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The Little Disk Goddess Dream

June 6, 2017


I had an amazing dream experience last night that woke me up at 3:03 AM. The most unusual aspect of it is how clearly I remember so many of its details.


As for setting, I was in my typical dreamscape that involves my traveling (usually at night) through some town or city that I am supposed to be familiar with but within which I find it impossible to orient myself in the dream. As so often is the case, I ended up on some school campus—I think it was a college rather than a high school—as I was wandering around in the hallways and stairways of some institutional building. Usually I am searching for a way out of the building, but this time I was looking for the office of an old teacher of mine (not anyone in reality that I am aware of at the moment) in order to pick up an old paper I wrote or to pick up a paper for one of my children or simply to talk. I’m not exactly sure what I was in search of.

officeWhen I arrived at the teacher’s office (who kept shifting from female to male and back), he/she was already meeting with someone, so I was waiting outside. The office had glass walls allowing people to see inside from the halls. As I was waiting, another student came by and seemed in a rush to speak with the professor, so I let her go first, which lengthened my waiting time to an hour, allowing me time to meditate.

Once my turn came up, I sat down in a chair across from the professor’s desk. His/her office had moved without my being conscious of it (I only am now in retrospect) from its original spot completely internal to the building to one adjacent to it, now with a window to the outside. I underwent some kind of massive psychic experience, somewhat traumatizing and liberating simultaneously, and I slowly came back to consciousness with no memory of what I had just experienced other than that my skull seemed to be closing back into its normal configuration after having been opened like a cardboard box to whatever beings or forces had been rearranging the insides of my skull.

lionThe first thing I was conscious of was staring down into my open right palm and seeing that I was holding a little 1 cm-diameter disk, which clearly had been excavated from inside my head. I somehow knew that it had been lodged in my pineal gland and had been serving as a block to my visionary gateway. The disk looked like a small ceramic ancient coin with the impress of some ancient goddess’s head. Her head kept shifting from human to lion form as I stared at it. I somehow knew that the disk was Sumerian in origin but was since then associated with the Oracle at Delphi, and that the woman’s head was that of the Oracle, Astarte, Sekhmet, and Medusa all simultaneously.

sekhmetI knew that the disk had been blocking my visionary capacities and somehow was disorienting my Astral energies, causing emotional complexes of all kinds throughout my life. I now stood the chance of gaining some insight and stability in my emotional and visionary capacities.

Upon recognizing the face of the goddess on the disk in my palm, I said, “Well, THAT explains it.” The professor asked, “Explains what?” and I answered, “That’s the same face that I see in a vision three or four times a day.” The professor seemed moved or surprised by this and sat up, saying, “Well, then, our conversation is not ending but only just now beginning!”

Realizing that we would be entering into a deep therapeutic discussion and analysis, I texted my wife Anna that I would be a few hours later than expected and then readied myself for the healing conversation.

• • •

Awaking from the dream, I went downstairs, arranged my meditation cushions on the mat, and entered into a long conversation with Gabriel. Most of what I learned came by way of internal self-recognition, glimpses of deep self-truths that Gabriel only guided by little interjections and questions. The bulk of the understanding came from deep within my psyche as a process of recognition.

Throughout this meditative conversation with Gabriel I was still highly aware of the little Medusa Disk in my palm, even though I was now fully awake. (I can feel it there even at this moment as I type these words.) I slowly realized that the disk was not made of porcelain or marble as I had assumed but was, rather, a small disk of bone remaining from my son Dylan’s cremated ashes. As morbid as this might sound, I found (and still find) great comfort in sensing the liberating potential of my son’s bone disks, liberated in my palm just as I had seen them when I released his ashes into Massachusetts Bay just off the northern coast of Provincetown. Here was and is my own bit of sacred scrimshaw from a source that could not be more personal unless it were from my own skeleton.

I initially thought that the blocking function of the disk, having been lodged in my pineal gland, had been serving some malicious function. I knew that the goddess associated with it had been regulating my consciousness and my emotional state for much of my life. But Gabriel assured me that her role was more as a guiding and protective source of moderation rather than some malicious blocking of awareness. Now I hear that the disk’s function was more like training-wheels on a bicycle than like a chain on the wheels themselves. It served as a capacitor of sorts, helping to channel the intensity of the electro-magnetic discharges from my inner visionary chamber.

In a nice moment of synchronicity, when I went to the university library later this morning to see what book had come in for me through inter-library loan, I was pleased to see that it was Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols. I opened the book randomly to page 81, a page right in the middle of the chapter devoted to exploring the archetypal significance of the Popess or High Priestess card. “There she sat as she had done for centuries, immobile and serene, knowing whatever she knew and apparently secure in that wisdom.” On the previous page I then read, “The creative act of memory is the special province of the feminine principle. It is always colored by emotion.” The visionary aspect of the Third Eye blended with the serene control of the Astral energies.

I understand this (I FEEL this) as a moment of liberation from my own self-boundaries (to be followed by others, I’m sure) into an expanded mode of consciousness and psychic capability. Interestingly, this awareness does not produce some gleeful ecstatic state but rather a sense of calm self-control. It all feels so “normal” and so much like the real me—my actual goddess state—that I am calmly self-assured and stable for probably the first time in this life. Now I recognize that this Delphic Oracle and I have much freer access to one another—at last.


Seth’s Session 775: Strings of Consciousness

Introduction: Seth on William James and the Affiliations of Consciousness

Session 775

From The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James by Jane Roberts


[Note by Gabriel Hartley: As I was reading The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts, I came across the following note opening Session 776: “Our last session, the 775th, was not book dictation. Instead, Seth devoted it to ‘strings of consciousness’—explaining why Jane ‘picked up’ the ‘William James’ material, which is discussed in her book, Psychic Politics” (p. 94). As it turns out, I had already been on the lookout for any discussion of “strings of consciousness” and so was quite disappointed to find this very passage omitted from The Nature of the Psyche as well as from Psychic Politics and the Personal Sessions collection. Related material is presented in both volumes of The “Unknown” Reality, but no Session 775.

Throughout the time I was searching, however, Seth kept telling me to take a look at the William James book, which presents different material than that recorded in Psychic Politics. Each time I looked at the James book, though, I saw that it was not organized into sessions as the Seth books are, so I dismissed this clue out of hand. But two days ago, nudged again by Seth to take a look in the James book, I looked at Seth’s Introduction to the book. I should not have been surprised when I saw that this was the transcript of Session 775 that I had been searching for and that I would have found a few weeks earlier had I taken Seth’s advice seriously the first time. So in any case, here it is for you as well as for me! — October 19, 2016]


May 10, 1976

9:36 P.M. Monday


(”I feel Seth around,” Jane said at 9:33. She laughed. ”On William James, unfortunately. I just got a glimpse of what Seth’s going to say and I thought: ‘Now how are you going to make sense of that?”’

(Jane’s reaction came about because earlier this evening she’d caught herself thinking that she might be reincarnationally related to James an idea that she’d rejected at once. Yet, there was her world-view material on James. Whereupon I suggested that she just forget about it and see what Seth had to say. Not that we hoped she would turn out to be connected to James that idea was just too coincidental for our tastes but it would be interesting to know why she’d found herself thinking along those lines to begin with.

(Seth always refers to Jane as Ruburt and to me as Joseph our entity names.)

Good evening.

(Good evening, Seth.)

Ruburt can attest to his own identity. In ordinary terms, he counts his identity as beginning at the time of his birth in 1929, and he sees it as reaching through to the present. In those terms he has a time history, with letters, mementos, snapshots, and so forth to prove it.

