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Turehu Speaks on the Dimensional Nature of Portals

By Gabriel Hartley, October 22-23, 2012

[NOTE: the following message is from Turehu, a fairy spirit guide of mine, and channeled by me. The island referred to is off the southwestern coast of Finland.]

One of the things we fairies want you to focus on is the structure of the light that shines on the island. Notice that the glow is not simply a homogeneous light mass but is actually made up of light filaments, a mesh of light strands or fibers.

gridview.thThese fibers converge on an infinite number of knots, and each knot serves as a unidimensional portal. If you imagine dropping down from three to two dimensions by subtracting depth, now imagine dropping down from two (height and width) to one—a simple line connecting two or more points. While these knot points occupy a particular geographical point on the surface of the planet with a given latitude and longitude, they are in reality unidimensional points with infinite connectivity with one another. This is another instance of one point being all points at once.

AmfidromieenThis is how the portal structure operates. When you travel from what appears to be one point to another, you are in fact occupying a single point that opens out onto an infinite number of points on the three-dimensional grid of the planet’s surface. It’s like being in a room and each time you open the door you can exit into a different location. Or it’s like the nature of universal cellular structure in which each cell is made up of identical information yet performs its own specific function. Just as we can speak of cellular intelligence, we can also speak of light intelligence. This web or mesh of light is a living, intelligent structure made up of infinite numbers of elemental beings who perform the transiting function for the traveler simply by opening out onto differing planetary or interplanetary spaces.

Once you allow yourself to imagine and actually occupy such points of light, you have allowed yourself to enter into the etheric structure that the fairy world occupies. It is this unidimensional opening out from a single point onto the three-dimensional grid of the planet, for example, that allows for portal transit. This transitionality or transitivity or transpositionality is the basic elemental structure of portals. As such, the physical conceptions and experiences of space and time necessary for three-dimensional travel are no longer operative when speaking of portal transitions.

The mental shift involved in coming to such a conception is important not simply for understanding the nature of the object at hand—portal travel—but functions as well as a mind exercise that prepares a human being for the kind of mental elasticity necessary for perceiving the nature of etheric relationality. This is a training exercise of sorts for any human who takes etheric existence seriously. Typical three-dimensional concepts simply do not work.

earth_grid_ley_linesIt is important to relate this notion to the current interest among humans in multimensionality. We are not at all denying the importance, both practically and conceptually, of learning to extend human mental structures into multidimensional experiences. But we do wish to point out that etheric experience involves exactly the opposite operation—that of moving from three dimensions to one single dimension that then opens out onto three dimensionality. It is exactly this dimensional reduction that allowed for the kind of interworld travel that C. S. Lewis depicts in his Chronicles of Narnia books—despite the transition space and time that would be necessary for passing through the coats in a wardrobe into another world (which is a representational concession to the demands of those stuck in three-dimensional thought).

So in returning to the topic of etheric light structure, when you experience such light in meditation, allow yourself to focus on the light filaments and the knot structures that combine these filaments. For it is at these knots that interdimensional travel through unidimensional transposition can then take place.

Warping the Field (The Dragonfly’s Sermon)

By Gabriel Hartley—June 19-20, 2013

Puurijärvi Dragonfly

Puurijärvi Dragonfly

On Tuesday, June 18, as Anna and I were driving back on our return journey from various sacred sites in western Finland, we stopped spontaneously at Puurijärvi National Park, a bird sanctuary at an artificial marsh-land lake. More outstanding for us than the birds were the thousands of dragonflies that covered the path from the parking lot to the observation tower.

As we were walking back from the tower Anna stopped to read some signs in Finnish, so as I waited I began to engage with the dragonflies. One dragonfly landed on a fence post a few feet in front of me and I immediately took this gesture as an address to me. I quickly tuned in and began communicating telepathically with the dragonfly.

As we began to communicate, it told me to enter into the Etheric Vision, so I did. The atmosphere grew filled with the cloudy mist that for me signals my entry into the Etheric Realm. And as so often happens, when I gazed meditatively at the being I am engaging—in this case, the dragonfly—the etheric space around it began to shift visually. I could see energy waves radiating out from its body for a space of about two to three inches. Once I entered into this etheric state, I felt very attuned to the consciousness of the insect. He began talking about the visual effect its body produced on the surrounding ether, explaining that this could be called “Warping the Field.”

