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The Collective Entity Called Monitor Answers Our Question About Fairy Portals

Monitor Question September 2012

Dear Monitor,

This is Gabriel Hartley and Anna Oksanen writing from Koli, Finland. Again we wish to express our appreciation for the explanations and confirmations that you have given us regarding our mission and soul path.

Our question this month concerns our engagement with faerie portals. As is frequently the case elsewhere, here in Finland we have been visited by various local faeries, such as those of the Baltic Sea, X [the actual location needs to be protected], and now Koli. The entire Finnish spirit terrain, as it is being revealed to us, involves an extensive network of faerie communities and portals at sacred earth sites marked by ceremonial stones (called “seitas” in Finnish), rock art, and etheric energy glows and vibrations. These specific sites have been shown to us in visions ever since our work together in this particular life began.

At the X rock art site we were told that one primary principle in our soul mission involves the unification of human and faerie worlds, a unity that was severed in ancient Atlantis. X is reported by the local faeries to be one of the primary power portals for us on this planet. We are learning that individual sites have a particular local integrity at the same time as they tie into larger networks of spirit and energy.

What, then, is the nature of these portals? What is the nature of the network connecting them on various physical, etheric, and inter-dimensional planes? What is the nature of our connection to them? How do they relate to our mission regarding the revival of superconscious communities? In other words, what can you tell us about the role we play in weaving together some kind of etheric web of intention and energy across the planet and, specifically, in these particular spots?



The spiritual development of the Planetary Being relies largely upon the development of humanity’s capacity to link with Divinity. In that linkage, humanity acts as a coordinator of various kingdoms of Life in affecting specific changes in the consciousness of substance within the planet.

The beings called “fairies” represent nonphysical beings that are a subset of the devic kingdom. They represent a combination of different forms of devas brought together early in Earth’s history. The network of fairy sites has existed from antiquity. It operates on mental and etheric levels. The human approach to those sites and portals is primarily gained upon a mental level, and only when sufficient trust develops between humans and fairy representatives will the etheric level of the portals be made accessible.

The process of befriending fairies requires considerable care. Humanity has treated them poorly. Humanity, even before Atlantis, began abusing their offers of assistance. As the human Spirit shrank into illusion, glamour, and maya, fairies and others members of the vast devic kingdom have shunned human contact. To them, communicating with a person can be quite painful because each person carries considerable residue of suffering and grief.

The sensitivities of fairies therefore allow them to have only brief contact, and that is normally arranged by the High Self of the person involved. They arrange through the High Self a means of contact that provides protective screening for the fairy so that the fairy does not have to be exposed to the onerous suffering of the human.

The set of portals may be discussed in terms of the articles and books that Gabriel and Anna write, yet the actual sites need to be protected. They may consider how they can best accomplish that task through consultation with their High Selves. The presence of human beings who intensely seek contact with fairies would lead to further abuse if the exact sites were known.

The process of shielding the sites needs to take place. It represents a human responsibility in protecting fairies from further human incursions. Thus we suggest to Gabriel and Anna that they ask their High Selves to show them how best to protect the sites, in part through misdirection in what they write and in part through energetic processes that can be accomplished through their High Selves.

That process of providing protection will provide reasonable assurance to the fairies in contact that Gabriel and Anna are proceeding responsibly. With that perception, they will be able to write and share a number of insights and perspectives gained from the fairies. That is much more important for establishing understanding and forming a basis for continued communication between the two domains of Life.

Kayaking in the Baltic

Anna and I took a break from days of working on this website and took a kayak trip to one of the islands near Käpälämäki. We started out in beautiful afternoon Fall sun peeking through the slate-gray clouds over the Baltic. The islands and rocks that were bathed in the shafts of sunlight glowed brilliantly against the slate water and clouds.

Notes From the Akashic Field Trip to Woodridge Primitive Park

September 29, 2012

1. Introduction—Antler People—Spider Webs

Hello, this is Gabriel. I am at the Woodridge Primitive Campsite in Kansas, south of Stull and on the western shore of Clinton Lake. This is a place where Anna and I have camped many nights and I spent a few here by myself as we did car camping on various trips out to Kansas in order to see Tori and to make connections with people and spirits here. I am here for an Akashic Field Trip. As I thought might be the case, nobody has shown up. It is a beautiful day and the feeling of magic is amazing. Continue reading