He met you at a certain point in space and time. You both agree upon this and upon the continuity of your two identities; so Ruburt can attest that he is himself.

The true story of consciousness has not been written, for it will always in essence escape such description. In our early sessions I spoke as simply as possible, and yet those sessions also contain in their own way the kernels of much that [7] appeared later, and that has not yet appeared. Early, I used the term ”fragment personality” simply to give you this idea that identity was not a unit that could be easily defined.

Our later material led even further away from the concept of an easily defined self. All consciousness is interrelated. It flows together in currents, rises and falls, eddies and breaks, mixes and merges. In this great interplay, however, each identity, however brief in usual terms, is neverannihilated. It is indeed inviolate. On the other hand, it can also form affiliations with other identities, for there are psychic formations as there are physical ones. The world has a physical structure that forms its contents. There is a bank of physical elements.

In greater terms, each person’s experience—while privately his or hers—also becomes part of the psychic bank, belonging to the species as a whole, containing within it abilities, attitudes, purposes, and plans. These form a heritage from which each person can draw. This drawing takes place not only before birth, but also at any point during life. You can change in life far more than you suspect, while still retaining the identity that is your own.

(9:54) In some cases you change so much that people knowing you at different times would seem to know and describe entirely different people. The theory of reincarnation is an attempt to see the basic, inviolate, yet many-faceted self in terms that can be understood, and that are in keeping with popular concepts of time. As you yourself, Joseph, have realized on occasion, you are actually “reincarnated” many times in one lifetime.

You leap over your own identities, scarcely noticing, again and again. There are no boundaries or limitations to the self, except those you accept. The miracle of your transformations escapes your crude definitions. (Louder and with amusement:) I am not speaking of your crude definitions, but use the word generally.

(”I understand. Thank you.”)

There are often great challenges to which you respond. You pick these for your own reasons. In doing so, you often change affiliations. In conventional terms, Ruburt was not William James but through Ruburt, certain challenges and purposes left unsatisfied by James have been picked up by [8] Ruburt; and to that extent a portion of William James’s

consciousness is merged with Ruburt’s.

Again: Ruburt’s identity is his own; but few have dared to look into the true components of identity. Those unanswered questions of James’s happened· to coincide with Ruburt’s own questions at a certain time in Ruburt’s current life—who at that time became attracted to that heritage bank—looking, so to speak, for someone with like interests, backed up by a lifetime of experience.

(To me:) You early recognized the possibilities of such a connection, being drawn to James far before Ruburt’s interests.

Your drives, desires, plans, and purposes, while uniquely yours, also in their way belong to the species as a whole. They are handed down, so to speak, to those who are attuned to them. You pass them on. James, to some extent, now, sees his unanswered questions sifted through another Unique consciousness, so that they are given a different slant. Consciousness, individual consciousness, is many-faceted, and in that respect a portion of James’s consciousness is reflected through Ruburt’s.

(10:16) Ruburt is then given James’s knowledge concerning those questions, as source material, providing references he himself would not ordinarily possess. Consciousness forms and reforms, always, in new combinations, yet in your terms nothing is lost that has gone before.

(A one-minute pause.) There is indeed an ”archaeology” of the self, in which the consciousness of the past and present merge, but this is a far more democratic arrangement, for in your terms the future is also involved, so that in those terms future consciousness and identities are even now being formed from the heritage of your own purposes and desires.

Because you do not catch important transformations that occur in your own life, as retaining your identity you still leap—you will have to put this in quotes also—”from self to self,” so you do not understand how the inner components of consciousness change their ”shapes and forms,” even as the natural elements of the earth form its everchanging face.


(Long pause.) Give us a moment . . . In a way, and using an analogy, the consciousness of any given nation has a shape and form as definite as the contours of the physical land upon which it resides. In those terms, during your lifetimes, a continent retains its form: though trees upon it rise and fall, rocks and stones· are washed away into the oceans, generations are born and die, governments altered, still a man in his lifetime will find the continent generally familiar and intact. Now in your lifetime, you change in the same way that the continent does, while generally finding yourselves familiar and intact. Your identity, while your own, is still a gestalt of consciousnesses that in your terms have come before, or will come in the future. Those other identities, reflected through you, become unique and inviolate. So, however, is your consciousness and identity reflected in all others.

Take your break.


As usual, I caution you that these matters are most difficult to explain.

Consciousness forms patterns of identities. They move faster than the speed of light. They can be in more than one place at one time. They can operate in a freewheeling fashion, as identities in themselves, or as “psychological particles.”

They can also operate in a wavelike fashion, flowing through other such particles. They can form together into endless, infinite combinations, forming psychological gestalts. Certain portions of these gestalts can then operate as psychological particles in time and space, while other portions operate in a wavelike manner outside of time or space.

These represent the unconscious elements of the psyche, which become “particleized” in physical existence.

(Long pause.) Your own purposes, intents, and desires attract to you, so to speak, those other “fragments” of consciousness that mix and match to form your psychological being as, for example, atoms and molecules mix and merge to form your physical being. Your body-is yours, stamped with your own purposes and intents. You are [10] unaware of the molecular transformations involved as long

as the overall pattern remains familiar and relatively intact.

In a like manner, as long as the contours of your consciousness remain relatively familiar, you do not question their composition. You are not aware of the changes that occur. ln certain terms, then, your identity is a pattern of identification, your stamp set eternally upon the universe—a shape that you recognize, but one that is filled with multitudinous activity, alteration, and change—all of which generally goes on beneath your notice.

In those terms, chunks of your own consciousness have long since fallen away and been used by others, while you still retain your identity, even as rocks are swept away from a continent into the ocean, while still the continent retains its form. In earth’s own time even the continent will change, falling off beneath the waters, or joining with another while still retaining some of its own characteristics, and in those terms carrying with it its previous coloration. So each of you alive changes in like manner, yet you carry the mark of your identity, and that is inviolate.

(11:18) Bits of your consciousnesses, Joseph and Ruburt, go out through these books. I am not speaking symbolically. These portions will mix with the consciousnesses of others. Portions of your intent and purpose become theirs.

My own psychological reality is not particleized. My identity includes the identities of many others. Each of them operates in his own fashion. In those terms, I am a wave formation. More specifically, however, and to a lesser degree, each physical person operates partially as a particleized being and partially in terms of a wave. But identity, being itself inviolate, is on the other hand everchanging—and there is, in the larger system of reality, no contradiction.

The great men and women, historically speaking, serve as psychic models, throwing into the physical realm explosive bursts of desires, purposes, abilities, plans, and intents that cannot be satisfied by any one person in any one lifetime, however heroic their performance.

These, then, serve as impetuses to others, but no-desire and no intent exists by itself alone, only by virtue of the identity that holds it, so an identity explodes outward from itself in all directions, showering portions of itself which are [11] used by others so attracted. Each identity is itself and no other; and yet it is composed of myriad fragments of other identities.

Take your break.

(11:32-11:51) Now: James’s ‘consciousness is to some extent, then, reflected through Ruburt’s, shining with a different cast, and henceforth forming a new combination—one that is original and represents a new creative world view.

In this combination A or gestalt, Ruburt’s identity predominates, so that James provides Rubert with one other focus through which to view reality. At other levels, James as himself predominates in another kind of existence. In your world, your quite conscious desires and intents attract the components of your consciousness. There is never, for example, any kind of invasion or possession in conventional terms. It is in fact, impossible for one consciousness to possess another.

Each identity possesses an integrity that will not allow any affiliation of which it does not approve. Using an analogy, psythological antibodies are far more potent than physical ones. The self or identity quite literally closes its boundaries to any forces that do not follow its own purposes and intents. There are no exceptions.

