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Another Day of Interactions with Arcturians in Athens

January 31, 2015

arcturian ships

Last night as Anna and I were sitting in bed, reading, watching astrological videos, and playing with Kivi, our son who on that day turned eleven weeks old, I casually related a memory from earlier in the day that had just come back to me.

I said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier that at work today, as I was walking from Baker Student Union past the campus mound above the old Journalism building and near the administrative buildings, I felt a call to look over at the sacred stone on the mound. Just as I did I saw an enormous beam of light shoot up from the mound into the heavens farther than I could see, and there, as if suspended on the beam of light was a massive Arcturian space ship.”

What struck me most in that moment of relating this tale was not the outstanding nature of such a sight but the fact that up until that moment I had forgotten all about it. I was struck, in other words, by the fact that I have become so habituated to such phenomenal occurrences that they often no longer stand out in my memory any more than what I had for lunch (a phenomenal bagel sandwich, by the way!). And I suppose this is a good thing, so long as I don’t begin to take such happenings for granted and no longer let their importance seep into my being.

More amazing was the fact that this perhaps unusual encounter was only one of several that I had had during the day. On the way to school in the morning as I was driving along the highway by the Stimson Street bridge over the Hocking River, I looked over at the Arcturian ship that is constantly stationed over the river just south of the bridge (positioned between Bong Hill and the international student housing apartment buildings). As I felt our Mental Bodies align with one another, I asked the Arcturian who usually communicates with me a question I hadn’t thought of until then.

“How often do you guys have to go back to refuel? It must take quite a bit of fuel to keep hovering up there week after week, year after year!”

The Arcturian sort of chuckled at my naïveté and answered that their ships don’t use “fuel” in the sense that we on Earth tend to think of but rather a form of energy production that is “green” and limitless.

I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, how silly of me to think so.” And then I continued on to school.

So between my classes as I was out getting lunch I then saw the beam of light and the enormous Arcturian space ship that I have already mentioned.

I should explain that the mound on that part of campus is the physical remnant of an ancient sacred mound that has since been more or less reshaped by the “landscaping” process of turning this sacred hilltop into a university. The hill is not only the energetic center of this particular curve in the Hocking Valley—positioned in the center of a ring of hills and ridges that surround the campus from Peach Ridge to the north to the hills of the Ridges complex to the south to Bong Hill to the East—but also, I was told yesterday, the energetic center of this entire southeastern region of Ohio. So often when I walk past this part of the College Green my attention is drawn to the massive earth energy pouring out from this mound. And the same was true yesterday—although I was deep in thought about where to find lunch at the moment until I heard a voice draw my attention to the mound.


The ship far above on the light beam must have been at least as large as a city, for given how far above the Earth’s surface it was hovering, it nevertheless looked very large from below. I asked the ship’s inhabitants who they were (although I had already intuited the answer) and they said, “We’re the Arcturians, of course.” The “of course” is in recognition that the Arcturians are the primary star people who contact me on a fairly regular basis and the only ones whose ships I have seen (at least consciously).

Then in the mid-afternoon as I was driving to do some shopping on the way home I passed the ship hovering above the Hocking River as I crossed the bridge on Stimson. Given that this was the third time in one day that they had caught my attention, I decided to ask the Arcturians some more questions.

“What brings you all to Athens and how long have you been here?”

They replied that they came here several hundred years ago to oversee the human relations among themselves in such a powerful spot, the idea being that disharmony among the human inhabitants would have an impact on the effect of the power emanating from the multiple vortexes and other energy sources, not least of which is the Hocking River itself.

They added that while Euro-Americans often imagine that the troubles for Indians only started when the white people washed up on shore on this continent, the truth is that there had been troubles in this area for many centuries before the Europeans (at least the wave we all talk about beginning in 1620 and all) arrived. It seems that the tribal peoples who moved through this part of the continent over a span of many centuries often came into conflict with one another. Why else would the Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois) have needed to create a Great Law of Peace, after all, if they were already living in peace among one another?

Of course, things then heated up exponentially once the English colonial “settlers” began looking for ways to add the Northwest Territories to their list of real estate properties. And now, the Arcturians (and others) emphasize, with increasing technological ravages against the Earth these days, humans need to draw their attention to the ways in which they are affecting the energetic streams of sacred sites such as Athens.

So now, Dear Reader, you might have a better sense of why I was more surprised not by the happenings of the day in my interactions with the star beings but by the casualness with which I engaged in these communications and then so easily forgot about them by later that evening.