I first noticed this phenomenon back in November 2011 when I had accompanied David Yarrow one Sunday to a presentation of his at the Unitarian Church in Manhattan, Kansas. As I was walking from the car to the church I happened to see a flying grasshopper land in front of me. I had already begun to recognize these landing events as addresses to me by the flying creatures. I had intuitively realized that birds and insects often give us signs of various sorts through the directions in which they travel and through the spots on which they land. Knowing this, I addressed the grasshopper in return, thanking it for catching my attention. As I gazed at it, the grasshopper began to radiate tiny rays of light, just as this dragonfly was currently doing. I spent about five minutes silently engaged with the grasshopper, simply exulting in this communion of shared space, energy, and attention to one another.

In November of 2012 the same thing happened when Anna and I came across two moose in the forest near Käpälämäki. The larger moose—a perhaps smarter, more experienced big bull moose—instinctively slipped quietly away as it visually blended in with its surroundings, its legs now looking like all of the small birch trunks nearby as its large body faded into the shadows. The younger moose, however, seemed surprised and curious and stood in place, staring intently into my eyes as I stood in wonder staring back. Once we made a conscious connection, the younger moose’s large body began to warp the visual etheric field around it just as various grasshoppers had done with me before. Perhaps because of its larger energy field or perhaps because I had a more intensive spirit communication to enter into with this moose, its warping effect was massive. The entire etheric atmosphere within a radius of a hundred feet began to glow in a soft, white light that grew brighter as my attention to it grew more intense. After a few minutes had passed in this etheric energy exchange (as well as a telepathic conversation between me and the moose), the etheric field began to warp around another body between the moose and me, an entity that stood about seven or eight feet tall and whose energy field spanned about three feet in width. This entity began to glow with a brilliant white light as I realized it was a local fairy blessing this communication between the moose and me. The moose, the fairy, and I myself were each “warping the field” in our own ways, vectors of light radiating from each of us growing into an energy pattern or space that itself warped the entire etheric field between the moose and me.

Remembering all of this, I knew I should pay close attention to this encounter with the dragonfly here and now in western Finland. “You see,” he explained, “every entity’s etheric body warps the etheric field immediately around it, producing this kind of visual radiating effect. Expand your range of focus and see what happens.”

I did so, and I immediately became conscious of the thousands of ants walking at my feet along the path. As I took them into my focus, my visual field, I noticed that each ant produced exactly this kind of visual warping of the field. Hundreds of tiny elliptical radiating etheric fields were now traveling through the larger etheric field making up the space of the path and its vegetal surroundings. (Vegetation has its own kind of visual warping effect, but this was not the focus of my intention during this lesson.) The entire etheric field before me grew into an enormous geometrical pattern of radiating energy (which in retrospect appears as a kind of elaborate Kabbalistic Tree of Life pattern).

The dragonfly said, “See how each being in its own way warps its surrounding etheric field? Its own etheric energy warps the field around it, yet this warp, rather than a disturbance, becomes part of a larger orchestration of mobile pockets of energy. This is one larger lesson for you to learn from the experience you and Anna had yesterday on the Ant Road in Lauhanvuori National Park. Just as there you two had been drawn into a meditation on the ways in which numerous ant hills enter into a larger radiating pattern around a sacred object, now you can see that this phenomenon happens all of the time as various entities come into etheric interaction with one another. This is something for you to meditate on.”