This integrity allows the identity always to maintain its own pattern or mark, permitting within its peripheries only those affiliations that serve its unique purposes. In those terms, the self or identity cannot be defiled. Here I would like to add a brief side note having to do with cases of apparent “brainwashing,” in times of war, for example.

You form your own reality. Those captured in such encounters, therefore, are captured because they are already operating in a system of beliefs that does suit their greater purposes. This subject, is highly complicated. Perhaps someday we can pursue it. But in any case, the so-called brainwashing suits the purposes of those so treated. This does not mean that no sympathy should be granted them. A really close examination of their conscious beliefs and purposes, however, would show an acquiescence and acceptance of such experience, and a need for it to occur.

End of session. I bid you a fond good evening.

(“Thank you, Seth. The same to you.” 12:10 A.M.)

James Believe

Showdown at Cahokia Mounds

[I originally wrote this report of an experience at Cahokia Mounds in November 2012. Given that I have been again drawn to Cahokia for a variety of reasons and have as a result experienced new things, I am posting this older spirit journal entry in order to provide some explanatory background to the stories I am now recounting.]

November 8, 2012

I feel the need to recount my last experience at Cahokia in part simply to record the information of that day, but also because I know I have been avoiding confronting what happened then and what it might mean. I’ve been avoiding it because it involves ego issues for me that I am uncomfortable with. Getting to the point, the event was a kind of Matrix-movie dramatic showdown between the forces of Life and the forces of Death, and I was playing the leading role as the hero shaman who saved the day.

This has become an issue for me again as Melchizedek (one of my guiding spirits) has been urging me to step up to my identity and my calling, to accept the power that I know I have, and yet I am uncomfortable with appearing to be sunk in some ego hero drama. It seems, though, that rather than coming to some kind of balanced understanding of who I am and what I need to do, I keep getting caught in this see-saw back and forth between denying myself any power at all and seeing myself as the all-powerful savior of the movie. And Cahokia itself draws this out of me because it is there that I am most being called on to take a stand, not simply to understand the past but to correct it.

So to the story of that day: on October 2, 2012, as I was driving back to Athens, Ohio from Lawrence, Kansas with the goal of closing up the house so it could be ready for a buyer to move in should it sell while I am in Finland, I stopped by Cahokia again. I was called to do so, but I had no idea what the plan might be. I wasn’t aware of any new mound to explore or situation to take into account. I just knew that I needed to go there. So I did, despite the fact that I was also eager to make good time on the fourteen-hour drive back to Athens.

As soon as I stepped out of the car into the moody, rainy afternoon, I knew that I needed to walk between the Twin Mounds. I still didn’t know why. As I approached the mounds I felt a growing sense of anticipation, knowing that there was a large host of spirits gathered here for this very visit and that I was somehow going to be involved in something big. I walked up along the southern end of Mound 60 (which Anna and I take to be a male energy mound) and entered into the space between it and Mound 59 (which we take to be a female energy mound).

As I entered into the space in between the mounds I could feel the combined energy vortex there growing in intensity. At this point I found myself quickly shifting into the consciousness of what I knew was one of my former selves—a shaman who had lived and died at Cahokia during the critical time of the take-over by the sacrificial priests. With reassurance from my Higher Self, I gave this shaman permission to use me as his vehicle for this action.

I immediately knew everything about this former self who was now controlling my body, speech, and actions. I knew that this shaman-priest was very powerful but that he was now confronting the power of a rising class of sacrificial priests who were converting the mound powers from structures of love to structures of death and mind control. As with many other early communal experiments in democratic spiritual societies devoted to superconscious development of the Power of Love, this Cahokia was facing its destruction and conversion into a technology of death. I was the shaman representing the losing side, the advocates of Love Power. But I was now here to turn the tables and bring back the Power of Love.

I—I will now speak of the shaman in the first person, given that he and I were now unified in action and that this was a lesson for me from a past self, even though I was watching the entire scene as though I were a passive observer watching a movie—I walked solemnly and powerfully to the power point where the vortex energy of the two mounds converged. I raised my hand to the west and began drawing in the energy from Mound 59. Then suddenly and completely by surprise, I found myself shouting prayers to the mounds in a language I have never heard before. I continued to speak this language, shouting out sacred orders and incantations of some kind throughout the rest of my time at Cahokia.

Next I turned my face to the east towards Mound 60 and began taking in that mound’s energy. Two whirlpool columns of light shot up from each mound high into the heavens. During all of this thousands of voices were cheering me on, shouting “Gabriel! Gabriel! Gabriel!” I then found myself turning my face northward and drew in the energy from Monk’s Mound, the massive earthen pyramid that draws most tourists to Cahokia. As I did so, a whirlpool column of light shot up from Monk’s Mound and then arced downwards towards me. The power point between Mounds 59 and 60 was now triangulated by this addition of energy from Monk’s Mound. Suddenly a massive tower of light shot up from my power point high into the heavens, illuminating the entire quadrant of the planet in the midst of the rainy overcast Illinois sky. This was accompanied by the increasing sound of cheering voices coming both from other past inhabitants of Cahokia and from a host of spirits and fairies.

Throughout this drama of energy and light I was still clueless as to what the whole show was about. Things started to get a little clearer, though, when I found myself turning my whole body around to face the south—where Mound 72 lay in the distance, secluded from the greater community of mounds. Mound 72 had been revealed to me during an earlier visit to be the site of the sacrificial priests, all of whom were represented by the figure of the Birdman of Cahokia, the honorary priest whose corpse was found by anthropologists with its bones lying among the skeletons of dozens of women. This particular mound had become the primary embodiment of the sacrificial turn at Cahokia.

While initially a figure that commands awe and fascination (and today is the official Park icon), the Birdman in the end represents the power of the bird of prey turned against the innocent. In order to enhance their own status and power and prestige, the shaman-priests here began a culture of ceremonial sacrifice that converted the site’s Power of Love into the Power of Destruction. Now here I was, with thousands of shouting spirits by my side and in the skies above me, solemnly and powerfully marching southward towards the representatives of the Powers of Destruction at Mound 72.

As my shaman-self continued marching confidently towards the mound, my watching self was getting pretty nervous. This was shaping up to be some kind of major confrontation, a battle between the forces of Love and the forces of Destruction. While this was all very exciting, I was at the same time a bit embarrassed at playing such a Neo-type role in this drama. Who am I, after all, to be drawing such attention to myself, with throngs of spirits and followers shouting in support as hosts of fairies sang their songs of anticipation and praise from the surrounding woods? I was both thrilled and embarrassed to find myself unexpectedly cast in this messianic role. I was also uneasy with the thought of the impending violence that promised to be unleashed in this righteous confrontation.

When I arrived at Mound 72 I circled around it from the west and then the south, walking to the southeastern corner of the mound. This is where I had sat months before when I originally received the vision of the blood and sacrifice that the mound had always represented. Now I saw that it was my intention to challenge this figure of destruction. This was to be the initial showdown in my attempt to turn the tables once more and raise the Power of Love. The shouts and songs echoing around grew in intensity.

I raised my arms into the sky, staring intently at the center of the mound, seeing the Birdman of Cahokia ready for attack. I began to open my mouth to shout, expecting this to be the onset of the great battle. I leaned my head back and shouted, “Birdman of Cahokia, bearer of sacrifice and destruction, representative of the Priests of Death, I am here to tell you that we love you! We are here to welcome you into the Circle of Love where you have belonged from the beginning. Forgive yourselves for the destruction you have created and unleashed upon the world. Forgive yourselves for the rape and the murder you have conducted in the name of all that is holy. Join us in this Circle of Love!” I was absolutely stunned by this speech. This was not what I had expected at all. Here I was, nervously expecting the beginning of some battle of Armageddon, and what I witnessed instead was a call to Love and self-forgiveness.

