnels.

As they began talking about the power of toning, they reminded me that the first thing they had ever taught me was the Fairy Song (“Ah may rah hoo”) last Fall, and that this was my first induction into Fairy-channeled toning. They then started singing the song to us and Anna and I joined in with them. I could feel the pretty little tune resonating in the amphitheater and growing in intensity as the vibrations traveled underground and off towards Helsinki.

We then started the walk back, turning into the woods across the road so that we could walk across the rock structures on the way. As we got about an eighth of a mile into the woods I noticed another bull moose, this one a bit smaller and younger than the other one we had seen just a half hour earlier. I immediately was told that this was a moment for shamanic connection, so I stood there in the forest, eyes fastened to the moose’s own eyes as he gazed directly at me. We held this eye contact for at least five minutes without either of us moving a muscle. The moose began speaking to me, reminding me that we had worked with moose power for a few thousand years in our previous lives here as shamans. He then reminded me of my conversation with the painted moose at the Astuvansalmi Rock Art site and, more importantly, the moose glyph that we had had printed on my wedding shirt. He told me that this moose connection (as well as the venemous kyy serpent) was very important to me in my shamanic work here in Finland.

mooseAs I stared at him, listening and communicating back on the spirit level, I began to see the landscape shape itself into a vortex pattern of energy as it swirled around the moose. The moose became the visual center of this swirling vortex world. After a few moments the moose then asked me if I saw the figure in between us in the vortex swirl. I then realized that, yes, there was a humanoid shape of light energy in the midst of the swirl. The moose said, “Notice how he stands directly between us. He is a representative of the local Sídhe and he mediates our contact as he has done in the past. He will continue to do so as you continue in your work here.”

He thanked us for returning to our work here in this incarnation, turned, and walked off into the forest. As he walked into the distance we saw that the first bull moose we had seen earlier was walking right behind him. The two of them walked off into the trees and Anna and I stared in wonder at each other, so happy to be sharing our journey here together as one.

Turehu Speaks on the Dimensional Nature of Portals

By Gabriel Hartley, October 22-23, 2012

[NOTE: the following message is from Turehu, a fairy spirit guide of mine, and channeled by me. The island referred to is off the southwestern coast of Finland.]

One of the things we fairies want you to focus on is the structure of the light that shines on the island. Notice that the glow is not simply a homogeneous light mass but is actually made up of light filaments, a mesh of light strands or fibers.

gridview.thThese fibers converge on an infinite number of knots, and each knot serves as a unidimensional portal. If you imagine dropping down from three to two dimensions by subtracting depth, now imagine dropping down from two (height and width) to one—a simple line connecting two or more points. While these knot points occupy a particular geographical point on the surface of the planet with a given latitude and longitude, they are in reality unidimensional points with infinite connectivity with one another. This is another instance of one point being all points at once.

AmfidromieenThis is how the portal structure operates. When you travel from what appears to be one point to another, you are in fact occupying a single point that opens out onto an infinite number of points on the three-dimensional grid of the planet’s surface. It’s like being in a room and each time you open the door you can exit into a different location. Or it’s like the nature of universal cellular structure in which each cell is made up of identical information yet performs its own specific function. Just as we can speak of cellular intelligence, we can also speak of light intelligence. This web or mesh of light is a living, intelligent structure made up of infinite numbers of elemental beings who perform the transiting function for the traveler simply by opening out onto differing planetary or interplanetary spaces.

Once you allow yourself to imagine and actually occupy such points of light, you have allowed yourself to enter into the etheric structure that the fairy world occupies. It is this unidimensional opening out from a single point onto the three-dimensional grid of the planet, for example, that allows for portal transit. This transitionality or transitivity or transpositionality is the basic elemental structure of portals. As such, the physical conceptions and experiences of space and time necessary for three-dimensional travel are no longer operative when speaking of portal transitions.

The mental shift involved in coming to such a conception is important not simply for understanding the nature of the object at hand—portal travel—but functions as well as a mind exercise that prepares a human being for the kind of mental elasticity necessary for perceiving the nature of etheric relationality. This is a training exercise of sorts for any human who takes etheric existence seriously. Typical three-dimensional concepts simply do not work.

earth_grid_ley_linesIt is important to relate this notion to the current interest among humans in multimensionality. We are not at all denying the importance, both practically and conceptually, of learning to extend human mental structures into multidimensional experiences. But we do wish to point out that etheric experience involves exactly the opposite operation—that of moving from three dimensions to one single dimension that then opens out onto three dimensionality. It is exactly this dimensional reduction that allowed for the kind of interworld travel that C. S. Lewis depicts in his Chronicles of Narnia books—despite the transition space and time that would be necessary for passing through the coats in a wardrobe into another world (which is a representational concession to the demands of those stuck in three-dimensional thought).

