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Elf Encounter in the Woods

July 28, 2013, Athens, Ohio

We were called to the woods. After working all day fixing up the long room, organizing laundry, and grading papers, we felt ourselves being called by the Elves to join them in the woods. So we took a break from our work on the house and began walking up through the fields above the yard that lead to the forest.

It was last Wednesday, July 24, 2013. I had been in a kind of continual subliminal communication with the Elves all week, getting bits of conscious information here and there, but neither of us had engaged with the Elves in any extensive way since the first days of moving into the new house.

We walked up the field road and, while feeling the draw of the portal to the west, felt a stronger pull to the southeast corner of the fields, which joins the northeast corner of the forest. I could feel the presence of the snakes in the tall grass and, as usual, could feel them feeling our presence. This mutual friendly-yet-alert signaling keeps the snakes and ourselves in communication without unnecessarily frightening each other by unexpectedly bumping into one another on the hidden path.

It was a very bright sunny afternoon and everything felt magically lit up from the start. As we entered the woods we could feel the magic growing. We greeted various trees along the way, recognizing them as kin who guard the forests, keeping watch over the farm through day and night, as they have for decades or, for some, for centuries.

As we made our way westward along the ridge top the intensity of the magic grew and grew. I had been carrying a stick, swirling it in front of us as we walked in order to avoid getting caught in any serious spider webs strung across the path. At a certain moment I felt the stick itself become magical, its energy growing more and more electrical. Then in one particular small circle enclosed by a few adjoining trees, as I was spinning the stick around and around now in some instinctive kind of ceremonial swoop, I saw the stick light up.

I have seen many rocks and stones light up over the past few years as we have engaged their energies, but this was the first time I had seen wood light up. And this time it was not the soft electric glow that is characteristic of the stones but rather a bright purple flame, a soft pinkish purple that could be called periwinkle or lilac. Excitedly I called out to Anna, standing next to me, and asked her if she saw the flame too. I continued swirling the stick in a counter-clockwise sweep, watching the purple flame flare from the length of the stick, which was about a yard long. All along the flame stayed very clearly visible, not at all fading into an indefinite glow.

As I watched the flame in its circular pattern, I began to sink deeper and deeper into some kind of energetic union with the Elves. We were communicating on some barely subliminal level. I couldn’t consciously make out exactly what we were saying, but I could feel the communication intensely. I continued to swirl the flaming stick for five minutes or so, all along feeling myself grow into greater communion with the Elves. Soon they signaled that this particular miraculous encounter was over and that it was time for us to continue along the path.

By this point both Anna and I were enraptured. Each step deeper into the forest led us deeper and deeper into the dreamlike Elfin communion. As we approached the peak of the ridge Anna suggested that we turn left down into a circle in the earth with a massive, magnificent tree at its center. We walked closer and closer to the tree as we recognized that the tree itself—an ancient maple—was calling to us. We stood beneath the tree’s outstretched branches, paying attention to the details of its bark patterns and sinking deeper into its energy.

Pan-s-Labyrinth-pans-labyrinth-4029250-960-540As we slowly circled around in a counter-clockwise pattern, we noticed that a massive limb had at some point fallen, splitting the tree down its side. Within this split in the side of the tree we found amazingly human shapes as new roots grew and twisted around at a point about nine feet from the ground. The center of this twisted rooty mass looked like the mandrake root child of the movie Pan’s Labyrinth, and it appeared just as animated and far more conscious than the root in the film. We stood in reverie as the root addressed us, calling us deeper into the Elfin spell of the forest.

I soon noticed that a ring of Elves surrounded us and the tree. They formed a circle around us with about a thirty foot radius, and they were singing some soft, melodious chant that sounded familiar but unclear. After about ten minutes of this enchanted encounter, beneath the tree and encircled by Elves, Anna and I slowly continued our journey along the ridge top.


The Mother Tree

As we did so, the Elves began speaking to me. I mentioned that I could feel my visionary powers being engaged, and they said that they were stimulating my pituitary gland. Confused, I asked, “Don’t you mean by pineal gland?” and they responded, “No! We mean your pituitary gland!” They explained that they were stimulating it, along with my hypothalamus, in order to open up my abilities to communicate and travel with them. Not having any clue what this meant, I simply acknowledged their statements and let myself be swept along in the ongoing revery as we all continued along the path.