The Birdman of Cahokia was clearly just as stunned as I was. He drew back into his mound, not sure what to make of this surprising turn of events. All around me the fairies of Cahokia were singing and cheering, thanking me for finally returning and beginning the Great Turn of Love. I looked deep into the woods into the heart of the fairy throngs and smiled. I knew that I had finally stepped up and had accepted my calling. I knew that now I had finally embraced the Shaman of the Circle of Love who I had always known myself to be but had never dared to acknowledge.

Just at this moment, I looked back northward at the space between the mounds. A deer ran into the space from the same southeasterly direction in which I had approached Mounds 59 and 60. The deer ran right to the vortex power point where the light funnels from the three main mounds had converged. It stood there, facing Monk’s Mound, surrounded in intense light. And then it turned and looked directly at me for what seemed like a full thirty seconds. I thanked the deer for consecrating this event. At that point it turned and ran off towards the north, disappearing from view as if it had evaporated before my eyes. I felt truly blessed at this sight.

I marched back towards the Twin Mounds as triumphantly and gloriously as I had marched down to Mound 72. I spoke with the spirits of the trees as I passed. I returned to my car, looked back briefly at the Twin Mounds, and then pulled back out onto the street to continue my trip to Ohio in the gathering rain.

Kivi Sky and the Magic of Stroud’s Run

By Gabriel Hartley

November 9, 2014


We’d been feeling called back to Stroud’s Run State Park for some months now. It is, after all, only about two miles from our house as the crow flies and on the same energetic line that runs through our property straight across Dutch Creek and Scatter Ridge, dropping down from the ridges to Dow Lake. And this energetic line is something else! But with the beauty of gardens to plant and grow and harvest and so much work to do at home, not to mention the constant magic in our own forest right here in our backyard, we just didn’t get back to Stroud’s for awhile.

But this morning, two days after Kivi Sky’s due date, we just felt that it would be right to go, to hike, to get ourselves charged and situated for the upcoming birth. So we drove the five miles or so it takes to get to Stroud’s by road, traveling through some of the most picturesque scenery in the country, parking at the head of the horse trails in the little lot off of Scatter Ridge Road with the beautiful late-morning sun filtering through the mid-Autumn trees.


We initially started a little way down the first trail we came to, Amaretto Trail, but quickly realized that this path drops down to the lake rather than up and over the ridges to the (unacknowledged) sacred ceremonial stone center we were planning to visit. So we walked back to the dirt road and up to another trail that we thought would take us directly to the stone center.

As way led to way, however, we found that this trail took us far to the southeast of where we had initially planned on going. Instead of being on the high point of the Sundown Trail, we were at the conjunction of the Sundown, Hank, and Indian Mound Trails. It felt as though we had been unconsciously transported to this spot somehow, as though this was one place we were supposed to be but which we never would have chosen to go to on our own. In fact, this was the spot I had at first suggested hiking to, but the parking lot nearest to this spot was closed for construction (probably for fracking).

One beautiful surprise in finding ourselves unexpectedly in this spot was that we were now at another very sacred stone center in the park. This short trail connects the Indian Mound Trail to the Lakeside Trail and drops down from the ancient mounds to the lake shore while passing through several very enchanted fairy abodes. A few summers ago we brought some of my students here on what I call an Akashic Field Trip and this was the first time in a while we had come to this spot together, despite its being one of our favorites.

There are several massive trees that seem to have been exploded across the path, as though blown up by some enormous energy at their base. This has always struck me as an outward sign of the immense energy that shoots through the earth and sky at Stroud’s. Today we found many more trees crossing the paths as we hiked.

Blasted Trunks Across the Path

Blasted Trunks Across the Path

So we gave in to the pleasure of being where we hadn’t planned on going and greeted the fairies below us down the embankments from the path. This particular path took us down to one of my favorite spots, a rock outcropping protected by a series of massive exploded trees. In this particular outcropping one of the main boulders has a beautifully precise split down the middle which we are always drawn to, feeling so good just standing over the crack or stepping down into it.


Sacred Cleft

Anna’s power seemed to magnify as she stood above the crack, taking in the stone energy that had drawn us there this day to celebrate our oncoming stone/sky boy, Kivi.


Super Mama-to-Be!

I was drawn to lie down in the crack in a warm bed of leaves with the sun shining in my face.


Taking in the Earth Energy

As soon as I got comfortable, the Stone Beings started talking to me. They told me that this particular spot contained an immense amount of earth energy and that lying in between the two boulder halves like this gave a person a massive energetic charge. My aching back (sore after throwing it out several days earlier) immediately felt comforted by the energy rising from the earth.

As we dropped down to the path below the stony outcropping, we stopped to take more photos and just take in the scene before us. I was thanking the Stone Beings for this gift of energy and communication when they said, “Well, this is all for your boy about to be born. It’s only appropriate that we Stone Beings welcome this Kivi boy into the world this way!” I then realized why we had been led down this way to this particular rock outcropping and let go into a swirl of thankfulness for being in this universe at this moment.


As we followed the path we turned onto the Lakeside Trail that follows the north edge of the lake.


Trail Markers

I had felt especially drawn to the lake this day, in addition to the various rock groups, and was thankful to be walking along the lake shore taking in the Water Energy. The lake expresses itself in a very different way from the Stone and Sky ways.


Dow Lake

Taking in this water power, we then turned up Haley Trail in order to round around to the northwest to the sacred stone circle, now a couple miles away, that was our original destination. As we passed up along Haley Trail we came to another beautiful stone outcropping that I didn’t remember.


Haley Trail Stone Group

I was again greeted by the Stone Beings as we approached the cliff face. As I marveled looking upward from them through the tree tops into the sky, they again emphasized that this was a day for greeting Kivi into the world.

The next mile or two proved to be rather wearisome, my back aching more and more and Anna’s pregnant belly feeling the weight and the miles. But the Stone Beings kept reminding us to draw our power from the stone. So we steeled ourselves and marched forward in a mixture of pain and bliss as we turned off to the west onto the Sundown Trail.

As always, arriving at the Sacred Stone Circle was very magical. I could see the Altar Stone—an extremely powerful and predominant stone set off by itself next to the Sundown Trail—glowing in a brilliant etheric light through the hills as we had been drawing closer and now seeing its brilliance face to face was very comforting.


The Altar Stone

I noticed on this trip that there was a wedge cut into the corner of the stone and felt drawn to lie in this niche.


The Niche in the Altar Stone

I immediately realized that this niche had served in ancient days as a space travel device of some sort and that the Altar Stone itself was a type of spacecraft (in addition to its other powerful features). I suddenly knew that ancient astronauts had lain in this same groove in order to travel into distant worlds and distant times.


Anna then lay in the niche herself and took off into the skies.


The Altar Stone the whole time continued to give off the most comforting energy I could imagine—an energy that felt so primal and so familiar.


Stony Love



After fifteen minutes or more of communing with the spirits of the place, we climbed up the bank to the rock face above that stands guard over the Altar Stone below.


Guardian Rocks


From here we walked up to the high point of the ridge, a spot that has always revealed itself as a meeting place for humans and Sky Beings. We spent five or ten minutes taking in this new configuration of energy.


On Top of Kivi Sky Peak

As I was lying on the ground, both to comfort my back and to feel the earth energy throughout my body, I was told that this was the climax of our journey for Kivi.


Getting Close to Mother Nature

This is the true Kivi Sky point where earth and the heavens meet. This was the dragon-power spot that our Kivi Sky is named after, the unification of earth and heaven.