So in returning to the topic of etheric light structure, when you experience such light in meditation, allow yourself to focus on the light filaments and the knot structures that combine these filaments. For it is at these knots that interdimensional travel through unidimensional transposition can then take place.

Warping the Field (The Dragonfly’s Sermon)

By Gabriel Hartley—June 19-20, 2013

Puurijärvi Dragonfly

Puurijärvi Dragonfly

On Tuesday, June 18, as Anna and I were driving back on our return journey from various sacred sites in western Finland, we stopped spontaneously at Puurijärvi National Park, a bird sanctuary at an artificial marsh-land lake. More outstanding for us than the birds were the thousands of dragonflies that covered the path from the parking lot to the observation tower.

As we were walking back from the tower Anna stopped to read some signs in Finnish, so as I waited I began to engage with the dragonflies. One dragonfly landed on a fence post a few feet in front of me and I immediately took this gesture as an address to me. I quickly tuned in and began communicating telepathically with the dragonfly.

As we began to communicate, it told me to enter into the Etheric Vision, so I did. The atmosphere grew filled with the cloudy mist that for me signals my entry into the Etheric Realm. And as so often happens, when I gazed meditatively at the being I am engaging—in this case, the dragonfly—the etheric space around it began to shift visually. I could see energy waves radiating out from its body for a space of about two to three inches. Once I entered into this etheric state, I felt very attuned to the consciousness of the insect. He began talking about the visual effect its body produced on the surrounding ether, explaining that this could be called “Warping the Field.”

I first noticed this phenomenon back in November 2011 when I had accompanied David Yarrow one Sunday to a presentation of his at the Unitarian Church in Manhattan, Kansas. As I was walking from the car to the church I happened to see a flying grasshopper land in front of me. I had already begun to recognize these landing events as addresses to me by the flying creatures. I had intuitively realized that birds and insects often give us signs of various sorts through the directions in which they travel and through the spots on which they land. Knowing this, I addressed the grasshopper in return, thanking it for catching my attention. As I gazed at it, the grasshopper began to radiate tiny rays of light, just as this dragonfly was currently doing. I spent about five minutes silently engaged with the grasshopper, simply exulting in this communion of shared space, energy, and attention to one another.

In November of 2012 the same thing happened when Anna and I came across two moose in the forest near Käpälämäki. The larger moose—a perhaps smarter, more experienced big bull moose—instinctively slipped quietly away as it visually blended in with its surroundings, its legs now looking like all of the small birch trunks nearby as its large body faded into the shadows. The younger moose, however, seemed surprised and curious and stood in place, staring intently into my eyes as I stood in wonder staring back. Once we made a conscious connection, the younger moose’s large body began to warp the visual etheric field around it just as various grasshoppers had done with me before. Perhaps because of its larger energy field or perhaps because I had a more intensive spirit communication to enter into with this moose, its warping effect was massive. The entire etheric atmosphere within a radius of a hundred feet began to glow in a soft, white light that grew brighter as my attention to it grew more intense. After a few minutes had passed in this etheric energy exchange (as well as a telepathic conversation between me and the moose), the etheric field began to warp around another body between the moose and me, an entity that stood about seven or eight feet tall and whose energy field spanned about three feet in width. This entity began to glow with a brilliant white light as I realized it was a local fairy blessing this communication between the moose and me. The moose, the fairy, and I myself were each “warping the field” in our own ways, vectors of light radiating from each of us growing into an energy pattern or space that itself warped the entire etheric field between the moose and me.

Remembering all of this, I knew I should pay close attention to this encounter with the dragonfly here and now in western Finland. “You see,” he explained, “every entity’s etheric body warps the etheric field immediately around it, producing this kind of visual radiating effect. Expand your range of focus and see what happens.”

I did so, and I immediately became conscious of the thousands of ants walking at my feet along the path. As I took them into my focus, my visual field, I noticed that each ant produced exactly this kind of visual warping of the field. Hundreds of tiny elliptical radiating etheric fields were now traveling through the larger etheric field making up the space of the path and its vegetal surroundings. (Vegetation has its own kind of visual warping effect, but this was not the focus of my intention during this lesson.) The entire etheric field before me grew into an enormous geometrical pattern of radiating energy (which in retrospect appears as a kind of elaborate Kabbalistic Tree of Life pattern).