Giant Finnish Ant Hill

Giant Finnish Ant Hill

The Ant Road experience that the dragonfly was referring to was itself a massive lesson. On Monday Anna and I had decided to drive to Lauhanvuori National Park in order to get a feel for its energy status. In his book Muinaissuomalaisten Kadonnut Kuningaskunta (or Lost Kingdoms of Ancient Finland), Jukka Nieminen writes that Lauhanvuori (the name of which means “Mild Mountain”) functions as the central energy point from which several sacred ley lines radiate throughout southern Finland from the mountain to the southern coast. Part of our purpose on this sacred space journey was to briefly acquaint ourselves with these ley lines and the points along them that the author considers significant. We couldn’t remember the details of his argument, such as why this mountain—the highest point in western Finland, a point that had previously been an island until the seas receded after various ice ages to its present boundaries of the Baltic Sea—might be such a powerful energy center from which one could find various other smaller energy centers (each marked by a church) simply by measuring their distance from this mountain.

anna on beach

Anna on the Ice Age beach at Lauhanvuori

This notion of ley lines stringing along power points in radii from a common center fits perfectly with the lesson we learned the evening before when we first arrived at the Lauhanvuori National Park. We entered the park from the east at the small village of Kauhajoki. Initially intending to drive directly to the mountain (vuori), we both found ourselves immediately drawn to a mound on the north side of the Ant Road. We soon discovered why the road had such a name. I pointed out a stone slab that I saw sticking out on an angle from the mound and assumed that such a slab would not normally develop through natural causes in such a place and position. As we walked towards the slab, however, we realized that it was in fact a massive ant hill that had the shadow of a nearby tree cast across it, giving it the sliced-slab appearance that had caught my attention. This optical illusion proved to be the cause of a very powerful experience for us both.

Such enormous ant hills are common in the forests of Finland, yet they still amaze Anna and me each time we pay attention to one. Standing anywhere from three to five feet high, these hills are made primarily from stacked pine needles. The hills swarm with ants as they pour out of the dozens of holes covering the hill. As I was tuning in to the energy of the ant hill, Anna, noticing another ant hill about a hundred feet to the southwest of the mound as well as a third mound at about the same distance to the northeast, suggested that the ant hills must follow a ley line that crosses the earthen mound. Excited by this discovery, we then began to see more and more mounds in ever-expanding circles radiating out from the earthen mound, which itself was functioning as the central power point across which these ley lines crossed.

We decided to look into the energy patterns of the encircling ant hills and began circling the earthen mound from the widest radius possible from the road. We soon noticed that one mound had an ant highway extending out from it for over a hundred feet to the base of a tree. The highway bypassed other trees, leaving us to wonder what made the tree they had chosen so significant. As we followed the highway back to the ant hill we saw that another highway extended out from the hill, and another and another until we saw that each ant hill had an average of seven different highways leading from the ant hill center to five or seven different trees radiating out at a variety of distances from the central ant hills. Each ant hill, it turned out, repeated the center-radii pattern that was established by the relationship of ant hills to the central earthen mound.

As we stood in awe at the work done by this swarm of ants and the great energy they put out as a superconscious community, wondering how each ant knew which highway to travel and which hill to return to, we slowly realized that even more powerful was the earthen mound that the initial ant hill was situated on. We turned our attention to the mound, for this is our primary form of sacred site in North America. We slowly discerned the deliberate conformity of the oval-shaped mound and the small pool indentation in the center of the top of the mound. This was clearly an ancient ceremonial site, and it was in part for us to discover this mound that our attention had been drawn to the ant hill to begin with. Upon discovering the nature of this mound, we sprang into a spontaneous ceremony as we connected with the ancient energy of the mound and its attending spirits as Anna stood on one side of the top central pool and I on the other, facing each other, eyes closed, as we sank into meditative ecstasy despite being eaten alive by dozens of mosquitos. We entered into a swoon as we contemplated the outwardly infinitely replicating center-radii pattern, now including the Earth itself as the center of forces connecting it to the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond and the inward pattern of bodily cellular and atomic structures.

This became the ultimate insight that the dragonfly imparted to me. We continuously stand at the center of an infinite inward and outward fractal pattern of star-like centers and radii, and every being in existence warps the etheric field in its own particular way as it contributes to the cosmic ant highway system that we all participate in. We each engage in the same kind of superconscious constellations as the ants moving along their assigned highways in and out from the center of the hill, in and out from the center of the mound, in and out from the center of the planet, and so on. “In this way,” the dragonfly concluded, “you participate in the infinite extension of the divine as you warp the etheric field in your own appropriate ways. Let this knowledge seep into you, forming an inner crystal of understanding that you then later will dissolve back into the flow of Life as the knowledge you now store unfolds within you and without you.”