End of the Hike

By the time we got back to our car we were quite dizzy, exhausted, and exhilarated! What a miracle this world is! How communicative it can be if you just take the time to listen and to learn. We drove back along Scatter Ridge, dropping down to Dutch Creek—where we came across a small herd of orange long-haired Scottish cattle who greeted on the roadside—as we drove through the magical hills back to our house, listening to Neil Young on the CD player and feeling so beautiful and so full of life.


Scottish Cattle on Dutch Creek Road


Greetings From Procyon

By Gabriel Hartley

September 28, 2014


H.A. Rey’s Eastern Sky for Sept. 16, 2-4 a.m.

In the early morning hours yesterday—around 4:00 A.M.—I again woke for the third night in a row to find myself staring out of our bedroom window just as a bright star was rising above the tree line to the East. Each morning I wondered which star this might be and why I felt so drawn to it—hailed by it, in fact, as it sought to catch my attention. So yesterday morning, after doing some cautionary grounding chants, I decided to accept the invitation and ask, “Who’s there?”

The answer initially came in energetic streams entering my energy body, a rush of warming, soothing energy that felt something like soaking in a warm tub. I could “feel” the vast amount of information being sent to me, or, rather, through me, and could feel myself taking this information in, information that felt very, very familiar to me.

I then asked the star being (or beings) who contacted me which star this was, and they immediately answered “Procyon.” [They pronounced it PRO-see-on, although it seems pro-SIGH-on would be good, too.] Given my tendency to be cautious and skeptical when approached by new beings, no matter how familiar their energy register might feel, I replied, “I have no idea where Procyon is. How do I know that you’re telling the truth or that I’m not creating this answer?”—a less likely possibility, given that I had no memory of ever being very conscious of the existence of Procyon before. The beings simply and calmly answered, “Don’t worry. Just look it up later and confirm it for yourself.” And then we continued with the extra-conceptual energetic exchange of information.

Nevertheless, after ten or fifteen minutes I found that I could no longer restrain myself and so I got up and got out my H.A. Rey star chart book. Surprisingly yet not at all surprisingly, I found that the star was indeed Procyon! Its proximity to Sirius (slightly further to the southeast) and Orion confirmed the ETs’ statement. I felt a bit dizzy and ecstatic and ran back to bed to continue the conversation.

Now I asked, “OK, we’ve confirmed where you’re from. Now please tell me why you contacted me.” And the information they then gave me was quite amazing.

They told me first that my caution in accepting their invitation to communicate was very important and that in fact this need for caution was part of their message. They said that there has been a recent influx of extra-terrestrial beings entering the Earth’s energetic sphere in an attempt to further the mind-control agenda long ago established between alien races and various human religious and political leaders. So any human now entering into communicative exchanges with any other entities needs to be especially careful to ascertain the intentions and goals of the entities who contact them before opening up their energy channels to any visitors. (This is, of course, true with any entities no matter their origin.)

I noticed that as they were speaking I could still feel the soothing warm energetic bath they were pouring over and through me, so I asked them about the reasons for that. Their answer was that one of their functions in their alliance with human beings is to introduce healing frequencies that can assist humans in their energetic development and their bodily integrity (including all of those bodies beyond the physical). The frequency radiating out from Procyon, they said, is such as to repair various forms of damage to the human body as well as to lift the human spirit. Its overall effect, in other words, is much like that of some benevolent form of morphine-based healing compound. I asked whether it poses similar risks of addiction and stupor, and they said that its effects were just the opposite. These healing and soothing rays are much more like the regenerative rays from our Sun. In some way I don’t yet understand, these rays affect the lymph system and the pituitary gland.

It seems that our all of our interlinked bodies—physical, etheric, astral, mental, and causal—are undergoing significant changes during this time of energetic shifts on the planet as well as throughout the solar system. The Procyonians said that the energetic flow from their star system was designed to help humans in this process of inter-bodily harmonization and transition.

Again I asked them how I might corroborate this information, and again they suggested that I search online. I did so and found that the limited amount of information I found through Google does indeed corroborate everything they told me in terms of their general reason for interacting with humankind. (There is also information concerning their physical characteristics, but I did not see any of them physically, so I cannot speak to that.)

They deposited a great deal of additional information by means of energetic downloads, information which I can feel circulating in my system but which I have not yet had a chance to draw to consciousness and articulation. I look forward to the opportunity to do so. This all feels very familiar to me, as though they have struck a deep past-life chord within me.


Elk-Buffalo-Mastadon Vision

June 3, 2014

My shamanic journey yesterday (Monday, June 2, 2014) proved to be quite provocative, and I will try to recall the details and significance of it here.

elkAfter our usual preliminary chants and pranayama exercises, Anna and I went off into our own visionary and energetic experiences. I immediately felt the energetic rush that signals the address from a spirit entity with whom I might communicate. As I melted into the energetic communion, I noticed that this communicative experience was not simply a verbal and energetic exchange—my usual experience—but a dreamlike visionary one as well. I saw and felt myself walking or floating through a mountain meadow surrounded by steep spruce forests rising up at least a thousand feet from the high meadow valley. The meadow was a rich grassy plain.

I noticed that I was walking along with some other creatures of some sort but was not trying to make out who or what they were as the guiding voice narrated the significance of my experience. The voice said, “You are surprised to find that the foundation stone of your practice is still here beneath you when you thought you had melted it into your being.” At this point I saw a stone rectangular slab about two feet by three feet wide and a foot tall, the kind of stone slab that serves as the front doorstep for many old farm houses here in southeastern Ohio, stones carved out of the local landscape.

I suddenly shifted out of the dreamlike flow, telling the being speaking to me that this must all be too dreamlike, that I should snap out of this dream and gain better focus. But the voice told me that this dreamlike experience was exactly what I needed to experience rather than some more purely intellectual verbal exchange. So I relaxed into the dream vision and let the spirit voice continue.

He went on with the narrative. (I have a sense of the entity being male, but I had not yet sought the being’s identity other than my recognition that he gave off an atmosphere of calm assurance and comforting wisdom.) “You are surprised that you have not yet melted your foundation stone into your being and your practice, and you find yourself standing on this stone, comforted by its stability.” With these words I saw myself standing on the stone, yet the stone, curiously, was moving along with the procession through the high mountain meadow as if carried by some liquid or airy flow. Perhaps the stone was suspended on a magnetic field that allowed for its hovering motion.

The voice added, “You see around you the antlers of thousands of Elk,” and once he said this I noticed thousands of white sticklike things rising up from the ground. I only now recognized them as antlers rather than old tree branches. “You are walking through the ancient Elk graveyard, which is very sacred ground, and you are re-establishing your ancient connection with the Elk Spirits.” Aha, I thought, this is exactly what I feel, although I had not before now been conscious of this strange yet familiar feeling of belonging and kinship in this cemetery landscape.

antlers“You are happy to be reunited with your Elk family, and it is here that you find yourself still drawing from the power of your foundation stone. Your Elk family are in fact Buffalo, and you now see your ancient connection with the Bison Spirits of the Planet.” As my Spirit Guide said this I saw the elk transform into buffalo as I walked among them in the procession.

buffaloAt this point one of the large buffalo in front of me turned and faced me in a gesture of recognition and address. I acknowledged the buffalo and then felt myself morph into a buffalo, my head growing large, long, and heavy, my eyes dropping to the sides of my skull, and my nose dropping down to form a long, low snout. (I had had this same morphing experience about five years ago in another visionary experience, which was my first shape-shifting experience that I can remember.)