The dragonfly said, “See how each being in its own way warps its surrounding etheric field? Its own etheric energy warps the field around it, yet this warp, rather than a disturbance, becomes part of a larger orchestration of mobile pockets of energy. This is one larger lesson for you to learn from the experience you and Anna had yesterday on the Ant Road in Lauhanvuori National Park. Just as there you two had been drawn into a meditation on the ways in which numerous ant hills enter into a larger radiating pattern around a sacred object, now you can see that this phenomenon happens all of the time as various entities come into etheric interaction with one another. This is something for you to meditate on.”

Giant Finnish Ant Hill

Giant Finnish Ant Hill

The Ant Road experience that the dragonfly was referring to was itself a massive lesson. On Monday Anna and I had decided to drive to Lauhanvuori National Park in order to get a feel for its energy status. In his book Muinaissuomalaisten Kadonnut Kuningaskunta (or Lost Kingdoms of Ancient Finland), Jukka Nieminen writes that Lauhanvuori (the name of which means “Mild Mountain”) functions as the central energy point from which several sacred ley lines radiate throughout southern Finland from the mountain to the southern coast. Part of our purpose on this sacred space journey was to briefly acquaint ourselves with these ley lines and the points along them that the author considers significant. We couldn’t remember the details of his argument, such as why this mountain—the highest point in western Finland, a point that had previously been an island until the seas receded after various ice ages to its present boundaries of the Baltic Sea—might be such a powerful energy center from which one could find various other smaller energy centers (each marked by a church) simply by measuring their distance from this mountain.

anna on beach

Anna on the Ice Age beach at Lauhanvuori

This notion of ley lines stringing along power points in radii from a common center fits perfectly with the lesson we learned the evening before when we first arrived at the Lauhanvuori National Park. We entered the park from the east at the small village of Kauhajoki. Initially intending to drive directly to the mountain (vuori), we both found ourselves immediately drawn to a mound on the north side of the Ant Road. We soon discovered why the road had such a name. I pointed out a stone slab that I saw sticking out on an angle from the mound and assumed that such a slab would not normally develop through natural causes in such a place and position. As we walked towards the slab, however, we realized that it was in fact a massive ant hill that had the shadow of a nearby tree cast across it, giving it the sliced-slab appearance that had caught my attention. This optical illusion proved to be the cause of a very powerful experience for us both.

Such enormous ant hills are common in the forests of Finland, yet they still amaze Anna and me each time we pay attention to one. Standing anywhere from three to five feet high, these hills are made primarily from stacked pine needles. The hills swarm with ants as they pour out of the dozens of holes covering the hill. As I was tuning in to the energy of the ant hill, Anna, noticing another ant hill about a hundred feet to the southwest of the mound as well as a third mound at about the same distance to the northeast, suggested that the ant hills must follow a ley line that crosses the earthen mound. Excited by this discovery, we then began to see more and more mounds in ever-expanding circles radiating out from the earthen mound, which itself was functioning as the central power point across which these ley lines crossed.

We decided to look into the energy patterns of the encircling ant hills and began circling the earthen mound from the widest radius possible from the road. We soon noticed that one mound had an ant highway extending out from it for over a hundred feet to the base of a tree. The highway bypassed other trees, leaving us to wonder what made the tree they had chosen so significant. As we followed the highway back to the ant hill we saw that another highway extended out from the hill, and another and another until we saw that each ant hill had an average of seven different highways leading from the ant hill center to five or seven different trees radiating out at a variety of distances from the central ant hills. Each ant hill, it turned out, repeated the center-radii pattern that was established by the relationship of ant hills to the central earthen mound.

As we stood in awe at the work done by this swarm of ants and the great energy they put out as a superconscious community, wondering how each ant knew which highway to travel and which hill to return to, we slowly realized that even more powerful was the earthen mound that the initial ant hill was situated on. We turned our attention to the mound, for this is our primary form of sacred site in North America. We slowly discerned the deliberate conformity of the oval-shaped mound and the small pool indentation in the center of the top of the mound. This was clearly an ancient ceremonial site, and it was in part for us to discover this mound that our attention had been drawn to the ant hill to begin with. Upon discovering the nature of this mound, we sprang into a spontaneous ceremony as we connected with the ancient energy of the mound and its attending spirits as Anna stood on one side of the top central pool and I on the other, facing each other, eyes closed, as we sank into meditative ecstasy despite being eaten alive by dozens of mosquitos. We entered into a swoon as we contemplated the outwardly infinitely replicating center-radii pattern, now including the Earth itself as the center of forces connecting it to the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond and the inward pattern of bodily cellular and atomic structures.

