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Solar Thoughts on My Birthday

June 30, 2014

Early this morning I was awoken by Anna’s voice saying “Happy Birthday, Rakas (Love)!” And I thought, “Yes, today IS my birthday! How lucky I am!”

sun cardAs I lay there in the warm glow of those thoughts, a spirit voice began softly speaking, saying:

“Yes, today IS your birthday! And perhaps you have never had the chance to really think about what this day means to you!”

Curious, I asked the spirit voice to continue.

“Well, you might like to think about the fact that this day is the annual reproduction of your personal relationship to the Sun. Remember, you chose to come into this world and this life on this particular day in part because of its specific expression of Solar energy. On the day and hour you were born the sun was in a unique position in relation to your planet and the Planetary Being at large. You were born at that moment as an embodiment of that Solar expression.

This means that each year on this same day you enter into that personal Solar aspect once again and reacquaint yourself with the Cosmic Alignment as it speaks to you. Making yourself conscious of this fact on each birthday allows you to ground yourself more deeply and consciously into the fact of your Cosmic purpose. You are a Star Being carrying this particular ray of sunshine as your own light in the universe.”

Upon hearing this message I felt myself sink deeper into the warm glow of this moment that began with Anna’s loving greeting.

Wow. We truly are unique expressions of the Cosmic Divine as we play our part in the enunciation of the Solar Logos! And on our birthday each year we get to rejoice in our own tone in the great Cosmic Chorus of Existence.

Yes, today IS my birthday! And I am now humming in the tone of my particular being, thankful for the role I get to play, the tone I get to sound, the love I get to express as one of those born into this particular glow of the Sun!

sun 2

The Matakin Wind Spirits of Illinois

May 26, 2014

[Transcript of Channeled Message]

This is the voice of the Sky Spirits here in Illinois, near Pocahontas on I-70. The sky spirits here are the Matakin, which reminds me of the Matachines of New Mexico, but that’s something different. So the spirits of the sky, these swirling vortex spirits, these whirlpools of consciousness that sweep through the atmosphere here, [1:00] are so powerful, so amazing! I’m feeling their presence, and they’re actually speaking to me.

[Long pause.]

They are speaking, but without words, so it’s a more difficult channel. It’s an energetic channel. They are swirling, swirling through my energy body as I drive through here. My intention was to channel the energies as they are transformed into words, which is what normally happens. Yet [2:00] this is a much more energetic swirl I feel through my limbs, through my chest, and my head—these energetic whirlpools—but it’s such a conscious, living energy. I’m being embraced and penetrated by these massive swirling, beautiful beings. And again they are drawing my attention to the Heart Chakra and the role that the Heart Chakra plays in the human energy system as a kind of conduit, a portal, a vortex of its own with the various energies that the human has at its disposal are woven together and disseminated. [3:00]

This is one area where James Cameron had it right in Avatar with the tsaheylu notion, the bonding. This is a kind of bonding. The difference is that he had to fall back necessarily, in terms of the audience and the filmic medium, on some kind of visual connection, and so the various “ponytails” of the humanoids connect with the fiber, the sort of fiber optics, of all the other entities on the planet—the Tree of Souls, the various animals that they [4:00] ride, and so on—whereas it’s the Heart Chakra itself on an energetic fusion level, an energetic bonding that opens up in this way. And I can feel—phew! oh!—I can feel the Matakin as they sweep through my energy body. It’s a sweeping; it’s a rushing; it’s like being in the shower, but it’s penetrating my chest, through my arms. It’s a big swirling swoop, and it’s . . . well, I’m ecstatic! It’s so amazing! So amazing, this [5:00] kind of union, this kind of communion with the beings.

And I guess what I’m supposed to record at the moment is this particular experience, because one of the things I think I get stuck in—and this might be just a human peculiarity—is that when I communicate, when I channel, I get stuck in a verbal mode and expect that the beings will be speaking through me, giving me verbal information, intellectual information, and one of the things that we need to be much more conscious of is our energetic communication. How do we open up and respond and project [6:00] outward from ourselves, radiate this beautiful human energy that pours from our being, from our Heart Chakra in this way?—just an open source of energy and, this portal, this vortex portal at the center of our being with all this energy, this infinite scope of energy that I can see, I can see going through my heart into this infinite vortex and feel that energy spinning out from me, the energy of these Matakin as they swirl through my being.