I realized then that it was the Buffalo who had been speaking all this time. As he spoke I felt the comforting assurance of being in the presence of an ancient soul connection. The Buffalo continued, saying “I give you your pearl, your precious Inner Gift,” and he slowly handed the large pearl, the size of a mango, over to me. As I reached out to accept the pearl I saw that it was emanating an intense and comforting light and energy. But before my fingers even reached it I saw it transform into our Taos Stone, the sacred stone we had retrieved two years ago on a previous spirit venture. The buffalo spirit said, “This is your sacred Foundation Stone, the inner pearl of your being, and you are now ready to reacquaint yourselves with its power.”

As I took the stone from the Buffalo Spirit he transformed into a mastodon and said, “Of course, your true path lies with the mastodon spirits, those with whom you walked this earth so long ago.” I then saw all of the Elk-become-Buffalo of the procession now shift into Mastadon spirits and I felt a deep soul memory of knowing this spirit plane very intimately. I remembered my Mastadon vision of two years ago in northwest Missouri and realized that this, too, is a deep part of my soul memory now making itself available to me on this current spirit path.

mastadonI embraced the Taos Stone, knowing that very soon it will begin to unlock its secrets and I will once more know its powers and its purpose in our lives as Anna and I move forward on our path. I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging and purpose and began crying in gratitude for this precious gift of myself back to myself. The Mastadon Spirits and the sacred terrain of the mountain meadow retreated from my visionary space and I was once more sitting with Anna meditating in our living room, thankful for this moment of what Carl Jung would call sacred individuation, the homecoming of a crucial part of my being that has before now lain hidden in my unconscious field of experience.

Message from Orion

[The message transcribed below from beings from Orion was channeled by Gabriel Hartley at what is now identified as Orion Hill on his property in Athens, Ohio. He was asked to pass this information on to other interested humans.]

May 13, 2014

Orion2We begin with a meditation for energetic connection with us:

Breathe deeply, and feel the energy wash over you. Feel it pour down from the top of your skull, rolling down the sides of your face, your ears, your brow, eyes and nose, cheeks, the back of the head, across the lips, chin, jaw, neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, collar bone, chest, ribs, upper arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands, fingers, glowing, spine—sheeooo!—the back, the sacrum, the hips, the groin, upper legs, knees, lower legs, ankles, feet, and toes. Your entire body bathed in light, your entire body shining in the radiance of this connection as we establish this connection with you and allow you to relax and to float into our state communication, our state of communion, here on Orion Hill.

We are very pleased with the eagerness with which you have embraced our connection with you during our announcement that we have been connected—your faith and trust, even though parts of you were not so willing. When your predominant personality trusts in this connection, that proves beneficial.

As we said, we are from the constellation Orion and more particularly we are from the star system of Betelgeuse. There are many outposts in that region, and we have established our bases there for longer than you can imagine. We did arrive from other dimensional origins through that particular portal, just as the Hathors arrived through the Sirius portal. We have worked extensively with the Kachinas. We have worked extensively with the Elves. We have worked extensively with the Fairies and Angelic Beings in a united front to aid in the evolutionary development of the Planetary Being called Earth, or Gaia, Mother Earth, and so on.

We are here to aid you in connecting to your own capacities, your own inner dimensions and powers and energies. We are not here to give you anything foreign, to teach you anything foreign, and certainly not to impose upon you anything at all. We are here to help you reach into your own inner resources through various processes that we have found helpful. These ideas are established among humans in various forms already. We will be presenting them to you in our own particular way.

At this particular time with the full moon in Scorpio, this is a time that many astrologers among you humans have recognized as Shadow time, as Shadow integration time. You have been aware of this on your own in an intuitive way by listening to the voices that have been speaking to you. It is only recently that you have realized there is a planetary human consciousness of this fact.

This very awareness of this conscious human unity is an important element in boosting your own faith and motivation. You are not alone; none of you is alone. And while you might work in a relatively isolated and seemingly individual way, on a very profound and fundamental level all of you are working with forces throughout existence in a very intimate way with many other humans carrying on the same project, and it will be through reaching out, establishing communication, networks of intelligence that will allow you to share and to learn from each other.

For this is part of the Shadow work that all humans need to do at this point—to learn to identify the blocks within the collective personality, the collective Shadow, and find ways to become conscious, address these blocks, embrace them, transform them in loving energy, and release the Shadow energy out into the universe as the divine energy that it is from Source.

The message for you to put forward is precisely this: There are many individuals and groups coming into a collective state of consciousness and working in tandem and in harmony without direct conscious connection at all times. If you can establish more conscious connections, you will also recognize how much deeper are the unconscious connections that unify you as a human Planetary Being. Your faith in being human is one of your tasks. The dark side of humanity needs to be embraced, needs to be appreciated, the energies, the motivations behind it understood, addressed, and then turned in more productive ways. This is part of what you are here to do within your own being, with the extended planetary human being, and the total being of the Planet itself.

The internet as it exists today makes much of this external connection much more possible than at any other time in recent human history. This may not always be so. There may be limitations imposed upon the openness and access to such communication networks as the internet. There may be restrictions, barriers, disconnections, shut downs. But in the meantime, use this tool and also use it as an analogy, a metaphor for the kind of superconscious connection that you are already engaged in, yet simply not fully conscious of with other groups on the planet and elsewhere.

The fact that you are listening now is the most important sign. The fact that you are opening up with heart, with divine intention, is a very good sign that you are recognizing, that you can fulfill your own being, your own intention, by embracing this moment of human connection.


Betelgeuse (Beetle Juice) is the bright yellow star at the top of the image, the right shoulder of Orion.

We are the Orionians of Betelgeuse. We have worked for millennia upon millennia with humans on your planet at many different stages of development, many of which no one would recognize at this point other than those of you who are already tapping into sources that in some circles would be called the Akashic Record, which is basically the evolutionary genetic pool that speaks to all at all times when all listen. So have faith, have courage, have certainty in your own capacities and powers and infinity, for you are the infinite, just as William Blake had said.

The main thing we ask of you at this point is for you to relax into the knowledge and acceptance of this connection. Far more lies ahead: information, energetics, transformation, Shadow reconciliations, transformation of the Planetary Being as a result your attention to this path that grows out of the human heart itself—each individual heart.

You are beautiful and infinite.

Go forward in peace and love and unity.

May the Divine Force be with you.

Monitor Answers My Question on the Kachina Spirits and the People from Below

[The following entry is the transcript of a telephone conversation between Gabriel Hartley and the collective multidimensional spirit entity known as Monitor, here channeled by Harvey Grady of the Center for Human Potential in Sedona, Arizona. The phone conversation was part of a teleconference organized by LaVetta Rolfs of the Learning for Life Center in Topeka, Kansas. The teleconference took place on Monday, February 10, 2014. Thanks to all of those involved in making this conversation and its recordings possible. For an extended introduction to Monitor, see the book Explore With Monitor: Book 1: Lessons for Freeing Yourself.]

February 10, 2014

GABRIEL:       Hi, Monitor. This is Gabriel Hartley. I’m calling for Anna Oksanen and myself. I actually was moved to change my question. So I have a question that is not written down. I composed a short list of items to include. Our question now concerns our relationship with entities who have identified themselves to us as “Kachina Spirits.” This began on a conscious level for us when Anna had a vision of a Kachina while we were together in our first visit at Findhorn in Scotland. But this past summer, we had a very profound engagement with Kachina Spirits while we were meditating in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. That vision lingered for many days, culminating in a vision I had in the Santuario at Chimayó of a Kachina Christ.