Anna and I continued walking in this dreamy state for about another twenty minutes before slowly making our way down along the edges of the field portals on our way back to the house. Later we looked “pituitary gland” and “hypothalamus” up on Wikipedia and discovered that their functions are multitude and wide ranging. Included among them is the “parenting attachment” that evidently predisposes us to caring for our children. I realized that this was the seed, in a way, of the gland’s function as a doorway for communion and communication. This reminded me of the passage in Pleiadian book on the Living Library where the Pleiadians explain that many of our glands remain dormant but will soon be opening up to their full potentials as our DNA shifts are activated. I was later told by the Elves that this is true and that in this way they are waking up our dormant capacities for greater Elf communication.

A Lesson From the Elves

By Gabriel Hartley — July 13, 2013

I hadn’t anticipated communal living arrangements with Elves when Anna and I rented our house in the country here in Athens, Ohio. We have gotten pretty accustomed to interacting with Faeries and Extra-Terrestrials, but I, at any rate, had never really given much thought to Elves. In fact, I had wondered whether they might simply be Fairies that some people chose to call Elves. But now that we’re living with Elves, sharing our new home with them—or I should say they are sharing their old home with us—as we attempt to gain a better understanding of who and what they are and what exactly the plan might be for this new inter-species communal life.


I will write more about my first encounters here with the Elves as some future date. For now I want to record the lesson they have been teaching me over the past few days and nights as we become better acquainted with each other. Their lesson for us this week involves a meditation on the boundaries and limits of the Human Being as humans tend to conceive of ourselves today.

The starting point for this lesson is the recognition that humans tend to simultaneously inflate and limit their definitions of what it means to be human. This inflation and limitation involves the same notion: that humans are somehow privileged beings not just on this planet but in the larger universe. On Earth we tend to see ourselves as the most important species in existence. Every other being on the planet is by definition inferior to and therefore subservient to humans. This point is supported by a vast host of belief systems, whether religious, scientific, political, or simply customary. Many thinkers have pointed to this superiority complex as one primary source of our ongoing ecological crisis.

This notion of human superiority is inflating in the sense that it allows humans to imagine themselves to be greater than most if not all other beings in the universe. We are important. We are special. We are privileged. And this distinction results from the plan of God or the accidents of Natural Selection. All other beings by nature are at our disposal. This notion of human superiority is limiting in the sense that we see ourselves as separate from all other beings. In fact, we see all things as separate from each and every other thing and assume that this is the nature of reality. So we are unique and privileged beings defined by certain characteristics and traits that make us what we are and, more importantly, keep us separate from what we presumably are not. We have definite, determinate boundaries as we float as discrete, isolated beings through life.

But the Elves have a different view of the limits and boundaries of the Human Being (and all other beings as well). As the Elves see it, the Human Being is in fact infinite. It is, like all other beings, co-extensive with the rest of existence. There are no discrete, determinate boundaries that separate the Human Being from all other beings. Humans are greater in all ways than they tend to imagine. And what the Elves hope for us is that we can learn to contemplate this possibility and eventually learn to become comfortable with it and someday even, perhaps, to allow ourselves to open up into our infinite possibility.

PPTelepathyThese possibilities can be seen through a variety of phenomena that tend be excluded from the range of plausible realities for humans. These phenomena include capabilities that we currently deny ourselves and ridicule, such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation (or astral projection), and other so-called Metaphysical or downright superstitious concepts. The very fact that Anna and I are currently in communication with a species of beings that are denied any reality other than fantasy or mythology is one example of this self-imposed limitation on the definition (the de-fining or making-finite) of human possibility. Our telepathic communication is denied; and then the existence of the beings with whom we are communicating is denied. Elves cannot really exist. Humans—so the common logic goes—cannot really communicate telepathically at all, and certainly not with imaginary beings.