And no wonder the Plains Indians, at least down here—the Prairie Indians might be more appropriate [7:00] for here in Illinois—they were ecstatic. I am being told that this was not the Illini—[in excited response to the spirit energy] phew!—and I am not sure that it was the peoples involved with Cahokia either. It was some other people that was out here in this glacial plain, and I can feel their presence, too, I can feel that ancestral presence in the land as they—it’s sort of a universal human response that’s left its imprint in the landscape and in the atmosphere and its charged—well, in some senses that’s a categorical mistake because [8:00] I’m imposing a kind of linear time span on what is actually a kind of infinite now, an infinite present moment—it seems like there’s another word for that, but it’s now coming to me—and in this infinite present everything is present simultaneously. This simultaneity of all things and all times—the peoples, I see them dancing in circles in a kind of frenzy, what you would imagine going on in the Bacchanalian ceremonies occurring right here across this vast glacial plain.

As I’m heading toward [9:00] Vandalia driving east, sort of northeast, on I-70 . . . wow! . . . and the striking thing about this is that so few people would find this landscape remarkable other in its utter flatness. And to them that would be a negative quality. If the land isn’t undulating into some hilly terrain then there must be something wrong. The human spirit seems to call for bodies of water and mountains and hills, and these open glaciated plains stand to be neglected. These are open, [10:00] sort of like a drumskin. It’s as if the earth is a drumskin or some other sort of plate. I would say bowl, but it’s not a bowl. It’s flatness is exactly what is part of the experience here. It’s a plate; it’s a skin; it’s a membrance. It’s sort of like a . . . yeah, a membrane. The surface of the Earth is this energetic membrane that responds to the various frequencies of vibrations, and as we humans engage with the energies of the sky, the atmospheric angels, the Matakin, let them swirl through our being.

All of this is being recorded, impressed, vibrating [11:00] through this membrane of the Earth’s surface and is being sensed below as well. So this is an Above-and-Below exchange, as is everything. And part of the key to coming to the awareness that is necessary for this particular moment is to recognize the relationship between what is going on in the atmosphere and in the heavens beyond, and what is going on on the surface, and what is going on below the surface: As Above, So Below. This is not simply some analogy or metaphor or some kind of magical homology; this is a literal relationship. As things are ignited [12:00] above, they draw into their circuit the energies of the surface and the energies below the surface. The surface is this membrane that records the energies above and below. They are impressed upon this holograph—recordings like pictographs, photographs. “Photograph” is a perfect analogy because the image of three-dimensional space laid out on the paper of the photograph, on the screen [13:00] of the computer, is also what happens with the surface of the planet. It is like some sort of vellum, like some sort of textured paper that is a recording medium. It’s like the Wunderblock, like Freud’s mystic writing pad, like the child’s toy—the cellophane over the wax. You draw the image and then lift the cellophane and it disappears. But in the wax below there is still the imprint. There’s imprint upon imprint upon imprint in this palimpsestic overlay so that all particular times and all messages are there on top of [14:00] one another in this two-dimensional plane, this holograph that records all of existence.

And that opens up infinitely upward and infinitely downward from that two-dimensional plane of the surface of the planet so that, for instance, in the Medicine Wheel the wheel is drawn is drawn on the surface of the planet. We have our horizontal relationships of East, South, West, North, but the wheel, the circle comes into fullness for the human experience when we then look upward and when we look downward from the center point. And at that center in an infinite set of radii [15:00] the human extends outward into a sphere of experience. It is no longer a circle but a sphere. And that sphere itself is a vortex; it’s a swirl of massive energy that condenses through the conduit of the human heart, the chakra. And this chakra is the point through which All That Is passes.

It’s as if you turn a glove inside out and you not only turn the glove inside out but the entire three-dimensional universe in which the glove is existing, that is pulled inside [16:00] out and through as well. You can take all of existence because it adheres to the surface of the glove and inheres in the nature of the glove. And that’s what the human heart does—the human chakra, the Heart Chakra, at the center of our being, the core of who we are, our energetic conduit. Ahkama hey shaymi heyla ko ana hey shakayahka. Ohno hokoma he shayni ey nah. And these Matakin—wow, there’s a great blue heron! My nature experience this morning was phenomenal. There’s another great blue heron!

All of existence passing through this chakra, and is the consciousness of this, [17:00] the energetic consciousness that allows us to become one with All That Is. And in that condition of being One with All That Is, it is not simply some kind of remedy for loneliness or alienation. This particular experience is what we are and what we are here for. Because all comes into being and passes through us, and we pass through our own Heart Chakras in this sense. We are the portals. We are the moving human portable portals. Yeshema heykama hayekeshe. And when we’re open to this experience, when we’re open to the energetic charges and flushes of our being as we radiate out from this point [18:00], we are divine, we are beautiful, we are the song of the universe. We sing forward! We sing beautifully, loudly in this harmonious relationship with All That Is. Ah! And this is what love is! This is what love is! The experience of the infinity of the One as it passes through our own Heart Center. Shahkama hayekeshe!