Since returning to Ohio, we have been in touch with these entities, through what we know as the third portal on the property and have entered into quite a bit of communication with them. As I was driving through Missouri a few months ago, I was alerted to the fact that they were connecting us to inhabitants of a subterranean dimension that’s in the process of an emergence, an emergence of what’s been identified to us as the “People from Below.” And so on the winter solstice, we were led to perform a ceremony to aid in this emergence process.

We’re very excited by this and what we’re learning. At the same time, we want to be appropriately respectful for the indigenous peoples who engage with entities called Kachinas. We’re also wondering if there is any connection between these experiences and the mysterious language that I often find myself speaking in ecstatic states? Could you please contact on our relationship with these Kachina Spirits?

cave Continue reading

Astral Body Work (for the Arcturians)

Astral Seed Series: Entry #3 — Other Astral Seed Entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

By Gabriel Hartley

[I have been urged by various beings to be sure to record my studies on the Astral Body in this blog. The following entry was an earlier attempt to alnswer an earlier urging to do the same.]

May 7, 2013

I have been urged for some days now by the Arcturians to begin writing down my experiences and lessons regarding the astral body and its effects on how we do in the world. Interestingly enough, I have apparently been reluctant to do so (seeing that I haven’t done so yet despite “getting started” a few different times), and I suspect that there are some astral causes behind my reluctance to explore my own recent insights.

I guess I will begin with the event during which the Arcturians first lesson for me regarding astral work (at least the first I am conscious of). About two weeks ago, the Arcturians performed a massive Astral Body Healing procedure on me (as I recorded in my April 24, 2013 Spirit Note entry entitled “Arcturian Astral Body Healing Procedure”). This experience has resonated with me intensely since that day and has provoked me to begin mentally and emotionally processing just exactly what is involved in Astral Work.


As a preliminary step, I began reading several web sites devoted to the Astral Body and the Astral Plane. I read Alice Bailey and other Theosophists on the topic. And I began a thorough reading of Explore With Monitor, which I had already been reading in order to gain clarity on what exactly Monitor meant in his references to our souls in his March 2013 comments on our Fairy experiences.

Perhaps even more importantly, I started musing on the nature of the Astral Body during my meditations and reflections. As I did this, more and more of the information regarding the Astral Body began opening up within my body consciousness. I became very aware of the ways in which the physical body processes information and causes it to expand or germinate throughout the etheric body. I also began to realize that part of what happens (or at least this is how it has been presented to me through these body-mind experiences) is that Astral seeds or nuggets solidify (calcify, in a way) in our bodies and, stored within our solar plexus region emit emotional frequencies when we are exposed to various triggers.

This is one way of explaining rapid mood change. We could be in a blissful, even meditative state in which everything in the world feels exactly right, and then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, some little trigger (a word, a song, a memory) initiates the radiation of Astral Energies from these seeds or cysts or chambers. (These seeds have been described to me as crystals that sediment or are implanted in our solar plexus.) What is also becoming clear to me is that these Astral Seeds function much like portals. In other words, a whole archaic dimension of pleasure, trauma, or ecstasy can open up from these seeds and shift us into an “older,” more primal dimension that resonates with the vibratory radiance of these emotions and unfulfilled desires. It’s as though we are at one moment in one world made up of characteristic emotional resonances and then, instantly, we find ourselves in a very different resonating dimension indeed. I might say, although I have never entertained this thought before now, that we constantly shift between various distinct dimensions or worlds that are marked by or, perhaps, even articulated or manifested by very specific emotional charges. We live in our happy little (or big!) world and then instantaneously find ourselves exposed inside an entirely different emotional universe that operates according to a very different frequency. The “same” landscape appears before us but is now clothed in a very different emotional season, so to speak, transformed instantly from summer to winter on the spot.

So what does this awareness of this transformative portal effect of these Astral Seeds make available to us? In other words, how might this awareness help us to let these seeds germinate and thereby release the pent-up emotional charges of what they store? Well, I guess the answer lies in the very way I was just led to pose this question: Once we become aware of this Astral terrain, so to speak, this crystalline grid or nest inhabiting our solar plexus, we can then consciously initiate the unfolding process that allows these seeds to germinate, mature, and release the emotional store that has previously kept us bound to certain reflexes and replays. Only by giving birth to the emotions, allowing them to expand and pour out from our Astral Bodies—sometimes like a flower, sometimes like a geyser—can we then liberate ourselves from the paralyzing cycles of fear, jealousy, anger, or despair that otherwise continually keep us bouncing from one Astral dimension to another.

This leads me now to another side of this complex. The “negative” emotions that we believe we wish to avoid (such as fear, jealousy, and anger) are the complement of the “positive” emotions we believe we wish to foster (such as happiness, blissful love, and reverie). Just as we can and should initiate the release mechanism that allows the flowering forth of the nuggets of fear, for example, we can also initiate the unfoldings of bliss. Perhaps it is just as debilitating in ways we can’t imagine for us to hold onto the stores of potential bliss as it is to hold onto fear. Perhaps it is just as important for our growth to allow for the blossoming forth of the “positive” emotions as the “negative.” It is only in their flowering forth that they open up to their true nature as ecstatic release of energies.

And this is in part why I put “positive” and “negative” within quotation marks. If we try to hold onto the positive, it is likely to transform into an unexpected form of the negative. If we try to hold onto Love, for example, and keep its energies encrypted (encased) within our Astral Seed chambers, these Seed Energies are likely to explode in unpleasant and unhappy ways. If the hoped-for end result is to be some kind of balanced detachment, then this has to mean detachment from pathological clinging to pleasure just as much as pathological clinging to pain. We can only flower when we let each of these apparent opposites bloom and flow outwards and, like a glove turning inside out, open up our inner Astral chambers to the universe of ecstasy we are capable of becoming. The tiny seed within us opens up into infinity and we thereby become conscious of the infinite nature of our Selves and our Souls.

Energetic Seed Crystals and the Matrix of the Human Body

Astral Seed Series: Entry #1 — Other Astral Seed Entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

water_crystalBy Gabriel Hartley

[The following entry consists of the transcript of a channeling I did in April of 2013 but only recently transcribed. It concerns the expansive technologies of our body’s crystalline matrix as it serves as the site for allowing for the maturation and birthing of the information stored in the form of seed crystals located in our solar plexus.

This information is not only important for the birthing of information for the development of knowledge but also for the release of stored emotional charge in the Astral seed crystals that often clog our energetic systems. This emotional release allows for better energetic flow within our various bodies—physical, etheric, astral, and mental.]

April 17, 2013

Introductory Words from My Higher Self

I am bringing to you an Arcturian who goes by the name of Goswami. The purpose of this interaction is the interjection of certain facets of consciousness that may serve to raise your vibration to a point at which you might then be able to internally transform the various energetic packets that you have received as downloads throughout the years and begin to unpack or decode them, let them fulfill themselves within as moods, circuits, and streams of consciousness.

Goswami worked among humans for thousands of years and, yes, worked with the various renunciates who go by the title of Goswami. He/She has played a critical role in the development of a variety of systems of consciousness and energy and is now prepared to take you to a higher level of your development and illumination.

Now I introduce to you the reverend Goswami.


Goswami Speaks

The Arcturian Role in the Earthly Development of Fairy Portals

To begin with, I will elaborate a bit on the role of Arcturian intervention on Earth and in particular our role in the development of Fairy systems and technologies. As you know, Arcturians helped in the introduction of certain lines of faeries on earth, in particular the primary line that you have been working with so far—the Mound Fairies. As you told your classes yesterday, the sacred mounds on Earth have functioned primarily as portals. The entire emphasis of the Mound Fairies, known in Ireland as the Sídhe, is on the engagement with portal networks.