This became the ultimate insight that the dragonfly imparted to me. We continuously stand at the center of an infinite inward and outward fractal pattern of star-like centers and radii, and every being in existence warps the etheric field in its own particular way as it contributes to the cosmic ant highway system that we all participate in. We each engage in the same kind of superconscious constellations as the ants moving along their assigned highways in and out from the center of the hill, in and out from the center of the mound, in and out from the center of the planet, and so on. “In this way,” the dragonfly concluded, “you participate in the infinite extension of the divine as you warp the etheric field in your own appropriate ways. Let this knowledge seep into you, forming an inner crystal of understanding that you then later will dissolve back into the flow of Life as the knowledge you now store unfolds within you and without you.”

The Collective Entity Called Monitor Answers Our Question About Fairy Portals

Monitor Question September 2012

Dear Monitor,

This is Gabriel Hartley and Anna Oksanen writing from Koli, Finland. Again we wish to express our appreciation for the explanations and confirmations that you have given us regarding our mission and soul path.

Our question this month concerns our engagement with faerie portals. As is frequently the case elsewhere, here in Finland we have been visited by various local faeries, such as those of the Baltic Sea, X [the actual location needs to be protected], and now Koli. The entire Finnish spirit terrain, as it is being revealed to us, involves an extensive network of faerie communities and portals at sacred earth sites marked by ceremonial stones (called “seitas” in Finnish), rock art, and etheric energy glows and vibrations. These specific sites have been shown to us in visions ever since our work together in this particular life began.

At the X rock art site we were told that one primary principle in our soul mission involves the unification of human and faerie worlds, a unity that was severed in ancient Atlantis. X is reported by the local faeries to be one of the primary power portals for us on this planet. We are learning that individual sites have a particular local integrity at the same time as they tie into larger networks of spirit and energy.

What, then, is the nature of these portals? What is the nature of the network connecting them on various physical, etheric, and inter-dimensional planes? What is the nature of our connection to them? How do they relate to our mission regarding the revival of superconscious communities? In other words, what can you tell us about the role we play in weaving together some kind of etheric web of intention and energy across the planet and, specifically, in these particular spots?



The spiritual development of the Planetary Being relies largely upon the development of humanity’s capacity to link with Divinity. In that linkage, humanity acts as a coordinator of various kingdoms of Life in affecting specific changes in the consciousness of substance within the planet.

The beings called “fairies” represent nonphysical beings that are a subset of the devic kingdom. They represent a combination of different forms of devas brought together early in Earth’s history. The network of fairy sites has existed from antiquity. It operates on mental and etheric levels. The human approach to those sites and portals is primarily gained upon a mental level, and only when sufficient trust develops between humans and fairy representatives will the etheric level of the portals be made accessible.

The process of befriending fairies requires considerable care. Humanity has treated them poorly. Humanity, even before Atlantis, began abusing their offers of assistance. As the human Spirit shrank into illusion, glamour, and maya, fairies and others members of the vast devic kingdom have shunned human contact. To them, communicating with a person can be quite painful because each person carries considerable residue of suffering and grief.

The sensitivities of fairies therefore allow them to have only brief contact, and that is normally arranged by the High Self of the person involved. They arrange through the High Self a means of contact that provides protective screening for the fairy so that the fairy does not have to be exposed to the onerous suffering of the human.

The set of portals may be discussed in terms of the articles and books that Gabriel and Anna write, yet the actual sites need to be protected. They may consider how they can best accomplish that task through consultation with their High Selves. The presence of human beings who intensely seek contact with fairies would lead to further abuse if the exact sites were known.

The process of shielding the sites needs to take place. It represents a human responsibility in protecting fairies from further human incursions. Thus we suggest to Gabriel and Anna that they ask their High Selves to show them how best to protect the sites, in part through misdirection in what they write and in part through energetic processes that can be accomplished through their High Selves.

That process of providing protection will provide reasonable assurance to the fairies in contact that Gabriel and Anna are proceeding responsibly. With that perception, they will be able to write and share a number of insights and perspectives gained from the fairies. That is much more important for establishing understanding and forming a basis for continued communication between the two domains of Life.