The only realm in which we allow such activity is art. Only in poetry or paintings or movies can humans engage in telepathy, and only there can Elves be allowed to exist—only as figments of our collective imagination. And this reveals both the beauty and the complicity of art today. Art can only be art so long as it limits its claims to such things to the realm of fiction. In this sense, imagination is characterized a pleasurable but ultimately debased mode of human activity. What gets lost here is that Imagination itself is the very term for the range of faculties that allow us to experience things beyond our current self-conceptions! Science Fiction, we are told, is great so long as we make sure to identify it as fiction. But if we start to imagine it as reality, we are deluded. Never mind all of the instances of “Science Fiction” that have proven to be accurate intuitions of an expanded understanding of reality. The last hundred years or more of western physics is a case in point.

aurafing3Recognizing this limiting sense of human superiority as a conceptual barrier to further growth, nevertheless, is simply the start of where the Elves would like to take us. Their intention is to lead us through a thorough going practical program not only of conceptual but also experiential expansion. They want us to experience the vastness of our being. And this has been the bulk of their work with us in the past few days. So what does this mean in practice?

The starting point is to achieve a meditative state in whatever way one normally does. In this meditative state, we are to still our mind and relax our desire to make such growth happen. The point, at least at the start, is to not do anything, at least in the active, willful sense; we are instead supposed to let go, to stop trying, to give up our sense that we need to change ourselves and our world. The best way to try to change is to stop trying to change. “Just let go,” the Elves tell us repeatedly, “let go. Ease into the flow.”

And this easing into the flow is the key. By “flow” the Elves mean the flow of energies and vibrations that characterize our very being. As we come into contact with other beings, whether human or nonhuman, we enter into a mutual exchange of energies. Our vibratory signatures adapt to and influence the vibratory signatures of others. The point is to let go of the distinction between human and nonhuman in order to experience the full range of human possibility.

When I first asked them how I might let go, the Elves reminded me of an analogy that came to me a few years ago during meditation. At the time I was in sadhasana pose, also known as the corpse pose, lying on the floor as I felt the energies within and without me. In order to try to achieve some kind of energetic union with the vibrations in my immediate environment, I was trying to radiate my own energy out into the energy field around me. I was squeezing my eyes tightly and stiffening my body as I tried to push my own energy outward. I was trying to make myself glow by forcing the light outward. What I was told then was that I had the process backward in my mind. The point in trying to become one with your environment is not to force yourself onto your surroundings but rather to melt into those surroundings. When I asked how I might envision such a shift in consciousness and action, I was told to imagine myself as a pat of butter in a hot pan. The pat of butter does not have to do anything in order to melt. It simply experiences itself bubbling up on the edges and then slowly bubbling up throughout its structure as it simply flows out across the bottom of the pan. I was told to imagine myself as that pat of butter and to imagine my energy bubbling up on my skin and then my entire being ultimately melting into my surroundings. In this way I could truly manifest the energetic union I was seeking.


The Elves reminded me this week of this analogy and told me that this was exactly what they were asking of Anna and me. Instead of trying to squeeze out our radiance into our environment, we simply need to let go, to melt into the flow of energies that we share. For now this is our only task: to let go; to melt into the energetic field around us, a field made up of Elves, Faeries, Angels, animals, plants, stones, waters, and all other things in existence in our immediate and extended environment. Only once we become fluent—or fluid—in this experience will we then be able to take the next steps that the Elves have in mind: the engagement with energy portals here on the land. This will become possible once we let go of the rigidly defined boundaries of ourselves and allow ourselves to melt into the greater self in which we participate. In this process we will enlarge our experience of being human and take on our true Human Being as Being Commensurate With all that is.


A Walk, Two Moose, an Eagle, and Some Fairies

By Gabriel Hartley

November 12, 2012

Wow. After a very emotionally mixed morning together with beautiful food and toning talk and then some new crazy jealousy stuff, Anna and I went out for a walk at around 1 p.m. to get some air (and to clear the air). Our mood was already on the way to being transformed when we began, and with each step we eased into the beauty of the surroundings here at Käpälämäki and the beauty of each other.