Elk-Buffalo-Mastadon Vision

June 3, 2014

My shamanic journey yesterday (Monday, June 2, 2014) proved to be quite provocative, and I will try to recall the details and significance of it here.

elkAfter our usual preliminary chants and pranayama exercises, Anna and I went off into our own visionary and energetic experiences. I immediately felt the energetic rush that signals the address from a spirit entity with whom I might communicate. As I melted into the energetic communion, I noticed that this communicative experience was not simply a verbal and energetic exchange—my usual experience—but a dreamlike visionary one as well. I saw and felt myself walking or floating through a mountain meadow surrounded by steep spruce forests rising up at least a thousand feet from the high meadow valley. The meadow was a rich grassy plain.

I noticed that I was walking along with some other creatures of some sort but was not trying to make out who or what they were as the guiding voice narrated the significance of my experience. The voice said, “You are surprised to find that the foundation stone of your practice is still here beneath you when you thought you had melted it into your being.” At this point I saw a stone rectangular slab about two feet by three feet wide and a foot tall, the kind of stone slab that serves as the front doorstep for many old farm houses here in southeastern Ohio, stones carved out of the local landscape.

I suddenly shifted out of the dreamlike flow, telling the being speaking to me that this must all be too dreamlike, that I should snap out of this dream and gain better focus. But the voice told me that this dreamlike experience was exactly what I needed to experience rather than some more purely intellectual verbal exchange. So I relaxed into the dream vision and let the spirit voice continue.

He went on with the narrative. (I have a sense of the entity being male, but I had not yet sought the being’s identity other than my recognition that he gave off an atmosphere of calm assurance and comforting wisdom.) “You are surprised that you have not yet melted your foundation stone into your being and your practice, and you find yourself standing on this stone, comforted by its stability.” With these words I saw myself standing on the stone, yet the stone, curiously, was moving along with the procession through the high mountain meadow as if carried by some liquid or airy flow. Perhaps the stone was suspended on a magnetic field that allowed for its hovering motion.

The voice added, “You see around you the antlers of thousands of Elk,” and once he said this I noticed thousands of white sticklike things rising up from the ground. I only now recognized them as antlers rather than old tree branches. “You are walking through the ancient Elk graveyard, which is very sacred ground, and you are re-establishing your ancient connection with the Elk Spirits.” Aha, I thought, this is exactly what I feel, although I had not before now been conscious of this strange yet familiar feeling of belonging and kinship in this cemetery landscape.

antlers“You are happy to be reunited with your Elk family, and it is here that you find yourself still drawing from the power of your foundation stone. Your Elk family are in fact Buffalo, and you now see your ancient connection with the Bison Spirits of the Planet.” As my Spirit Guide said this I saw the elk transform into buffalo as I walked among them in the procession.

buffaloAt this point one of the large buffalo in front of me turned and faced me in a gesture of recognition and address. I acknowledged the buffalo and then felt myself morph into a buffalo, my head growing large, long, and heavy, my eyes dropping to the sides of my skull, and my nose dropping down to form a long, low snout. (I had had this same morphing experience about five years ago in another visionary experience, which was my first shape-shifting experience that I can remember.)

I realized then that it was the Buffalo who had been speaking all this time. As he spoke I felt the comforting assurance of being in the presence of an ancient soul connection. The Buffalo continued, saying “I give you your pearl, your precious Inner Gift,” and he slowly handed the large pearl, the size of a mango, over to me. As I reached out to accept the pearl I saw that it was emanating an intense and comforting light and energy. But before my fingers even reached it I saw it transform into our Taos Stone, the sacred stone we had retrieved two years ago on a previous spirit venture. The buffalo spirit said, “This is your sacred Foundation Stone, the inner pearl of your being, and you are now ready to reacquaint yourselves with its power.”

As I took the stone from the Buffalo Spirit he transformed into a mastodon and said, “Of course, your true path lies with the mastodon spirits, those with whom you walked this earth so long ago.” I then saw all of the Elk-become-Buffalo of the procession now shift into Mastadon spirits and I felt a deep soul memory of knowing this spirit plane very intimately. I remembered my Mastadon vision of two years ago in northwest Missouri and realized that this, too, is a deep part of my soul memory now making itself available to me on this current spirit path.

mastadonI embraced the Taos Stone, knowing that very soon it will begin to unlock its secrets and I will once more know its powers and its purpose in our lives as Anna and I move forward on our path. I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging and purpose and began crying in gratitude for this precious gift of myself back to myself. The Mastadon Spirits and the sacred terrain of the mountain meadow retreated from my visionary space and I was once more sitting with Anna meditating in our living room, thankful for this moment of what Carl Jung would call sacred individuation, the homecoming of a crucial part of my being that has before now lain hidden in my unconscious field of experience.