We have played a major role in the development of the Mound faeries on earth. In the early days, so to speak, we provided energetic service to the manifesting Faeries as they grew into their early phases of being within the Earthly planetary field. They themselves arrived here to help in the development of the Earth energy systems, including those systems called portals.

As you have come to learn, portals involve a shift in vibration. You yourselves have already used the portals in this way, both in waking and in sleeping states. Gabriel, for example, has traveled from Newark, Ohio to Glastonbury in this way, and as he can attest, the process is immediate, not at all one requiring conceptual understanding in order to undergo. Nevertheless, an understanding of the physics involved does help in communicating the process to those more skeptical of such events and possibilities.

To begin with, the energies that you take on when you empty yourself, when you allow your consciousness to open up and to expand into the vibratory fields necessary for this kind of travel, is such that when you engage with the vibrations of the spot you intend to go to, you then change your own manifestation—you change your own vibration and you travel from wherever you are to the point of your intention. Now sometimes this is not necessarily a clear intention. You may have the intention simply to enter the portal to go where your Higher Self might send you, where the particular beings you are working with might send you, where whatever the highest possible good can serve, you are able to choose to go there. You are able to shift into these vibratory states automatically. This is a gift of what it means to be human. This is a gift of what it means to be an element in this universe, in this vibration, in the sense, to the degree that you have attained the consciousness necessary for entering into and manifesting this particular vibratory shifting mechanism.

You have been working with these fairies for some time now. This is a very important group for you to work with. We understand that you have received very good advice and counsel from the collective entity referred to as Monitor and we second that information. Do not let this in any way, however, suggest that the information you have received, the experiences you have had to this point, the beings you have engaged with are not valid in themselves.

Energetic Seed Packets

You are in the process of putting together more material. You are in the process of expanding your own capacity for letting the packets of information, the packets of energetic transformation unfold within you, unfold in your being and transform you into the new beings you are shaping up to be. You are working with these packets. You are engaging their internal dynamics, so to speak. You are triggering the processes that are meant to be triggered as these packets unfold. As these packets let their energies loose in you, they expand as a tiny seed. They germinate.

This is the metaphor that has been coming to you. The Hathors brought this to you, yes, the Hathors brought this to you. And this is perhaps the best concept for you to work with at the moment—that of the seed—and think of this not simply in terms of seed souls, which will be crucial, will be important, but also these packets functioning as energetic seeds, as informational seeds, as transformational seeds within you. As you allow these seeds germinate, as you sit back and let them do the work they can do naturally in their own genetic structure because, yes, these seeds have their own bio-organic energetic matrix, their own bio-organic energetic structure, they will do the work that they are designed to do, just as the seed grows into flower, a seed grows into a tree, a seed groups into a vegetable of some sort, a seed grows into a human embryo under the right circumstances. These particular packets are gestating within you, and basically what you are asked to do is work with the energies of opening up to allow these seeds the best possible maturation matrix. You are basically functioning as the wombs of creation; you basically are functioning as the matrix of transformation. You will provide the space within the material density for which these particular seeds have been designed.

The Human Body as a Musical Instrument

Let that sink in, because as we speak of this, we are already initiating the particular energetic stage, the particular energetic phase, the particular energetic glow or tingling in your body that is necessary for this kind of unfolding in expansion. You can feel it now as we speak. You can feel it now as we work on you and provide this energetic glow, this energetic expansion. Let it fill your body fill your cavity, fill your flesh, fill your bones. You are opening up; you are resonating. Imagine that your bodies are musical instruments. They are musical instruments the intention of which in their design is to allow them to vibrate, to allow them to vibrate the way a crystal bowl will vibrate, the way a violin’s strings will vibrate.

You are vibrating instruments. You are the drum skins of the universe. You are here to bring about the music of creation. That is the body’s work, to bring about the music of creation because when the body can fully enter into this vibratory musical condition, then the seeds will germinate according to the symphonies of the universe. You will open up. You gave birth to the songs of God. You become the manifestation of the vibrations that sing the praises of creation, of the universe, of extension, of infinity, the infinite I Am that we all participate in, that we all express, that we all manifest. You as bodies, as densities, as consciousnesses who can work within these bodies the way you do when you ride a bicycle, the way you do when you walk down the street, the way you do when you sing or make love. Your bodies and your consciousnesses work together in order to produce a particular combination of effects, events, processes that will allow for the primary, the optimal conditions for the maturation, the healthy growth of these seeds, these packets of information. They are within you.

The crystal seeds in your solar plexus are what we’re talking about. You where alerted to the fact that this crystalline matrix in your solar plexus has already been aligned with crystalline matrix of the planet. This much is true. The crystalline matrix is an overlay, a particular energetic overlay of the portal matrix, the portal web, portal grid that surrounds the planet. And the crystalline matrix is an energetic matrix that allows for communication, allows for transportation, allows for conscious manipulation and movement and vibration. You can sing yourselves into the beauty of existence. You can tap into and tune into these matrices, these grids as if you were one of many strings in a piano. And in your pure and energetic vibration, you particular string, your particular being as this string, this note allows for the interplay, the extension, the wave of vibration that gets the rest of the strings humming, the strings that are in harmonic convergence with you—the string, the tone, the vibration that you are.

Allowing the Information to Be Born Within You

The key at this point—while we are giving you a set of metaphors, a set of concepts, a set of intellectual props that can help you make sense of and speak to one another about the processes involved—mainly the thing for you to focus on is the particular vibration of the body that you can feel now: that tingling that enters into and speaks and sings in every cell of your being and radiates from out.

For the time being, then, what we hope to work with with you is the instauration, the inauguration of this particular vibratory effect, to be able to work with you to get the body to resonate, to vibrate in this particular way, and to draw your consciousness into the same vibration, because as that happens, as that occurs, you gain the understanding of the information that is within those packets. This is in one sense the technology, the vibratory radiance of the Akashic field. This is the way that these particular packets can unfold as infinite stores of information, infinite stores of stories, tales, mythologies, sciences, cosmologies, songs of the universe, songs of God, songs of the infinite I Am. This is the technology that unfolds within you.

This is on par with the concept the stone beings gave you of the “stringing out” [of meditating on small bits of information in order to allow for their elaboration and expansion into greater comprehension]. Every point carries within itself everything else, so no matter how small the point is that you begin with in terms of textual material—for instance, one word—one word can create volumes and volumes of books that explain what that word has in common with the rest of the verbal universe and the conceptual systems and vibrations that those words bring together. This is part of the way you can open up your consciousness, open up your consciousness to the sense of knowing you are now vibrating in a way that allows this unfolding, this opening up that then brings into existence the statements, the structures, the chapters, the information necessary for you to communicate to other beings.

The Birthing Tone

So a particular tone that works with this vibration we will sing at this moment, and this will be one for you to meditate with, to hum as your own particular Om, so to speak. This is your particular vibratory tone that will allow you to initiate this particular hum, this particular vibration. And the tone goes as follows:


[three repetitions in mantra fashion of F, 174hz]

As you have noticed, that particular note has filled your body, filled your being with this vibration. It is no longer simply a tingle; it is a full body glow, a full area of warmth. It is a manifestation of the vibration necessary for the gestation of the seeds of information, the seeds of energetic transformation, the packets of unfolding of the wisdom of the universe that will take place in your bodies. Together you will resonate, together your bodies, like the two strings vibrating in proximity with one another, will vibrate this tone, will allow for this matrix of gestation.

You are blessed, you are brought together in part for this purpose. This is a particular reason you came here from Arcturus originally. This is a particular reason you have engaged with the mound fairies, and this particular technology of vibration is your gift to this planet. Go forward in that vibration in the blessings of Creation.