The first event was our coincidental desire to walk to what last night was acknowledged to each of us without the other knowing it as two sacred pools, or rather one sacred pool divided by the dirt road to the house. We discussed how so many things come to us simultaneously but we often don’t think to mention them until later. We were pleased to see that we’re both tapped into the same sources. I realized that the pools looked very much like some of the pre-Raphaelite paintings of fairy maidens in pools and thought again about how drawn I have always been to the Pre-Raphaelites. The whole fairy world had much more acceptance a century ago. I guess it’s time for a Fairy Revival!Waterhouse-Hylas-Nymphs

Not long after we climbed over some wonderful rock formations and out to the main dirt road we came across a massive bull moose. He was standing there, still and silent, as I was singing at the top of my lungs the chorus from Denis Leary’s song, “I’m an Asshole!” The moose didn’t respond to my singing, but as soon as I lifted my finger to point him out to Anna, he turned and quickly trotted into the deeper woods. He was majestic, so giant and so powerful. We felt so lucky to have run across him, and luckier still that he didn’t charge us and crush us to death.

reedsWe continued to the west and then where the road turns north towards the Fairy spot in the woods. As we talked and walked Anna suddenly gasped and pointed into the treetops, where an eagle or an osprey was just flying out of sight. Anna got a really good view of it and felt very blessed by the experience.

We continued on to the Fairy spot. It felt very magical and noble as we walked off of the road into the space. The rocks glimmer with energy and a magical tiny creek trickles under the rocks and between the trees as the land there drops down to the seashore and the reeds. We ceremoniously walked down the hill to the shore, viewing into the reeds as they glistened in the sun and waved in the strong wind. The combination of the massive rocks, the tiny stream, the towering pines, the swaying reeds, and the waves rippling in the wind was just perfect, all so perfectly magical. I could tell more clearly how the energy of the creek charges up the whole Fairy amphitheater.

We slowly and respectfully climbed back up the hill along the little stream and then stopped close to the top. The magic seems especially strong at that point. The rocks seem almost deliberately shaped into a four-foot wall of stone at the hilltop, like a fortress or place of worship of some kind. I stopped and listened as the fairies started speaking to me. They welcomed us back and continued speaking in an energetic fashion in which they communicate through vibrations rather than through words. Not coincidentally, their whole point of conversation was the topic of vibration itself. They affirmed our new mission to start toning with the sacred well in Helsinki and told us that we could do our toning here at the Fairy Wood and the vibrations would be carried directly to the well both across the sea and through underground streams and energy tunnels.

As they began talking about the power of toning, they reminded me that the first thing they had ever taught me was the Fairy Song (“Ah may rah hoo”) last Fall, and that this was my first induction into Fairy-channeled toning. They then started singing the song to us and Anna and I joined in with them. I could feel the pretty little tune resonating in the amphitheater and growing in intensity as the vibrations traveled underground and off towards Helsinki.

We then started the walk back, turning into the woods across the road so that we could walk across the rock structures on the way. As we got about an eighth of a mile into the woods I noticed another bull moose, this one a bit smaller and younger than the other one we had seen just a half hour earlier. I immediately was told that this was a moment for shamanic connection, so I stood there in the forest, eyes fastened to the moose’s own eyes as he gazed directly at me. We held this eye contact for at least five minutes without either of us moving a muscle. The moose began speaking to me, reminding me that we had worked with moose power for a few thousand years in our previous lives here as shamans. He then reminded me of my conversation with the painted moose at the Astuvansalmi Rock Art site and, more importantly, the moose glyph that we had had printed on my wedding shirt. He told me that this moose connection (as well as the venemous kyy serpent) was very important to me in my shamanic work here in Finland.

mooseAs I stared at him, listening and communicating back on the spirit level, I began to see the landscape shape itself into a vortex pattern of energy as it swirled around the moose. The moose became the visual center of this swirling vortex world. After a few moments the moose then asked me if I saw the figure in between us in the vortex swirl. I then realized that, yes, there was a humanoid shape of light energy in the midst of the swirl. The moose said, “Notice how he stands directly between us. He is a representative of the local Sídhe and he mediates our contact as he has done in the past. He will continue to do so as you continue in your work here.”

He thanked us for returning to our work here in this incarnation, turned, and walked off into the forest. As he walked into the distance we saw that the first bull moose we had seen earlier was walking right behind him. The two of them walked off into the trees and Anna and I stared in wonder at each other, so happy to be sharing our journey here together as one.